2017 Feb 26 | Vina Robles and Manzoni wineries, Soledad Mission

Fog in the hills.

There's pheasant hunting a few hours east of where we live.

Another sign for the same farm.

Lots of potholes in the road.

The sun shining through the clouds.

A big layer of clouds.

Looks like traffic is a bit jammed up ahead.

Yep. There's lots of rain; maybe someone got in an accident?

Going down to one lane.

No accident; the right lane is flooded.

They had people out digging little pathways for the water from the road to the ditch.

Some of the side roads were closed, too.

The ditch looks like a river.

One of my favorite parts of the Toyota dealership in Salinas: free donuts.

The magazines are a bit wet.

Ah, it's flooding in from the ceiling.

They put some towels down over here.

No, I'm not going to go all the way to the left in 9 minutes. I'm just going to go right in like 2 minutes.

I was going to send something to Monica. FedEx said it would cost around $250; no thanks.

The storm tore down some of these big trees.

More over here.

Some really tall ones.

This one had its roots pulled out.

The wind blew many fences over, too.

I'm going south; the northbound side is still jammed, although I'm not sure if it's still from the flooding.

Some people were turning around here instead of waiting.

Seems like a waste to have two exact same billboards side by side.

Aw, a rock flew off the side of a truck and put a chip in the windshield of the Prius.

Rainclouds make for pretty sunrises.

A little edge of a rainbow.

I haven't been able to mow because it's been raining so much lately, but the grass is getting really high, so I guess I better try it. It didn't work too well, though; it was still pretty wet so the wheels just pushed the grass down and left strips uncut.

A lot clumped over on the driveway and sidewalk, too, so we had to rake that up.

Weird patterns in the oil before throwing the beef in for chislic.

Gillette used to be my favorite deoderant, but they stopped making the version I liked. I tried a new one but the gel is messier than the solid bar I'm currently using.

Another pretty sunrise thanks to a sky full of clouds.

It's quite cold out.

On Saturday, Ogii dropped me off at work and drove to LA. Then she drove back and picked me up. Busy day for both of us, so we stopped at the Rina Robles winery in Paso Robles on the way home.

They have live music.

We arrived only about 30 minutes before they closed, so we were too late for the wine and chocolate tasting. Next time.

Ogii with the first taste.

Happier after getting a bit of wine in us.

We ate dinner at the Paso Robles Steakhouse.


A tree hanging over the road; looks like the underside has been cut so trucks can fit underneath.

On Sunday we went to the Soledad Mission.

A rose garden out front.

Founded in 1791.

Inside the chapel.

Lots of crucifixes.

They had a few different rooms, each from a certain era.

The Native American room.

A bit later with the original mission bell.

Old plates.

More items from the old mission.

The cowboy era.

Models of other missions around California.

Some paintings.

Outside was the site of the original church.

It looks like they're excavating part of it here.

After that we headed to the Manzoni vineyards.

It was much smaller than Vina Robles.

Just a single room, in fact. And the guy there worked for a few different wineries.

Lots of awards.

And lots of wines.

Some wild poppies.

Only this little patch all alone.

Some baby lambs; so cute.

An old tractor covered in grass.

Mongolian New Year dinner.

I got the coin in my dumpling. Thankfully I chewed carefully.

Our phones got updated to the newest version of Android, Nougat. Time to learn what's new.

Faster app switching.

Use two apps at the same time. This one is pretty useful. Some apps don't allow it, but you can force them to by going into the developer options.

Drag-and-drop text in two-window mode.

Change notification importance.

A little tutorial on the phone as well.

Our favorite part of the Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube: guessing what bonus animal they will crush at the end.

This guy decided to get a few more queens instead of checkmating me.

Uh oh, there's a queen in the way of that one. What will he do?

Just move it out of the way.

Far pawn coming down.

He tried to get this closer pawn as well but ended up stalemating me instead. Almost.

Live at the Bike used to be $2/$3 and $3/$5 games; now it's gotten much bigger, with the minimum $5/$10 and many $25/$50 games.

That's a cool idea.

I was thinking about getting a subscription to this until I saw the price. It's not even that good of a magazine; many of the free ones I get are much better.

I didn't get a Porygon during the Valentine's Day event when they were much more common, but this 10k egg just happened to hatch one.

Nice! Now I have every North American Pokemon from generation 1.

He's not very useful, but he's kind of neat looking.

Most of the generation 2 Pokemon are cute instead of scary or powerful looking.

Definitely not scary.

Lots of new ones to find now.

A little crocodile.

A ladybug.

Aw, very cute. I actually like this one.

This is the strongest generation 2 one; this guy must be a hacker because there's almost no way he would have one of these legitimately yet.

A pictograph of the evolution items. I only have the second and third ones.