2017 Jun 11 | bus to Monterey, paint and sip, Soquel health fair (2 weeks)

There are a couple of buses that run from home to Monterey.

Google Maps has real-time updates on the buses. They're not too expensive, although the times they run aren't always the best.

There's one now.

Pretty empty on a Tuesday afternoon. A few people got on. One kid didn't have enough money so I gave him a dollar.

This woman needed to get to the locksmith before it closed at 5pm to get a new key for her home. However, we were expected to arrive at the bus stop there at 4:58pm. I think that's cutting it a bit close; either take a car or catch an earlier bus.

Lyfts and Ubers are faster but more expensive.

Halfway there. This route goes through Salinas.

It stops at the college here.

This guy was changing clothes on the bus. He also borrowed by cell phone to call his girlfriend.

I had a bunch of extra tickets that you get for change. A guy on the bus didn't have enough money to get to his next stop, so I gave him these and it was enough.

Two sea lions under the pier.

Paint and Sip in Monterey on Tuesday evening.

About to begin.

This is what we're trying to paint.

Putting tape down.

Ogii rubbing some paint around.

Our class.

All the paints.

Getting closer.

Now just need to finish the tree.

Our instructor.

The group at the end.

Our finished paintings.

I just bought this shirt within the last year and it's already starting to fray around the wrists.

So many Amazon reviews are filled with paid reviews. The second buyer's name is even "RealReviews."

Accepts any bill in any orientation; I like that.

Level 35 in Pokemon.

A bunch of the raccoon-like ones.

Ogii got insurance through her work, so I can drop my coverage and be under her, nice.

We saw some stray cats in our back yard, so Ogii put out some food.

Watching the cat.

Someone is actually renting out their van to sleep in on AirBnB. No thanks.

Hung these balls in the garage to let us know to stop when the windshield hits them. I like that they're always smiling.

Brunch in LA.

Lots of good food.

Playing volleyball at our old group in Playa del Rey.

A guy with a powered parachute giving rides to his friends above the beach.

Getting massages afterwards.

Then onto Westwood for Boaz's birthday movie.

We brought pirate patches and had everybody wear them.

A section was blocked off for us.

Parking can be very hard to find in Westwood. I guess this guy just gave up after a while.

Although yeah, that's definitely going to get you a ticket.

Breakfast at a nice little bakery in Beverly Hills.

I that a petit dejuener was just something made up for SNL Celebrity Jeopardy.

Lots of different awesome breads.

Mini pancakes.

Beautiful wood and plant wall.

ATM juice.

ATM cupcakes.

Close parking spots.

Nice Ferrari.

There was a fire near the highway.

Lots of boxes scattered on the road.

My phone was too hot to start.

Oh man, the fridge died. Well, it still kinda worked, but it didn't keep anything nearly cold enough.

We bought some coolers and threw everything we wanted to save in them.

The deer sausage was already partly thawed, though, so we just cooked it all, kept some for ourselves for the next few days, and I took the rest to share at work.

Although the heat from the pot in back ruined one of our timers.

Neighbors' guests parking in our driveway. So annoying.

Leftover eyepatches from Boaz's birthday I forgot in my pockets.

One of my classmates opening her own practice.

Blink for Contacts was, as far as I know, off the market for a while, but it appears to be back, at least in the travel section of this Walmart.

Many different colors of jeans at Marshalls.

This Prius only uses a cup of gas.

Stopping at a Mongolian restaurant in Santa Cruz.

Nicely decorated inside.

With a bar.

Yummy food. The only problem is it's on a corner with no parking and surrounded by other restaurants, so even though the food is good, it's really hard to reach, and lots of people probably intend to go there and then just go to a closer restaurant while waiting to cross the street.

Ice cream afterwards.

Quite packed.

So many options.

A turtle sundae.

A nice little park.

Us and a tree.

A stream below.

This house has a great view of the sunset.

There was a deer by the side of the road.

Two more in the yard.

More next door.

Pretty sunset with the deer watching us.

A big buck.

Full moon above the trees.

Saturday morning we went to the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Soquel for a health fair with free care.

People already lining up.

There were two optometry lanes set up.

Ogii ran one of the autorefractors before the patients saw me.

Me determining one of the attendee's glasses prescription.

VSP sponsored the glasses.

The patients got to choose their frames, then VSP either made them on-site or sent them out to get made if the prescription was really high. There were only two of us doctors signed up for Saturday, and I belive a couple more were coming on Sunday.

Then we drove to San Jose on this super-twisty back road.

We bought some craft beers in Monterey...

... because the home poker game in San Jose encouraged it.

AA vs KK and there's a K on the river.

Lots of different beers.

This sour ale was one of my favorites.

As was this stout.

Ogii was doing well but eventually got knocked out of the tournament, too.

What is "R" on the elevator buttons?

Isn't vegan leather impossible?

This is a cool shirt. But it looks like it's been eaten by moths.

Ag, I guess that's intended.

Too bad it's a large.

We saw this neat father's day card, but they were all sold out.

Van Heusen and Sketchers, the only two stores I wanted to go to, side by side.

Fuzzy sunglasses.

Ogii in some high heels.

Really high.

I said I'd buy these jeans if they were under $40. Just made it.

Although this dress is only 10% off, but still way out of range.

Aw, I actually like Sbarro; sad to see so many closed.

We can see this single palm tree through our front door window.

Two free Metroink tickets, that's cool.

Although it doesn't really go anywhere we go. And even if we did, like Lancaster or Oxnard, we still need to Uber from the train station to wherever we're actually going, with all of our luggage.

Nope, I actually drive that much per year.