2017 Jan 15 | flooding, football at neighbors (2 weeks)

Sunrise underneath a huge cover of clouds.

It's rainy out, although thankfully the roads aren't too bad.

Hill with lots of trees, big and small.

Whispy clouds in the hills.

All of these parking spots in front of the post office are angled except for a single one near the corner which is parallel.

The local hardware store hasn't replaced the two ladders we bought.

Picking up a new vacuum from there.

Time to dispose of the Christmas tree. We're supposed to cut it into 3-foot sections and put it in the yard waste container. Since it's right around 6 feet, that means I only have to make one cut through the trunk; nice.

Although with all the little branches, it gets stuck in the container.

So I had to chop all of those off, too.

A little snail crawling on our driveway.

I gave him a leaf but he didn't want to eat it. We moved him into the grass where it's safer for him.

A giant bag of saltless sunflower seeds from Amazon. Not as good as the ones I grew up with, though.

Sun starting to come up during the drive.

Some very neat clouds.

Some bumpy ones.

Uh oh; the water is getting pretty close to the road here.

It's actually across the road here, but it's not very deep, so I can still drive through it.

There are a bunch of dogs at a farm house on the corner of the road on the way to work here.

It's a pretty major road; I hope none of them get run over.

This other road is a smaller one and has some huge potholes at this corner. Thankfully there's never anybody else on this road so I can dodge all around them at 10mph. I could also take the highway but it's 15 to 30 minutes longer and, apart from this section, this road is fairly decent.

Sun rays through the clouds above some cows.

I almost never get out from work early enough to be home when school gets out, but when it does happen, there are a ton of kids crossing the road.

Still crossing even though it's red.

A lot of smoke coming from this plant.

Hi to you?

The Spectrum office in town is closed. I'm still hoping they'll bring their internet here because it's so much faster than what we currently have.

This horse is in a pasture all by himself on the north end of town. The pasture to the right has a ton of cows in it, but apparently he doesn't want to look at them.

Looking for a new white coat. I only found one store in Salinas that has them and none that fit were that great.

A little market in Salinas.

Fruit and other vendors, although nothing that caught our eyes.

An old train at the local station.

It's a bus station, too.

Lots of books inside to read.

Neat mural.

Nice building.

Lego fan.

A huge bug that died.

I never even knew square drive heads existed for screws. This box was a waste of money.

Up on the roof putting security cameras up.

Pretty view.

In the bottom-left picture, you can see Ogii climbing up a ladder into the attic to set up the first camera. This app lets us view them on our phones.

A fun smile on this receipt.

At the neighbor's for some football games.

Lots of food getting grilled. The mayor even showed up to chat a bit about his upcoming recall election.

Today I Learned is one of my favorite subreddits; there are all kinds of useless but also useful pieces of info.

Instagram is full of bots. This guy put up a blank picture and all of these bots upvoted and said nice things about it.

The rules for recreational drone use are much less specific than for commercial use; you actually need a form of a pilots license for commercial use.

The developer of the Diablo video game talks about the worst decision he ever made: he didn't let the creator of Hotmail rent out a little room in his company's building for 10% of the profits. If he had, he would have made $40 million.

These Facebook ads and the shirts they sell get really specific. I still think it's a really dumb shirt, though.

White's rook is defending three of his pawns, two of which are defending his two remaining pawns.

It was such a great defense I had to let him know after the game.

Ads for those wall pictures are not only on Facebook; they're on the chess app, too.

An event in Pokemon Go had a ton more of the starter Pokemon showing up. Here there are five of the red dinosaur ones.

The larger evolutions of the starters also are showing up more, too. Here's the end stage of the blue one, which I've never seen out in the wild before; I've only evolved them.

Although his CP is so low he's worthless.

Level 32. Level 33 is super-slow to get to and they levels get even slower after that, so I think I'm done even trying to level up now.