2017 Jan 01 | UFC 207, Rizin , Pebble Beach 17-Mile Drive

Ogii cooking for Christmas.

Lots of food.

Ready to eat.

The local grocery store has a shuttle bus.

A bunch of cops for one guy.

The gazebo by the local park is all lit up.

Driving at night with some traffic.

A sliver of moon above.

A bit of color above the hills in the distance in the morning.

Lots of sheep.

A little farmer's market in Paso Robles.


A detective came to look for fingerprints from the thieves.

A few on the closet doors but maybe not readable.

Everywhere he checked.

The FedEx delivery driver was using a U-Haul. I guess they're really busy.

Finally got a security system up; it took almost a month to get an appointment.

There's even an app to check it while we're away.

Watching UFC 207 with wings.

This guy was dancing to mock his opponent.

Ronda got knocked out.

After that was Rizin, from Japan.

Where they're a little goofier. This fighter came out dancing in a pink cowboy hat.

I can't believe Cro Cop is still fighting. And another example of Japanese craziness: look at the weight difference.

That guy is huge, and while Cro Cop was an amazing fighter, he's older now.

Although he took him out with a body shot. Old-man power.

Another crazy thing about the Japanese show...

... is they love to show the fighters' wives. Here is this one right after her husband got pummeled.

Another one.

Not too happy.

Although he won, so she's better now.

This is even crazier. An actual MMA fighter vs a professional wrestler.

A bit of a size difference again.

Some weird Japanese thing behind her as she walks out.

The professional wrestler tried doing pro wrestling moves, like bouncing off the ropes.

I was hoping the MMA fighter would play along, for at least a while. But nope...

... she just pummeled her right away.

And then this other professional wrestler came out to challenge her, although at least she's closer to her size and age.

They also have cameras on the referees to give a closer view of the fight.

The Toyota dealership in Salinas has some very pretty pictures on the wall.

A little food court in Monterey.

This stop sign is surrounded by wood.

Some really expensive houses. The $10 million one has a very nice view.

Nice decorations.

Ogii with a big bear in a toy store.

Time for lunch at La Bicyclette.

Neat interior.

A metal goat with Mardi Gras mask and beads.

Nice tea.

Great pizza.

Tasty dessert.

They own a couple of other restaurants/bars.

Walls from old wine cases.

Various artists that perform here.

Taking the 17-mile drive along Pebble Beach.

They have a map with landmarks, like this one.

Some really big houses.

Although they're all gated off.

And behind lots of trees.

More traditional style.

Another one.

They've actually trademarked pictures of this tree.

You have to walk down these steps to see it.

Us with the tree behind us.

Tree and water.

A gigantic mansion.

Old tree grove.

A bunch of harbor seals sunning themselves.

A very green golf course.

It started to rain a bit but this bird didn't seem to mind.

Nice little cove.

More houses.

A very modern one.

Lots of windows.

This one as well.

More traditional.

A cute small one with a fun multi-colored roof.

More giants.

Red, green, and yellow plants.

More golf courses.

They actually walk across the road for these holes.

Some deer wandering around in the woods.

Crossing the road.

Watch out for the cars.

And on the golf course.

This house has a sea vibe.

A more modern one; the orange kind of matches the plants in front.

Another big one.

A whale sculpture.

Us in front of it.

They forgot to take down the directions.

Looking at drills.

It doesn't come with batteries, though.

And according to Amazon reviewers, the batteries are really expensive.

Matching blinds for a few that broke in our house.

Just sitting at home watching the ball drop in NYC for New Year's.

A lot of people out in the cold.

Ogii having trouble opening the champagne.

Off to Buffalo Wild Wings the next day to watch the Raider's game. This guy is obviously a fan.

Raider's fans were mostly on this side of the restaurant.

I took a piece but will still lose afer he takes my queen with his rook.

Except he mis-clicked and just moved his rook here instead of one more square to take my queen.

I took his rook...

... but then offered a draw because it's no fun to win from a misclick.

Another guy I was giving some advice to; it was his first time playing on the site.

Pokemon Go has some new intro screens for the Holidays. They edited this one a bit for Christmas.

Then had fireworks for New Year's.