2017 Mar 26 | farmer's market, MBOS, couples poker tournament at Aelred's

A bunch of sheep and goats just outside of town.

Ogii really likes the babies.

There's a little farmer's market a few miles west of our house.

Ogii looking.

Honey sticks.

Eggs and vegetables.

More vegetables.

A cute little hitchhiker.

They calculate out the total by hand. I wonder if most cashiers nowadays could do that.

A big cloud above the road.

Neat contrail.

This road is still closed. It's been months since the heavy rains; I wonder if the road is still really flooded.

The rains did make the wildflowers really nice.

A field full of them.

I went to Santa Cruz on Tuesday night for a meeting. There are a lot of volleyball courts on the beach there. Although they were already somewhat crowded on a Spring weekday; I bet they get super-busy on the weekends in the summer.

It says you have to let other teams play with you; that's nice, atlhough it'd be hard to make a Meetup group here.

A view from the pier.

There's also a little boardwalk with rides.

A lighthouse to the west.

Although I can't quite get a sunset shot across it from the pier; the sun never gets that far south.

Some seals on the pier.

And more; they seem to like to sit on the posts.

More in the ocean just past the pier.

A little downtown area.

Time for the meeting.

Make sure I grab my "steak" indicator.

Pretty room.

A view of the pier.

These snails like to sit under the garbage cans outside. When I take the cans out to the curb, sometimes I run one over. Poor guy.

We've made so many leftovers we're out of the regular containers and have to use these rectangle ones.

Dinner time on the anniversary of us meeting.

Ogii bought me this pretty new shirt. The buttons are even hidden under another strip of fabric; fancy.

Pretty background on the Windows screen.

I bought some more photography prints for upcoming art shows this summer. But then we have all of these cardboard boxes to get rid of. We have a recycling can, but these would be multiple loads of it, so it's easier to take them to a recycling center.

I don't know if the recycling machines would have a problem with the metal clips they use to close the boxes, but I take them out just in case.

Barely fit.

I tried taking them to a recycling center in Greenfield, but even though their sign says "cardboard," they no longer take it. So I had to haul the boxes to Salinas.

What are all of these signs on this restaurant?

Temporarily closed. I wonder why.

Make a bunch of water balloons at once; neat idea.

The sign on the left says open, on the right closed.

Funky tree.

Some neighbors redoing their lawn.

A full moon above green hills.

This Olive Garden has a little kiosk at each table you can pay at. It also has games, but they're a bit expensive, especially now that everyone has games on their phones.

Time for another couples tournament, this time at Aelred's.

At the last one, you shared a single stack and one partner sat out. For this one, you both played, then switched stacks.

Goofing around.

I made us some shirts with iron-on print-out sheets.

We're doing pretty well at this table.

A video of one of the switches; it's pretty crazy.

Table one.

Table two.

Table three. There was also a fourth table, but I was playing at it and didn't get a picture.

The groupings.

Final table.

From the other side.

Tough decision.

Ogii at the final table.

Ogii scooping in a bunch of chips; and now we're down to three teams.

My turn.

The final three teams. We got third place. It was a really fun tournament.

Visiting 20/20 on Sunday. They took out this wall to make it more open.

The new doctor has this cool little portable autorefractor.

There was an early screening of the Ghost in the Shell movie at Regal downtown.

It was sponsored by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles.

Not too expensive at $20.

A guy from BBBS telling people to get involved.

Especially good deal because your ticket got you popcorn, a drink, and even a t-shirt.

The packaging on the Mentos matches where the actual candy is; there are two green ones on the left, then two red, etc. On one hand, it's nice to know if you only like certain ones; on the other, part of the fun is not knowing what you're getting.

A view of downtown with the new skyscraper from the north.

From the northwest.

And the south.

You don't see many people hauling bales in LA.

Tom's 5-0.

Some dogs peeking out of the back.

Nice sunrays.


This guy doesn't have any poor clients.

Sunset peeking over the hill.

A couple riding horses in town.

Pretty sunset.

We hit the megas ball, but no other numbers.

I like to read reddit news every morning, but it'd be nicer if I could have it read to me on my phone while I'm getting ready in the morning.

This is one app that takes a website and reads the words from it, but it doesn't work with reddit.

Another one, also doesn't work.

Another one.

And another one. Reddit's website must just be written in a way that none of the readers parse correctly.

This one works a bit differently but still doesn't work.

Reddit also has RSS feeds, though. Maybe that will work.

So I downloaded a few different RSS readers but they didn't work, either.

My podcast player also has a built-in RSS reader...

... but again, no good.

Well, I guess I'll give up on that. I'd like 10-minute BBC or NPR news, but BBC is only 1 minute and NPR is only 5 minutes. CNN is 10 but they're full of ads.

Right when you start Twitch, there's an ad. It shows a few seconds of the channel first, though. I turned on Live at the Bike and there was a really interesting hand right at the beginning, but then the ad came on and made me miss it.

Israeli Ron always plays Q2.

This night he won with it like three of four times.

Everyone has a big hand.

Aw, they miss me. Well, my events.

Looking up stuff to do in Santa Cruz. Google automatically brings up a list.

A huge list.

One window repair kit for $10.

Two for $70. That's not exactly a good deal.

Neat shots by Johnny.

Big accident on the highway; faster to go around.

We're going to Big Bear next weekend. Google automatically puts events into your calendar from emails. However, then the event was cancelled (we changed reservations), but the event stayed on the calendar. I couldn't even delete it because if I tried to click on it, it said, "The requested event was not found."

One of the problems with Pokemon Go is how long it takes to build up certain characters if you're not in the right biome. Seel evolves into a great Dragonite attacker, but only with the right moveset, and if you don't live near water, he's really hard to find. So if you evolve him and he has a bad moveset, you have to wait forever to get enough candies to evolve another one.

Thankfully this one turned out with a great moveset.

A weird looking Pokemon.

Another one.

A 10k egg...

... and a Larvitar, nice; that's the most sought-after generation 2 one to evolve into Tyranitar.

The very next 10k egg...

... was also a Larvitar. Lucky.

New event. Usually they have them on the holidays but this was out of nowhere. More water Pokemon.

Lots of 10k eggs.

And lots of Pidgeys for evolving for experience.

Thanks to that I hit level 33. Although I don't play as much any more so it's not that big of a deal, and the levels come very slowly now.

A new evolution method for Tyrogue: depending on which is his strongest stat, he'll evolve into a different character. Attack results in Hitmonlee, defense is Hitmonchan, and stamina or HP is Hitmontop. Top is the only one I don't have yet, so here we go...

... and got him.