2017 May 05 | San Francisco, Mountain View art show

I've had this bag for almost 10 years now and I never realized the front part zipped off into a little backpack.

Optometry salaries by years in practice.

By practice setting. Group is best.

By region. I would have thought the coasts would be higher because of the higher cost of living, but oversaturation because everyone wants to live there must be a stronger factor.

I wanted to shine my shoes but the store in the mini-mall I parked in apparently was closed all day.

I don't think there were food trucks in the financial district when I was working there 10 years ago.

The Mongolian Consulate.

Not many people go there, unless all of the others just don't sign in.

I couldn't remember where I parked because I came out some side entrance. I eventually walked down the entrance ramp, took the elevator up, and found out the normal entrance was here. Good to remember because it was a really cheap garage for being in the financial district.

Hair cut.

Shoe shine. This guy was really fun and cool.

One thing I hate about San Francisco compared to LA is how horrible pedestrians are. They stick out over the curb and are still in the road when the light turns green. A lot of people whine about LA's jawalking traffic laws and tickets, but they keep traffic moving.

Hey, I remember this; it was the dentist I went to when I was living in Berkeley. I was the last patient of the day, all of the staff had left, and the dentist couldn't figure out how to print out the x-rays, ha.

Long line for this water ferry.

Tall buildings.

From another angle.

The Salesforce Tower.

Aw, this photography store is going out of business.

They've been there since 1950.

The main reason for going to San Francisco: an optometry meeting with some state legislators.

Free drinks.

The optometrists.

The legislators.

Group shot.

Food afterwards.

Pretty sunset of SF from across the bay.

Picking up Ogii at the train station in Oakland.

And then off to our "room" for the night: a sailboat in the Almeda Marina.

Ogii in the boat.

It was pretty cold, but this tiny space heater made the whole place warm in just a few minutes.

The main room.

Forward sleeping area.

And rear.

$9000 for a boat and $200 a month for a spot at the marina makes it a really cheap way to live in the Bay Area.

The bathrooms are nice and clean.

Although it would get old after a few years of not having a kitchen or bathroom in your house.

Ogii looking out in the morning.

Nice sunrise.

We closed the roof a bit too far and couldn't get a grip to get it open. Good thing we found this bottle opener. From the looks of the room hatch, this had been done before.

The marina in the morning.

A cute little cafe.

Very hippy-ish.

Good food.

Neat photography idea.

Professional ultimate frisbee; I had no idea this was a thing.

Love the FasTrak lanes across the Bay Bridge.

Although there's not too much traffic on Saturday morning.

Cool skyscrapers.

Nice old house with a big palm tree.

Painted Sisters.

The park was largely blocked off for improvements.

Although they did have at least one area open to look at the houses.

A higher view with the city in the background.

The North Point Shopping Center is the cheapest parking I've found near Fisherman's Wharf.

A nice picture in the background of sea lions in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Coit and Pyramid Towers from the Wharf.

And a new addition: the Salesforce Tower.

Fog over the sky scrapers.

Palm tree and Pyramid Tower.

Some bum put his dirty blanket in here. I guess I won't take one of these papers.

Gay mermen.

It's pretty cold, so I don't want ice cream, but the waffle cones smell really good. I wonder how weird they'd think I was if I got just a cone, no ice cream.

I don't know how this Christmas store stays in business all year round.

Why is this guy doing pushups?

Ah, some sort of urban hide and seek game.

This family sprinted up to the aquarium ticket counter from the bench they were sitting on at exactly 10:00am; they really wanted to go inside.

A group of kids in wheelchairs out practicing being more independent.

Another view of the Salesforce and Pyramid Towers.

This guy was playing Pokemon with two phones at the same time.

Giant bow and arrow with the Ferry Building in the background.

I didn't know there were water taxis; I wonder how useful they are.

This bird has a huge piece of food.

The blue wall behind Ogii is very sparkly.

This socks stores has a lot of Grumpy Cat ones.

At the end of Fisherman's Wharf.m

Sea lions.

A video of them fighting. How can they fight non-stop all day? It looks exhausting.

Pretty rocks.

There's an event in Pokemon Go that has more grass Pokemons this weekend. Which I really don't want; the reason to come to the wharf is to catch water Pokemon; the grass ones will just get in the way.

There's a nice website that scans where all the Pokemon are in the area.

Thankfully you can block out the ones you don't want to see. Let's get rid of all these grass ones.

That's better; lots of fish.

Some are out on ferry lines, though; not getting to those.

And there are a bunch of clam ones out here but it's an industrial wharf and no way to get out there.

One really neat thing about the site is you can select certain Pokemon for it to give you a notice when they show up. They also bounce on the map, like this Snorlax.

Jerks driving in the taxi lane.

Cool building.

Beautiful view from this basketball court.

I love these old Sketchers but they're starting to fall apart.

Most of the tread is gone, too.

I can just make out what the name is on the inside of the tongue. So while Ogii's shopping in stores, I'm shopping on Amazon for a new pair of this same shoe.

We were planning on going to the Cinco de Mayo festival, but there was no parking for blocks and blocks. We eventually gave up but drove by a nice park, so we started looking for parking near that. Also pretty full, but we found this spot. And even better, it was in the shade.

Although we had to walk up this long staircase.

A nice view, but their parking spot is on their garage. I wouldn't want the car falling through the ceiling.

Across the street. Parking in San Francisco is whatever little spot you can carve out.

There are a bunch of open parking spots here, but it's a weird area to get to, so it seems nobody knows about it. We'll have to remember for next time.

Nice old building.

Mission Dolores Park.

Flowers and the city.

A lot of people hanging out in the park.

These guys were barbequing.

Jonovan and Ogii.

Somebody wrote in the sidewalk before it was solid.

Although they wrote something really nice.

Modern house.

Now for some more stairs back to the car.

Very steep street.

Going down.

Ogii handled it well.

Onto the Mountain View A la Carte & Art Festival.

Pretty photos.

Cool metallic sculptures.

This one is especially neat.

Interesting ideas.

Very neat metal cutouts.

These even light up inside.

Snellen chart art.


I love these natural wood frames.

More out this side.

Live music.

Cool wooden bowls.

These butterflies are pretty, but I feel bad they killed them all to use as art.

Ogii in a mirror. It matches her clothes.


Wildlife photos are much better if you can get the animals to look at you.

Kids in balls on water.

The folding cards are amazing.

Nice park.

That would be fun to go to.

And going to the casino on the way home.

Love this blue waterfall.

Made almost four times my buy-in; not bad.

Ogii tripled up, too. Good night for us both.

I'm not sure what happened to my contact, but the surface is all messed up.

At the local market; love this big tree to park in the shade.

Porygon is really hard to find, as were the upgrade chips. However, there was an event where Porygon were more common, and now the upgrade items are more common as well.

Although Porygon 2 looks like a toy.

We watch the Hydraulic Press Channel during dinner. We both try to guess what the bonus animal at the end will be. For like a month I got tired of thinking of different animals and just always guesses a whale. A week ago I went back to guessing different animals and Ogii stole my "just say whale" strategy. And what was it tonight? That's right, a whale. Gah.

Hughes has satellite internet, which could be faster than what we have for downloads, but it's only 3Mbps up, which is barely faster than ours and is the main bottleneck we have now.