2017 Apr 02 | Monterey wharf, skiing at Big Bear, Cypress Hill concert

Free wifi at Walmart.

We went to Tarpy's, a "roadhouse" near Ogii's work, for lunch.

It's way too upscale to actually be a roadhouse, though.

Pond out front.

Wine cellar inside.

Eating outside.

An optometry office right next to Ogii's work. Maybe I could work here a day or two a week, or even full time, and then we could drive to work together.

Pretty logo.

There's a piano on the wharf in Monterey.

This homeless guy came and played it.

He's really good.

That's gotta be a rich tourist. Who wears a suit coat, shorts, and sandals?

Aw, the old restaurant I ate at the last time I was here closed down. I guess they couldn't pay the increased rent.

Whatever was here closed, too.

Some space inside.

Another room. It'd be nice to open an optometry office and art gallery here, especially as it's on the front corner of the pier, but I think it'd be too expensive.

A view of the pier across some poppies.

And boats. These poppies are blooming everywhere right now thanks to all the rain we had earlier in the year.

More pretty flowers.

Checking for optometry offices in the area.

The closest one.

Fairly nice inside.

Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.

I bet there's no parking on Tuesday evenings because there's some sort of farmer's market.


Ogii with a big chocolate bunny.

Friday was Cesar Chavez Day, which is a state holiday in California, so many offices were closed.

Us in the hammock.

The main problem with Honey Smacks is they all stick together in a giant chunk if its humid.

Be wary of batteries.

It's my new drone, the DJI Mavik.

Compact little guy.

Wings out.

I also got the accessory pack with extra batteries.

And a backpack designed to carry this specific drone.

Lots of sheep.

If Ogii stretches a bit she can keep the sun out of her eyes.

Neat cloud.

Lots of flowers in the fields.

Lots of workers in the fields, too.

Not gramatically correct, but it gets the point across.

The highway was really backed up.

It's so bad Google Navigation recommends U-turning and taking a side road to save an entire 42 minutes.

The problem is there's no legal U-turn anywhere close and it's a divide highway. Mostly grass and not too deep, but I still don't want to risk driving through it in the Prius.

A few people were U-turning once the divided part ended, though, so we did as well.

Coming back onto the main highway from the side road.

Google says the accident is still in front of us but it's still faster to come back here and go by it rather than take other side roads.

This pickup is in pretty bad shape.

As is this minivan.

A lot of firetrucks...

... and an overturned 18-wheeler. I wonder what exactly happened?

Thankfully we weren't going in the other direction; they're backed up for miles. At least we had a side road we could take; I don't think there's anything like that in this direction without going very far out of the way.

Even backed up past this big split where some cars were coming from the north and others from the east. It's probably actually better for them to turn around and take another route.

Hey, what's this? Ogii snuck her rearview mirror hanger and stuffed dog into my car.

This couple were on their cells phone their entire dinner and didn't say a thing to each other.

My curly fry moustache.

Skiing in Big Bear and it's going to be a bit colder than we had anticipated, so have to buy some tights. Big 5 had a clearance section and these were only $3.50, nice.

Some very cool shoes at Ross.

$75 compared to $150. Is that accurate?

Yep. They're $150 to $250 on Amazon, even used.

Ogii still needed a coat because Big 5 didn't have one. We planned on going to this Sports Authority but Google Maps didn't mention it was closed.

Onto Goodwill.

Hard to beat that price for a winter coat.

You can download an area of Google Maps onto your phone in case there's no signal where you're going. Pretty nice.

At the cabin. Sarah found it on AirBnB.

Cool open play room.

A little skylight.

An indoor kid's playhouse.

Very nice bedrooms.

Nice bathroom as well.

I couldn't figure out why these new ski goggles were so blurry. Ah, there's a plastic film on them.

The cabin from the outside. Cool dome shape.

They even have their own private sand volleyball court.

A grilling area.

An outdoor shower.

And a hot tub. Very nice place.

The moon through the skylight.

Uh oh; the tights I bought are a little too small. Even cutting the top a bit didn't help much.

For the Cypress Hill concert. Although they didn't start until the lifts closed, so you could still have a full day of skiing and get your kid out of there.

Ogii getting her rental equipment.

The stage at the bottom of the mountain.

Us on the lift.

Ogii ready to go.

Me in my flamingo outfit.

Even some flamingo socks.

The stage and the pools for the pond skim from above.

