2017 May 14 | PoGo gym attack in Seaside, MBOS meeting (2 weeks)

Love the small, local drive-ins.

This bag was by a tree near the beach. What is it?

Clean blankets for the homeless. That's nice.

The sand looks neat under the water.

I bought some truffles for Ogii's coworkers.

New shoes on the left, old ones on the right. It's supposed to be the same model but it's a little different; seems more plasticy and less leathery.

The sandals are different, but again, the new ones seem more plasticy. Nothing is made with quality any more.

Neat business cards of my physical therapy office.

They named it after this album.

Some of the patients have brought in turtle decorations.

This turtle lamp is my favorite.

A nice view by the office. This woman on a scooter can even enjoy it.

Bird lover.

Monterey day spa.

Nice decor.

Massage time.

Lunch at El Torito.

It's on the ocean and has a great view.

Birds up close, some sea lions that blend into the rocks a bit farther away.

Lots of food.

The geese are having babies.

Slightly older ones.

And even older.

They're so cute when they plop into the water.

Swimming around.

A little market in Greenfield.

We have some wasps I want to spray. However, this says it kills flies and mosquitoes; seems kinda weak. This might only piss off the wasps.

That's more what I need.

Oh come on; you're a printer. Stop whining about not getting shut down properly.

This stuff has been good, but now it's time to go to the thrift store.

Bought a new shower head.

All the reviews on Amazon said to take out this water restrictor so you get better flow.

The old shower head.

That was a pretty one-sided fight.

A little market by the Monterey wharf.

Someone selling nice pictures.

Carpe Diem.

This Radio Shack was going out of business. 70% off seems pretty good, but we don't need any of this stuff.

Big lunch.

A group of Pokemon players got together to take over some gyms together.

Gym number 2.

And number 3.

It was really easy with that many people.

We started to lose players as the day went on.

A few players left for the last gym of the day.

We're the yellow team. Before this, the entire area was almost completely blue.

We took a lot of the gyms in Seaside. It only lasted a few days, though.

This park is a nest; it spawns a lot of one certain type of Pokemon.

Neat sunrays.

There is actually a herd of deer along this section of highway.

This bench is missing the front slat. It still seems quite workable as a bench, though.

Neat acrylic table top.

A meeting of the Monterey Bay Optometric Society at Tarpy's Road House.

Good food.

The speaker does eye-removal surgery.

Then the patient will usually go to an ocularist to get a false eye put in.

Interestingly, there are very few around; usually only one or two in each major city. They're really more artists than doctors, too, and they spend a long apprenticeship getting good.

Listening to my Spanish tapes on the way to work.

There are a lot of photography stores in this mini-mall in Cannery Row.

Lots of shots of waves.



Various subjects.


There are pedestrian bridges across the road.

The guy in the big SUV stopped and got out and talked to the guy in the classic car for a bit. They're not blocking traffic too badly, at least, and nice that they can chat for a while.

Everyone waiting for the tractor.

Big house.

Is that even street legal?

Lots of pollen from the trees.

Driving down to LA. That's just too many bumper stickers.

Lunch at Tara's Himalayan Cuisine in LA.

From this angle the new Wilshire Grand looks fat.

A house that looks like it came from a fairy tale.

Apparently this cat is the legal owner.

The classic car was in the left lane, we were in the middle, and the guy in the pickup was in the right. I saw the pickup driver trying to take pictures of the classic car, but we were in the way. So I slowed down so he could go in front of us. They even got to stop at the light together and talked for a bit.

When the mattresses on top of your vehicle are higher than your vehicle, you have too many.

I didn't know racing pigeons was still a thing.

A gay pride parade about to start in Long Beach.

They're fixing the road in front of 20/20.

The sign telling people to take the first open space you see sounds frustrated; like everyone ignores it and then can't find any other spaces.

Old people with aches and matching ibuprofen bottles.

Taking the 5 north to get back home.

There's a truck route on the right that Google says is sometimes faster than staying in the regular passenger car lanes.

Although maybe the carpool lane is faster than that; Google doesn't differentiate that lane from the others. Although it doesn't last too long after this, so maybe the truck route is faster. It probably depends on traffic.

This is a pretty cool fashion trend.

A speed run for TMNT on the NES. I hated this game; I could never get past the stage after this.