2017 Jan 22 | Costa Mesa Gun Show, bubble soccer, Uncorked wine festival

The irrigators make some nice rainbows.

A big house.

There's a shooting range near Monterey.

The lawn was completely brown when we moved it, but after all of the rain, it turned green, so we had to buy a mower and chop it down to a respectable level.

However, it's mostly weeds, so we bought some grass seeds to hopefully make it a little nicer.

Fog in the hills.

Pretty pink clouds.

The sun slowly rising.

It's up.

Road closed due to flooding.

Foggy view over a lake.

Foggy sun through some trees.

Have to slow down a bit in this weather.

Lots of rain in the future.

Lots of sheep.

Another foggy morning.

Sun coming up under clouds.

A long layer of fog.

It was raining pretty hard after work. Just opening the door to throw my white coat and cooler into the car got everything pretty wet.

Thankfully the road wasn't too slippery.

Some cows far in the distance.

It was so windy one of Ogii's planters got blown over.

Sun through the clouds.

A big rainbow.

Old fashioned hard candy at the dollar store; let's give it a try.

On the walk back from the dollar store it started to rain.

This doesn't really look like the stuff I remember.

I bought a new white coat; it's much thicker than my previous one.

I wonder how far away McDonald's sells Gilroy garlic fries?

Sunset over a farm.

Up to 80% off, nice.

Except some stuff is excluded, bah.

At the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in LA.

They had a DJ there.

Live music.

Live artists.


A giant sculpture.

Lots of cool paintings.

It's pretty crowded.

A lower view.

This side has jewelry.

Some pretty necklaces.

Very neat door.

Sarnai dancing with Ogii and Dagii.

Haven't played soccer in years, but we're playing bubble soccer today, so I brought some socks and shoes just in case anyone else wears them.

I was going to record the play with these glasses, but it has some sort of error.

I thought I could find a manual online, but the only one was only available through this app.

Guess I have to download the app now.

You get three free documents per month.

And this isn't even for my glasses; it's for a different version.

I thought maybe it'd still have a description of a solid red light, but no luck.

Maybe it just needs a new battery? Although it's kind of a weird one.

The best bet to find one fast would be Fry's.

And now Google Maps shows Uber and Lyft options.

At the park for bubble soccer and there's a group practicing for Chinese New Year.

Into the bubbles we go.

Ogii ready to play.

And the game is on.

It's a little different to kick but not too bad.

The big problem is getting knocked over.

Because it can take a while to get back up.

Completely upside down.

Ogii smashing into another player.

Chasing the ball.

Me in a bubble.

It's pretty hard to talk through the bubble, so it's better to lean over and talk through the hole at the top.

Lots of players.

Jumping into an opponent.

The group afterwards.

A video from inside a bubble. I didn't get a battery for the glasses camera, so I just help my phone instead.

Funny bushes.

Next stop was the Crossroads of the West gun show.

Tons of ammo.

Many types of guns.

I like the shirt on the right: How to war like mother Russia: drink vodka, apply tanks, apply more tanks.




Some very pretty ones.


Really beautiful knives.

The finish is gorgeous.

Gotta have a few booths for the wives, girls...

... and boys.


We didn't buy any guns, but we did buy some hot nuts.

Huge revolvers.

Crazy axes and swords.

Lots of books.

Chess classes I understand, but Rubik's cube training?

Some Trump protestors headed to Pershing Square.

A sign.

Riot police just in case anything gets out of hand.

We were going to the Uncorked wine festival that night at Union Station, so we stayed at the Metro Plaza Hotel which was less than a block away. That way if we drank a bit too much, we wouldn't have to drive.

Nice room.

Also nearby was Philippe the Original, a diner.

It was pretty busy.

Waiting in a very long line for the wine festival. Thankfully once they opened the doors the line moved very fast.

At least it's a nice view while waiting.

And we're in!

It was cool out, so a lot of people had at least jackets on.

One of our favorites.

Ogii spinning a wheel to win some free stuff.

More wine.

Loved this guy's suit.

Ogii getting a pour.

Getting some more.

A variety of flavors.

Another one we really liked. Most you could buy at various grocery stores.

Our favorite item wasn't even wine, it was carmel corn with chocolate.

Us with our glasses.

It got pretty crowded.

You actually walked through Union Station to get to the other side.

Which had more of a dance party vibe going.

Including a DJ.

And lots of flashing lights.

It was even more crowded on this side. We had VIP tickets, which let us get in an hour before the general public. I can't imagine how crowded it would be after they all came. Our goal was to hit everything before then.

A small room on the other side was more laid back with a band.

And a bar in the middle.

Wine-glass-holding necklaces.

Me spinning a wheel for a prize.

A Dave & Busters bracelet for buy $20, get $20 free.

They had food trucks out front.

A long line of them.

The front of Union Station.

Back to the hotel.

The heater had this remote and was a bit difficult to figure out, especially after a bunch of wine.

Up early the next morning to go to the LACOS CE meeting. It rained all Sunday, so we got lucky that Saturday, with the bubble soccer and wine tasting, was sunny and clear.

Checking in.


The speakers were all very good.

Out front with the vendors.

There were a fair number of them.

Pretty flowers on the tables.

After the speakers was a scleral wet lens lab where you could try them on...

... and see how they fit.

They also had an OCT so you could check the fit that way.

A fair number of participants.

Waiting for the train.

An accident on the highway.

The car got totally turned around.

A ways up the road this guy was running in the far left lane. I'd assume he was in the crash, although I wonder why he was running away?

A huge puddle of water at this intersection.

Rainy downtown.

This is someone else's picture of farther south on a highway; thankfully we went north instead.