2017 Feb 19 | SF passport, Russian Festival, M8trix casino

No sunrise today, just fog.

I don't think they're going to run out of straws any time soon.

Didn't have a plate but did have the microwave turntable to use as one.

Nice sunset.

Although the road is closed; have to go around.

Some water here but I can drive through it.

Although this is Los Angeles right now, so it's not so bad here.

Giant sinkhole down there.

And this chunk of road just slid down the road near San Jose.

Aw, Ogii made a cake for Valentine's Day.

I got here this card. Really neat 3D type.

A fun one I bought for Dad.

We have some random cats come through our back yard to we leave a bowl of milk out for them.

We love Kaskade? That's a big music group. There are some other Google matches for keskate but they're pretty small.

We went to this post office in San Francisco to renew my passport. It's the only post office that does passports in San Francisco that's open on a Saturday.

It has a pretty picture for its Google Maps shot.

A bit of a line for mail; maybe the passport line isn't so bad, either.

Google Maps has the opening time as 8am when it appears to actually be 7am.

That's a bunch of people waiting.

People were even waiting out here.

Everybody working with someone was at the desks on the right; on the left they're waiting.

Serving 34 right now and...

... I'm 57. It's moving pretty slowly, too.

So we decided to go drive around the area a bit. Lots of similar houses here.

Old neat ones.

A really big wood one.

Google Maps says there's a curvy street here. It's not Lombard, which is farther north.

There's a curvy road sign.

And yep, it's actually that curvy.

Steep street.

Another huge house.

A view from the top of the hill of downtown with the new Salesforce tower in blue on the right.

We got back to the post office and they were at 56. Great timing; I'm next!

My turn, finally. Except someone else also had 57. What?

Ah, they were only on 857, and I'm 957. It'd be nice if they could upgrade their displays to show that. It took 1.5 hours to get through 20 people, so at this rate, it'll be over 7 hours to get to us. No thanks; we'll just go somewhere else.

Pretty purple building.

A big old house.

Some smaller ones.

A tall one.

Some more that look similar to each other.

We went to the Russian Center for their Russian Festival.

A few painters were selling their art.

Downstairs was the food.

And some vendors with tons of little items.

That looks good, as does everything else.

We basically had one of everything.

Lots of items packed onto this little plate.

Some Russian singers.

And another one.

Checking out the museum.

Neat gold plating.

The Russian library next door.

This looks like it's not a parking space, but it has a meter. Weird.

I'm pretty sure a Yukon is not a low emitting / fuel efficient vehicle.

The Four Seasons hotel on 101 is gorgeous; it reflects the colors in the sky, too.

Google Maps gets a little goofy here. The highway is normal, but Google seems to think all of the lanes U-turn. Probably not something you want to try at speed when the road actually goes straight.

Right after you pass that area its back to normal, though.

Uh oh, Ogii lost her phone. Thankfully with Samsung we can search for it and it shows up on a map. She had left it at World Market 30 minutes ago and they had it at the cashier waiting for her. I'm glad someone didn't steal it and drive away; we would've been chasing this little dot around the city.

We stopped by the M8trix casino on our way back home.

The door handles make 8s.

Do they really need to write their name on the "wet floor" sign? Do people steal the signs if they don't?

It's fairly neat looking inside.

You can listen to the TVs with an app on your phone; that's a nice way to be able to listen to them without bothering other people around you.

Pretty waterfalls.

They text you when a seat is open so you don't have to try to listen for them to call your name.

Ogii and I ended up being at separate tables, which wasn't as fun. The tables are pretty nice, though.

They even have phone chargers built into the tables.

When we got home this guy had parked here. First, there's only about two feet of raised curb, and second, he's blocking half of our driveway. At least we were able to get in.

There are ads for this phoropter on the chess app. I wonder how chess know I'm an optometrist.

There are new Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game.

As usual, the announcement doesn't pop up right away, so you find it out on your own first.

And then hunt to find all of the Pokemon begins again.

There's a long ways to go.

There are also a few new berries, one making them move less, which is pretty much worthless, and another which makes them drop more candy when captured, which is actuallly very useful.

10k egg hatching.

And it's a Lapras. Before the new update these were great, but they've been really weakened, so they're almost worthless now.

The new Blissey is also extremely strong and almost impossible to kill on your own before the fight times out if it's a high enough level.

This Pokemon is almost impossible to catch. I wonder if they did that on purpose?

Sounds like it's a bug, actually.

There are also new items that you need to find to evolve certain Pokemon, like this Dragon Scale.

They're really hard to find, though, like maybe only one or two a week.

As it turns out, for the one evolution item I found, I don't have nearly enough candy to evolve that Pokemon anyway.

A couple of others you evolve by walking them and only evolving them during the day or night, which is kind of cool.

This is a neat-looking new Pokemon, although like almost the rest of the new ones, basically worthless.