2017 Apr 30 | Brentwood Art Festival

Wells Fargo being sneaky. I normally don't open all of this junk mail unless it feels like there's a new card in there. Apparently lots of other people do it as well because now they're putting stiff pieces of plastic shaped like a card in there to trick you into opening the letter. And it's still just an ad.

Going for physical therapy for my shoulder. Thankfully it's pretty close to Ogii's office so we can drive together.

Their logo is cool.

I have to pay $80 per visit. I guess? I tried calling my insurance to ask them but it's all rather confusing.

Gas is much cheaper once you south of the mountain; just have to get over the peak and then it's easy sailing to not paying as much.

A weird staircase in this hotel; why is there a fence between the paths on the same level?

Fun home poker game and this was the most fun hand. Somebody bet on the river and the other guy just held up the queen for quads and smiled.

Was looking for appointments for the DMV offices and the soonest ones are a month. So much for that idea.

However, it's not even an hour wait at most nearby offices, even without an appointment.

This site actually shows the wait times by hour at multiple offices; cool.

We ended up going to the Montabello one.

It wasn't too crowded and we got in and out pretty quickly.

Then we walked across the street to a local camera store to get passport photos.

Ogii getting hers done.

I'm not sure how safe that wiring is.

Lots of businesses like being next to a Planet Fitness because it brings in lots of customers, but there are also plenty of others who don't come to their stores but take up parking.

We walked to the Golden Skewer for lunch and it was some of the best Armenian food we've ever had. Although I did get scolded by the waitress for not eating my vegetables, haha.

This bird was hopping around on top of the building looking concerned.

Aw, its baby fell onto the ground. I hope it heals up.

I stopped in at one of the offices I worked at to drop off some donuts. This elevator is still out of service even six months later.

And still horrible traffic at this corner.

A pretty sunset from the Pike parking garage in Long Beach.

A bunch of food trucks.

Other trucks that are pop-up clothing stores.

Looking inside one.

Various craft tents.

Neat lights.

Last summer this area was completely packed with Pokemon Go players. It's almost empty now.

The lighthouse lit up.

A bunch of kids sliding down the hill on big chunks of ice.

A few more Pokemon players are there now but still nothing like before.

We love walking by the smell of jasmine.

A live band.


Tons of items for the first Pokestop on a 7-day streak.

The Twitter Pokemon feed shows rare Pokemon in a given area. There's a Dragonite here.

There it is.

Caught it.

This person also drove there.

We got through all of the Friday to-do; now onto the Saturday fun stuff.

Starting with massages.

And then onto Marie Grace and Dmitry's house-warming party.

Lots of food.

Even some grilling.

Normally I wouldn't stop on railroad tracks, but I think we're safe on these.

They're set up for what looks to be a big volleyball tournament at the Huntington Beach pier.

There's a big fence around it; are they worried about people stealing stuff?

Pretty clouds in the hills.

Someone using a large envelope as a sun blocker.

Mobile video gaming; neat idea.

I wonder what the catch is on this deal. Probably a time share presentation. But still seems like a really good deal.

A really nice view of the new LA skyline from the southeast.

Cool spikey trees.

Lots of purple flowers.

Setting up for the Brentwood Art Festival. I loved these guys; they pulled everything out of their car in like a minute and were on their way; some people take forever to move their art.

A BMW i8 parked across the line; rich jerk in Brentwood.

This Mercedes is even worse; not even a little across the light but right smack in the middle of them. Maybe nobody ever parks in this lot so they can park like this without affecting anybody else, but today, it's going to be full from all of the art show parking.

Yummy cookies at the art show.

Food trucks.

My favorite food truck in LA: grilled cheese.

I guess the crew isn't good looking any more.


Beer and whine garden.


More plants.

Books from the library.

Another landscape photographer.

A wall of roses.

Neat paintings.

The kids zone.


Gorgeous wood.

This guy was near our booth last year, too; he's really nice and has great art.

Our booth. We got lucky and got a corner, so we could hang some pictures on the outside, too.

On the outside.

Looking in.

One side.

The back. We have some new shots of San Francisco now.

The other side with some new shots of sea lions.

More artists here.

Packing up for the night. It'd be better to sell more so we wouldn't have to wrap these all up. Ogii is a great packer, though.

There were a fair number of other artists there.

It's questionable where a homeowner's rights end and public rights begin in the air; how high do you have to be to not be tresspassing on someone's land? The courts will have to deal with it because right now 83 to 500 feet is pretty gray legally.

Beautiful shot by this photographer. Although you have to get lucky with the clouds.

It's amazing how much money stuff like this can cost.

You can now order food from restaurants through Google Maps with DoorDash.

45 minutes isn't that fast but isn't too slow, either.

$6 for delivery is a bit high when the food costs under $10, though, at least for one or two people.

Dumb Blue Cross website doesn't let me pay online.

Excel has a new trick I haven't seen before. I was updating my gas mileage tracking file by splitting the station and city into two separate columns instead of one. That way it'd be easier to sort out how much each station cost on average. After I started doing a few, Excel figured out what I was doing and offered to auto complete the rest of the column.

It did a surprisingly good job and I only have to go through and fix a few of them.

Don't forget to uncheck all of the malware installs with any freeware nowadays.