2017 Apr 16 | LA VR expo

One bathroom is all-gender and one is woman's; that's discriminatory.

At the Club One casino in Fresno and doing well in the tournament.

It's a satellite. The final nine players get a seat in their Spring Roll tournament.

Down to the last twelve and nobody wants to go out. I had a couple of hands that I'd definitely call a raise with in a cash game, but here, the only goal is to survive, and I had more chips than a lot of players, so I just folded, even with decent hands, when players with big stacks raised.

Yummy food while playing.

Curling was on TV. We were all making fun of it, but one guy was really into it, and his enthusiasm was contagious, so when the floor man turned the TV channel to something else, we all asked him to change it back.

Nice, I got into the top nine. $250 tournament entry for $65.

The motel offered ear plugs for the construction. It's a bit sad; the area was a big walking area and the city is turning it into a road.

20% off for seniors on Wednesday? Remind me to not go here on Wednesday.

The car was pretty dirty so I went to get it detailed.

This place doesn't look like much but the reviews say they do a good job.

The thrift store cash box is not for sale. It'd be fun to buy a box for $3 and find $300 inside.

Big sale at the on winter clothing and, more importantly for me, books.

Four books for $1; that's a good deal.

There's a shoe repair place nearby, too, but they stopped repairing shoes and now just sell them. I think they should change their sign, then.

So I went to this place to get my shoes shined.

Lots of shoes and equipment inside.

The guy working there asked me to wait a while he gave the homeless guy outside a cigarette and chatted a bit. Really nice of him to do that.

His brother, who does the repairs, is in Italy buying merchandise.

This was their father who used to own the store.

The father always brought coffee to the woman who ran the gun store next door. One morning while he was doing so some burglars ran out of the gun store and knocked him down. He hit his head on the pavement and died. Sad, but it seems the father passed on his caring attitude to his sons.

While I was waiting I went to another nearby thrift store. This one had some Spanish tapes that I could listen to on the way to work.

However, they're cassettes, and I don't have a cassette player.

Time to search for that online.

I wanted to find one with a rewind button so if I missed a word I could go back and listen to it again. Taking the tape out, turning it around, putting it back in, playing it a bit, then taking it out and flipping it around and putting it back in again is just too much work while driving.

However, none of them said if they had a rewind button. Even zooming in on a picture I can't tell.

This one has a rewind but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Cool cloud over the hill.

A little bit of a rainbow on the way to work. Ogii drove farther north and she saw an entire double rainbow.

I hate Than Merrill. We went to one of his seminars in LA and the entire thing was just an ad to get you to pay money for his next level of seminar, which in turn was another ad to get you to pay even more money for the next level.

I love ordering from Amazon, but it results in lots of cardboard. We can throw it out in our recycling bin but it takes up a lot of space, so if we have a lot of boxes, it's easier to dump it all in the back of the car and take it to a recycling center.

Everything is leaking on Ogii's car. Well, yeah, it has over 200,000 miles on it.

The dealership does give a free car wash good at two locations.

I don't see anywhere to redeem the coupon at this location, though; it's an automatic payment. I asked them about it and apparently only the other location accepts the coupons. Then the dealership should correct the coupon.

A guy spraying down the cars. My arms get tired after just doing this on my car; I can't believe how he can do this all day.

Pretty colors.


We cook and lot and have lots of leftovers, to the point the other day that we ran out of tupperware containers. They were all a bit old, anyway, so we bought a bunch of new ones. Have to wash them all first, though, which was a couple of dishwasher loads just for them.

The Mavik drone came with this multi-battery charger. However, it only is charging one battery.

Ah, it charges one until its full and then goes onto the next rather than charge them all at one.

Ogii driving to LA at sunset.

Some oil derricks up on a hill.

Big protest in Pershing Square. They've been having a lot for various reasons lately.

At the Virtual Reality LA expo.

Scientific papers.

Some of them deal with eye stuff; I remember some of these ideas from optometry school.

Opening speaker.

I didn't realize the expo didn't actually open until noon; they just had lectures until then. So I went to the park for a few hours. This guy parked in front of me and left his car without putting money into the meter. I said, "I think you have to pay for the meter," and he said, "No I don't." I would normally explain a bit more to help him not get a ticket, but the way he said it was so conceited, like he personally didn't even if others did, I just let it go.

This is annoying. The Lyft drivers can't make enough money just going through the app so they have to tape these posters up. I'm pretty sure that's illegal, too.

This side is more wood chips and dirt...

...and this side is more grass.

Back to the VR expo and there's a line to get into the expo hall.

It even turns around here because it was so long. Thankfully it moved fast.

A boxing game.

Tons of old NES cartridges.

Face masks so you don't get other people's sweat and germs on your face when you use a common VR headset.

It's alway fun when you can see what the player sees.

