Mar 12 | birthday, LABV, Redwood City and Redondo Beach poker (2 weeks)

Pretty sunrise.

And a simpler one the next day.

The left is a novel; the right is a business-advice book, which has larger text that is more spread apart. I guess if you don't have much to say, you can make it look like you do by making it bigger.

BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, it seems like I never see them together at stores any more.

Although it's really annoying that the tubes are different sizes and shapes.

Ogii has been putting balloons by my pillow under the sheets, although it's not very hidden; there's a giant bump.

This would be ideal to get done on Saturday, but it's an awful lot.

Playing a little game at Little Caesar's while waiting for our pizza.

Lots of books I need to read, some fun and some useful.

We went to the post office in Seaside to get my passport. Instead of the 8-hour line at San Francisco, this one was just a few minutes.

Rummage sale.

Ogii found a German trunk there.

Giant candy store in Monterey.

Same games there.

A hippie clothing store.

This restaurant's address is 1313, although the original last 3 appears to have gone missing.

Well then pedestrians shouldn't be on the highway.

We picked up Lance and Sara from the airport. Google has different arrival options depending on exactly where you're going in the airport; nice.

This is a delivery robot. Although if the guy has to be right there to guide it, it's basically a wagon you don't have to pull.

A hat you can attach legos to.

A home poker game south of San Francisco.

With the UFC fights on.

The big matchup of the night. Overeem looks to be a little more in shape than Hunt.

Ogii petting one of the player's dog.

Ogii baked brownies but washed the bowl before eating the batter. That's the whole point of making brownies.

Lots of stuff to carry when I go to work for a few days.

It was cold enough for frost to be on the car windows in the morning.

A little bunny.

Half the time when I get a key made at a hardware store, it doesn't work. I wonder if this self-serve one at Walmart is better or worse.

Pretty sunrise.

Reflected in the side of the car.

Originally $2.49, on clearance for $0.49, an 80% savings. That's my kind of shopping.

This just might be my favorite series of songs on my iPod.

Funny spiked tree.

Ogii put up some decorations in our home office.

Ogii bought these shoes for me on ebay, but they rub my ankles, so I guess we'll just resell them right back on ebay.

Hey, wait a second. This wrapping paper was to Ogii before.

If I unwrap it carefully, we can use it a third time, too.

I think I can figure out what this present is.


Birthday dinner.

Blowing out the candles.

Lots of fun gifts from Ogii and the parents.

Some cool cards from Ogii.

I heard a podcast on this author and decided to get three of his books. You can get a lot of good discounts on Amazon buying used books, although you have to watch for shipping costs; sometimes it's almost as cheap to buy them new.

Neat fountain with surfers.

Neat ceiling light.

And neat lights inside their sign.

Celebrating Dagii's birthday.

We went to the beach to play volleyball on Saturday. It was overcast and cool, but still some good games.

I played doubles with Jonathan for a couple of Saturdays a few years ago, but then I started working on Saturdays. It was disappointing because we were pretty close in skill level and he was very fun and happy to play with; some of the most fun volleyball I've played. It looks like Yoshi has become his partner now, which is a good fit because she's fun and happy, too.

Me bumping.

This poor guy smashed into the car in front of him.

At the wharf in Redondo Beach.

Because we're eating at the Brazilian steakhouse there. As always, we didn't eat lunch so we'd have more space for the meat.

That sounds fun.

Playing limit mixed games at Sophia's. Half the time was spent explaining the rules of the different games and the other half was spent trying to figure out who actually won the money.

Because it's limit, it's almost impossible to bet people out of the pot, so you get a ton of callers. Here we played waterfall. Ogii and I both had two pair, AAKK, on the flop and a huge full house, AAKKK, on the turn, but another person who had three of a kind on the flop and a smaller full house on the turn stayed in until the river, where she made four of a kind to beat us.

Ogii made quads to win, but it took a lot of cards to get there because in this variant you can't end on a red card; the final black four made her the four of a kind.

It was a late night of poker, so we were hoping to sleep in a bit. Well, this dumb duck had other plans; he was quacking very loudly right outside our window and woke us up.

It was a bit cool again, so let's just stand in the sun for a while.

We played volleyball again on Sunday, and again it was a bit overcast.

Driving back home we saw this weird black whirlwind-like shapes of dots on the sides of the roads. Ah, they're tons of bugs hanging out over the standing water from all the recent rain.

A burger and small fry at Burger King costs $3.13. Even BK is wishing me happy birthday.

We saw a bunch of parasailers on the cliffs near Monterey. Maybe we'll try it some day.

These trees look like an entrance.

San Francisco housing and parking costs and Houston and South Dakota traffic, all in one discussion.

A weird checkmate, but I'll take it.

And one on me in return.

Kat and Kendra are at Le Meridien in Bora Bora...

... and Monica and Mom are at the same hotel in Tahiti, an hour away by plane.

Some photographers recommend this camera for when you don't want to carry a DSLR, but it's very expensive for a point-and-shoot.

Various coupons on the Samsung Pay app. Free sandwich, $25 of $100, and wait, what? 45% off a huge TV? That doesn't fit in with the other offers.

It's on sale for $1100 through the app.

Although you can get it for the discounted price on Amazon anyway.

I hate coat hangers with the little shoulder indentations. Apparently a lot of people on Amazon feel the same way, especially when they think they're getting ones without them. Amazon has gotten much worse with allowing third-party sellers to get away with this.

Was searching for Shamrock gloves for St. Patrick's Day and these popped up instead.

This ophthalmology practice doesn't seem to be very well received. I needed patient records from them and didn't get what I needed, either.

Aw, the cherry blossom festival is sold out. Maybe next year.

As are the VIP tickets for the giant LA Weekly food tasting event.

And reading the reviews on Yelp of previous ones, there's no way I'm going there as general admission; the lines are just too long.

Various Meetup events; wait, naked housewarming?

They have some other events as well, including nude Twister. That's taking it a bit farther than just being clothing-optional.

I thought RGP lenses normally cost like $400; this site has them for $30. Although maybe it's just this brand, which is a bit older? Prices still can get crazy low online.

At least part of the reason why men make more money.

Using one of the new Pokemon items to evolve.

Eh, pretty useless.

Still a lot of non-caught generation 2 Pokemon.

Ooh, a Larvitar; this guy turns into the strongest generation 2 character in the game. They're pretty rare, though, so I'm not even close to getting him.

A bunch of water Pokemon by the water.