2017 May 28 | Mont farmer's market, SC surfers, SJ taco festival, Egyptian Museum, Morro Bay

Is this an actual ad for sharpening services or just a way to discourage burglars? Because I don't think too many robbers are going to want to break into a house that's full of chainsaws and knives and hedgers.

It's too hot for my phone to turn on.

Sun going down over the hills.

Shiny fake flowers.

A trolley in Monterey goes from Fisherman's Wharf to Cannery Row, although it's easily walkable.

Sea lions.

Aw, this guy has a hurt fin.

They must be used to people throwing them food.

Cute little guy.

A big one under the wharf.

Many on this ramp.

Everyone is furry except this guy.

This sticker is already coming off of my new shoes.

A big bus stop in downtown Monterey. You'd think there'd be an actual building or something.

Take what you need.

No parking because of a farmer's market every Tuesday night.

This car getting towed.

And this one was about to, but the owner came running out to stop them. From what I heard from the cop, though, the owner still has to pay something.

The tow trucks cleared the street fast.

The farmer's market.

Lots of vegetables.



Lots of organic items.



Live band.

Lots of vendors.

Many vendors had strawberries.

And cherries.

This root beer was amazing.

Tons of olives.

Meat and cheese.

Pretty corner.

Accident on highway 68.

This police car took up tons of parking spaces by parking at the incorrect angle across them.

Pretty photograph windows.

And a big panorama above them.

Camo paint job.

Teepees up on this hill; I wonder if they rent them out for something?

Another accident on highway 68. This is about the only area you see accidents around here, but you see them a lot; there's almost always a slowdown around here and people get a little too impatient.

Ground squirrels on the same highway.

Sneaking through the grass.

Sitting up.

So cute.

There were also these giant birds on a fence right by a house. I hope they don't have a little dog in their backyard or it's going to be a goner.

You see people trying to turn across US 101 at various spots, but during rush hour, it seems pretty much impossible.

They're ready for a fun weekend.

In Santa Cruz for a surfing competition.

Lots of surfers here.

A surfer statue.

A guy working out.

Some vendors.

The judges.


A memorial of different past surfers.


Headed out.

One surfer.

Another one.

This older guy had a huge beard and hair.

It was a bit of a challenge for them to get up and down into the water with the waves slamming against the rocks.

Some women also went out.

Nobody did much for tricks; mostly just walking forwards and backwards on the board. One guy did to a handstand, though.

Surfers and observers.

Row of boards.

Flowers and a bunch of surfers.

These were more beginners not in the competition.

A few guys got up.

A wave coming...

... lots of people getting up...

... although most didn't stay up.

Long hike up from the water, especially carrying a board.

Neat little bird and sea scenes.

Surf woman license plate.

A winding road up to San Jose.

A couple of people riding horses in the middle of San Jose.

Japanese Garden is closed.

It looks nice.

A wasp stuck in a sign.

Long line for the taco festival, although they moved pretty fast.

Lots of food trucks.

The lines at some trucks were longer than at others.

This one had almost nobody in line but was really good.

Ready to eat.

Craft beer.

Lucha libre wrestling.

Body slam.

The wrestlers hung around with kids afterwards.

Live music.

A little garden.

Cute sculptures.

Lots of soft grass under trees.

The park had old buildings from early San Jose.

Interesting that even a doctor tried mining gold when he arrived.

Train in the park.

They had lots of red buckets set up for people to sit on.

Viet museum.

Memorial out front.

Memorabilia inside.

Statue and pictures.

More items.

Metal sculptures in front of the zoo.

Lots of baby pigs.

The Egyptian Museum.

Statue at the front.

Some sarcophaguses.

A mummy.

Another one.

Alchemy utensils.

The pyramids were huge; the little figures on the bottom-left are people.

The colors are surprsingly well preserved.


Cleopatra statue.

A fountain on the side.

Rainbow hair.

Lots of driving; up to Santa Cruz and then San Jose on Saturday, and now down to Morro Bay on Sunday. Ogii is watching a movie on my phone and eating popcorn on the way.

In front of Morro Rock.

Fun bench.

We took food from the Tuesday farmer's market in Monterey to have a picnic with Greg, Dagii, and Sarnai.

Then we wandered around the shops at the marina.

Cool shell chandaliers.

Cute figurines.


Very colorful shells.

Even shinier.

A gallery.

One of his pictures.

Having fun.

Funky artwork.

Huge picture.

Huge price.

I like the lamp.

And the table.

Colorful trim.

Boat bar.

A lazy Memorial day; lie in bed and watch movies on the cell phone.

And a lazy lunch. It's too much work to haul the table outside, so let's just use a printer box instead.

A wild Dragonite; you don't see that very often.

Many 10km eggs about to hatch.

A nest of Jynx.

Home makeover shows: film the white stars acting like they're building the houses during the day, then the Mexicans come out at night to do the real work.

Bay Photo can make some really big prints, especially if you combine them.

GMail has these automatic replies at the bottom now.

I love song 12 but I can't find it anywhere.

It's nowhere to be seen on Youtube, which is very rare.

This is only a short clip, not the entire song.

Ah, Google Play has it. 99 cents isn't too bad.

That's a cool house.

Annoying thumbnails: someone looking at the viewer with an amazed face.

Twitch finally created a thumbnail for poker, although it's a little weird. I guess most of their streams are videogames, though, so it kind of fits with that.

Always cool to see the rich poker players having fun, including taking pictures with their phones of funky hands.