The Theta is another 360 camera. The problem I had with the gear 360 is I couldn't manually adjust picture as much as with a camera, and I'm not sure if you have more control on the Theta.

Virtual DJ.

Virtual architects.

Virtual audio.

Most of the VR games don't have that great of graphics yet, but this one was gorgeous.

Lots of equipment.

The Oculus headsets that we have, used for 360 art.

Another 360 art booth, although most of the booths were games; these were the only two I saw for art.

An interview.

A container you sit it.

Guys trying out these headsets.

A bunch of Red cameras to take 360 movies. That's really expensive; those are like $20,000 per camera.

I wonder if the polyhedron is for the sensors, to give you a boundary, or just for show.

The Gear VR we have.

The Oculus Rift has handsets, though, so you have much more control.

Playing a fantasy game with swords.

What the game looks like.

A big dome.

A treadmill so you can run around without actually going anywhere.

Gorgeous booth.

A live 360 video camera.

Inside a bubble.

Another setup with multiple expensive cameras.

And another.

And another on a dummy's head and arm.

A driving game.

A motion capture suit.

One problem was the lines to the more popular games were very long.

A VR easter egg hunt.

She's taking pupillary distances of attendees so the VR goggles are calibrated correctly.

Inside the egg hunt area.

This shooting game was pretty fun.

A bumper cars game.

VR dodgeball.

Although since you're already dodging around, why not just use balls? I guess if you're in a house with expensive vases or want to play online.

We went to Fast and Furious 8 at the 4Dx theater.

Nope, do not want water sprayed in my face.

Although they all turned themselves on when the movie started. Back to off.

The seats lift up in the air a bit. The guy next to us came after the show started and had trouble getting into his sit as it was moving around. Fun experience.

(A) The front of his car is in a red no-parking zone and (B) the back of his car is parked in a driveway. That's 50% illegal + 50% illegal = 100% illegal.

Huge building going up.

Nice angle on the DTLA skyline.

Pretty colored wall.

Dark clouds.

Lots of people at the Huntington Beach pier early in the morning. That's weird; it's usually almost empty.

Ah, Easter Sunrise celebration.

Multiple churches got together to have it.

It ended up being pretty packed.

The sun rising as a surfer walks out into the water.


The sun is up.

Lots of surfers to the north of the pier.

And to the south.

No volleyball players yet. While they get to the beach earlier than most people, it's still much later than the surfers.

Somebody caught a ray from the pier; you don't see that very often. An older Asian woman said she really loves them, so the guy who caught it gave it to her.

Cute little vehicle.

"Must have job or bank receipt"? Ah, "surfers welcome," that makes sense.

Many of the businesses were closed because of Easter.

The adult Easter egg hunt sounds fun.

This place was open, though.

The place next door was just opening up but missed the early-morning rush.

While this place was full. Opening an hour earlier made them a ton of money.

Soccer between Manchester United and Chelsea on TV while I waited for the food.

And an early score; that'll really make the match more interesting. Both teams are already pushing each other around a lot.

Super-shiny car.

A private Easter egg hunt for Sarnai.

The cat is helping her.

Basket full of eggs.

Shlomo opened up another wall the the LA office; now it looks really big.

What are all of these people here for? This is a warehouse area.

Ah, a big food market. I think this came in after the American Apparel warehouse closed.

They're only open on Sundays. Although it's on a asphalt lot, so it gets really hot in the summer and not much shade.

Most of the cards are gone from this Lyft poster, which is a different one from the one I saw earlier. Too bad their trash is working.

Neat carving about the history of LA.

I wanted to order some checks with our new address on them. The checks I currently have are two addresses old.

However, there was an error and I couldn't order checks directly, so I had to go to this other website.

Unfortunately they don't have the same checks I currently have.

And then there was another error and I couldn't order from here, either.

Another Pokemon event: more Pokemon from 2km eggs, more candy from eggs, and double experience.

Lucky Eggs were also on sale. That's smart of Niantic; lucky eggs give you more experience, so people will use them during this event to get 4x experience. When Niantic holds these events and gives some sort of discout on an item they sell that ties into the event, they are the number 1 app for income that weekend.

Evolving a bunch of new Pokemon I don't have yet because they require the evolution items.

This one is fun; like a Luau costume from leaves.

The rock guy...

... turns into an even bigger rock guy. He's so tall you can't see his head when he's in gyms, haha.

And one more.

Although the app is a little slow to load the graphics of a Pokemon you haven't seen before.

IV levels matter a lot if you're trying to get higher in a gym. This Rhyhorn with 13% IV maxes out at 2701...

... while another Rhyhorn with 85% IV maxes out at 2988, almost 300 CP difference.

Just in from the Huntington Beach pier is this spot where you can hit four Pokestops at the same time.

And there's even a little stone bench where you can sit. I prefer walking around, though, not just for the exercise but also to hatch eggs.