The resort.

Ogii didn't go on these slopes; she stayed on the bunny.

Lakes in the distance.

An employee getting a picture with me.

They had giant games set up at the base, including ladder toss...

... corn hole...

... and beer pong.

Good thing we got there early. The parking lot filled up and they were bringing people over from another lot on the back of this truck.

Time for the pond skim.

Me on the left walking up to the starting area. It was a bit of a hike but not too bad.

Me getting out of the water. I wanted to make it across at least once but I fell all three times I tried. Oh well, still fun.

A house with a giant deck by the mountain.

Ogii was doing much better by the afternoon.

She even dodged around this fallen boarder.

That kid is tiny.

Lance and Sarah got a really great table to watch the concert from.

Time for drinks.

Keep going.

Ogii beat Lance in their drinking competition. Lance was drinking a double, though.

Some women in bikinis running up to the stage.

They had some little blow-up pools for them to dance in.

Cypress Hill.

From the other side.

There were a ton of people in the crowd which eventually turned into a giant snowball fight.


Our group.

Cypress Hill walking out below us.

A video of the day on the mountain.

Dinner in a local restaurant.

They had some paintings of this weird guy.

The older wooden frame looks really nice around the western landscape photo.

Cool lights on the ceiling.

Lots of fat on our steak; Ogii's favorite.

We all got a little sunburned. Mine was mainly the back of my hands.

Time for poker.

This was a sick hand. I raised preflop and three people called. On the flop I had top set and went all-in, Ogii called with bottom set, Sarah called with Kx because she blocked kings, and Tyler had the nut flush draw. Crazy everyone had such strong hands. And disgustingly Ogii hit the single 7 left in the deck to make quads on the river.

Breafast in the morning.

A good way to finish a fun weekened.

Another really pretty cabin.

And one make of brick on the left and wood on the right.

Now for the winding drive down the mountain.

You have to constantly break as you go down.

Except the Prius had an engine breaking mode where as soon as you take your foot off the gas, it uses the engine resistance to slow down. I almost never use it but it's great for going down mountains; I barely had to touch the brakes the entire way down.

The car also builds up electricity going down hills, so we had 7 free miles here.

This drive-through boba place has translations for common sayings and a stool for the shorter workers to reach the customers.

That's neat but confusing.

The trains in the city are short; only a few cars.

But the rural ones are much longer.

Trees on the overpass.

Three different colored Priuses if you count ours.

Some sort of accident.

Tons of flowers in the hills.

On the way back home there was another accident and again, Google told us to take local roads around the highway.

This one wasn't as big but it still saved some time.

A few other people took the shortcut as well, although most stayed on the highway.

We actually went across this bridge to the small road on the other side. Pretty backed up.

Same in the other direction.

A couple of other vehicles saving time ahead of us.

And more behind.

Looks like the accident is mostly cleared up now.

Medical offices can go to these health fairs to advertise their businsses.

We took EyeMed at 20/20, so it would have been a good one to attend if I was still there, except that I think the Bicycle casino is too far away from the office for any of their employees to actually come to us.

I've been looking to get a few papasan chairs, although new ones are all too cheap looking.

I like the hanging one, though.

These blow-up chairs are cool, too.

These red ones would match the cushion colors on our kitchen chairs.

The launchpad chair in the upper-right is really weird.

I ordered this shower head on Amazon, it says delivered on the site, but it was delivered to Missouri. I don't think that's correct.

What's the Mrs. Pac-Man icon on Google Maps?

Ah, their April Fools Day joke. You can actually play Pac-Man on the local roads.

Everyone on reddit thought the water from this faucet was really cool.

Someone posted a link to where you could buy it and it sold out very quickly.

That's a fairly graphic ad to show up on Facebook. What if I'm at the supermarket with kids behind me?

Looking for art festivals to go to in the summer. Jewelry and landscape photography tend to fill up very fast, though.

I've been saving my credit card points for flights because I get an extra 20% bonus if I schedule flights directly through the rewards program. I thought it might be more expensive and thereby cancel out the bonus, but it's actually the same price as other sites. Looks like we'll get around three free flights from the rewards from the past few years.

A bug in Pokemon Go that shows one Pokemon huge and another tiny.

One of the new Eevee evolutions in generation 2, Umbreon. It's cool looking but not all that useful. It's mainly used for killing Espeon, another generation 2 Eevee evolution that you'll sometimes find in gyms.