2017 Feb 05 | Golden West casino, Superbowl (2 weeks)

Cool clouds over the fields.

Some more over the hills.

Sunrise on the north side of town with a couple of cows.

Bubbly clouds across the entire sky.

This dental tool kit only has the mirror?

It says it has other stuff.

I guess somebody stole them.

The chain on my pocket knife got stuck in the teeth of my nail clipper. It was nearly impossible to get out.

Bought some stamps at Rite Aid. This was the only package they came in. Who buys four stamps?

The roll of electrician's tape fits perfectly inside the roll of duct tape.

Putting up another security camera out front.

The whiteness of the board on the top-left messes up the brightness levels of the camera and makes the video way too dark.

So I put a few strips of electrical tape on the board make it black instead of white and it fixed the problem.

Pretty sunrise.

With a bird.

And a tree.

Tons of sheep.

Tons of birds on this sign.

Very pretty benches.

Turn around now for a casino 25 minutes north. That's a weird sign.

Ah, a block south of the sign is a different casino. That's rather slimy.

The Golden West casino in Burbank has a statue of a cowboy out front.

Some people had been waiting to get into the $1/$2 game for over an hour. That seems rather insane for this small of a place.

The employee had trouble figuring out how to switch the TV channel to football, so customers were helping him.

I played in a Sunday afternoon tournament. This was a crazy hand; four-way all-in preflop. My AK ended up winning after hitting a K.

Not a huge tournament but at least a few tables of players.

I got 7th place and just made the money, enough to buy dinner.

The final table had four women and two men; you don't see that very often.

Sunrise through a park.

I wouldn't have guessed a pickup could jump start a semi.

There was an accident on this road so everybody had to go around.

Gun and photo store? That seems like a weird combination. Both involve shooting, though.

Nice sunset.

Ooh, a Tekken Tag Tournament game. That's one of my favorites.

The token machine is broken, though.

And to rub it in, there's already one credit in the game, so I'd only need one more. I searched in the coin returns of all the games but didn't find another token.

Very foggy this morning.

It makes it hard to see cars coming through this intersection.

Good to be careful because earlier there was a 40-car pile-up earlier in the week nearby.

Size matters.

Aw, so nice, Ogii bought me another one of these Nikon Coolpix cameras.

The people she bought it from didn't delete their last set of pictures, though.

Looks like they had a fun vacation.

I want to hang out with them.

I feel like I've almost been on vacation with them, living through their pictures. This is cheaper, too.

Some upscale chocolates for Ogii.

Lots of rain coming up.

Little Caesars is the happening place to be on Friday night in a small city.

Ogii's tire was very, very flat.

Jacking up the car.

This piece of metal was the culprit.

It left a pretty big hole after we took it out.

Ogii makes great schnitzel.

You can find a lot of on-demand movies on Amazon, but apparently not the original Canonball Run, only the sequel.

Same on YouTube. Maybe someone who owns the rights to it refuses to allow it?

Although there's a free version on YouTube. To get around the copyright claim takedown notices they made it smaller inside of a picture of a woman. Guess it'll have to do.

We went to Monterey to watch the Superbowl at Knuckles Sports Bar.

They had a raffle up front.

We got there around two hours early to make sure we got a seat. What to do? Eat and watch The Replacements on my cell phone. Ogii is using headphones and I don't need to listen because I basically have the entire movie memorized.

This pitcher is awfully full.

Lots of TVs.

Over here, too.

Free popcorn.

Lots of contrails.

Pretty green field and hills.

Cool whispy clouds.

The glasses manufacturers are horizontally and vertically integrating.

Our health insurance went up by 65%; that's quite a hike.

Games are slowly being solved based on their complexity. Looks like they have a ways to go before they hit chess.

Nearly as many people are streaming Diablo 2, a 17-year-old game, as Diablo 3, a 5-year-old game.

I'd rather watch the Diablo 2 one, too.

I like the unexpected twist ending on this sign.

This recipe site lets you click on items and add them to a grocery least; neat.

It's not much of a democracy if those in power can undo a law passed directly by the citizens.

I like podcasts, but I hate ones that are too biased either way. This one attacks Trumps appointees, but it doesn't explain why they do what they do or any possible good their actions might have; it's completely assuming and negative.

Daniel Negreanu has the same red cooler that I do.

I want the red lens, blue frame glasses like in the top-right picture. However, if you read it, the lenses are actually pink, not red. These on the bottom are actually red but have the color backwards, which I don't like as much. In fact, as far as I can see, it's impossible to find the bright red lens, dark blue frame ones anywhere on the internet. Even Ebay only has red lens or light blue frames.

The blue team has pretty much taken over Monterey in Pokemon Go.