2017 Jun 18 | Corpse Flower in San Francisco, Monterey volleyball

The old fridge ready to go.

The new one being delivered.

They took the old one for $15. I could try selling it on Craigslist to someone who would buy it and fix it, but it's just such a hassle I'd rather get rid of it this way.

I think this is the very first brand new appliance I've ever purchased. I'm not sure if it's worth it, but I didn't want to have to deal with a fridge dying after only 6 months like our last one, so I mainly wanted the 5-year warranty. Plus the French doors are kind of cool.

Already a problem; our water won't fit. Easy fix, though; just take out the top-right shelf.

Time for another bus ride to Monterey, This time it was on a Greyhound, though; I guess the local bus system contracts with them. There was also not a single other person on the bus.

So the driver and I talked the entire way. I learned a few things about the local area, which was nice.

Getting dropped off.

We ate at Mountain Mike's Pizza. We were hungry and ordered a lot, but we ordered way too much. Oh well, leftovers.

Guests of our neighbors parked in our driveway again.

One of them must have driven into this little cap, too, because it was broken.

Uh oh; our guest bed fell down. Easy fix with some new boards, and glad it was when we were testing it, not someone else.

Some goats and cows in town. Well, maybe in town? It's kind of at the edge, but there are apartment buildings between it and the actual edge of town. I think at one point it was on the edge and the city grew around it.

Volleyball tournament in Monterey.

Ultimate frisbee at a park there.

Some people picking up trash.

113 is too hot.

Driving north towards San Francisco on a Friday evening: it's packed in the other direction, pretty clear our way.

A giant double-decker bus.

We stopped in Redwood City for some food and happened upon a bunch of people at the town square.

Free outdoor concert.

Lots of other upcoming events.

Dinner at Russian Family Restaurant.


Ogii ready to dig in.

The original owners are still the servers.


Rose in alcohol.

Alcohol from the motherland.

Fog coming over the hills.

A plane by the moon.

This poor bird had some string wrapped around his foot. I tried to grab him to take it off but he kept running away.

Sneaky sign.

Up on the second floor of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

A nice view of these three tall buildings: Salesforce Tower, Coit Tower, and Pyramid Building.

Not many sea lions today.

Me with a sculpture of one.

Pretty stained glass.

Funny sign.

A bee on a giant flower.

Cool sculpture with Coit Tower behind.

This is a rather confusing picture. There are two Bay Bridges in it.

Although one's a sculpture.

Showing how silt flies up from the bottom.

Toothpick boat.

A farmer's market.

At the Port of San Francisco.

Me, Coit Tower, and a palm tree inside the Exploratorium logo.

A giant ship. Almost all the cruises you hear about are from the east coast. The ones on the west coast go primarily to Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

All kinds of bread a Boudin's.

Google Maps actually shows the location of the North Beach Festival; that's nice.

Even some more info on it.

Down the hill.

Some artists.

Wooden watches.



Lots of large legs.

A dog carrier. That doesn't look very comfortable.

Beer garden and Pyramid Tower.


These wooden maps were really cool.

Might have to get one some time.

Fun door. San Francisco has all kinds of quirkly little things like this.

Deal making getting washed.

A nice little garden with a mini bridge.

Neat steps.

The Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park.

A bit of a line.

Because the corpse flower just bloomed.

Weird flower.

These are pretty big.

Even bigger.

Nice pond.

Water lily.

Ogii by the water.

Tiny flowers inside a flower.

Very bright.

Long corners.

There are tons of orchids.

Opposite colors of the previous one.

Tiny hairs on this leaf.

The corpse flower through a circular window.

Up close.

Ogii by the corpse flower.

A butterfly room.

Nice colors.

One landed on a woman.

A moth on the ceiling.

Pretty flower with long pieces.

A pitcher plant.

Way down into this one.

The orchids all look like mouths.

It looks like this one has wings.

Fat mouth.

A huge plant.

Me by some other big ones.

Showing off bugs outside.

Camouflaged stick insect.

This one was huge.

It was a nice day; lots of people were out lying on the lawn.

Nice view.

An outside roller rink.

Ogii under a giant tree.

Ogii keeping the sun off her face on the drive back.

We found a volleyball group in Monterey on Facebook.

They were very friendly.

And they had a wide variety of skill, from intermediate to pretty good.

Lots of dogs.

A group of them were marines.


Me hitting the ball.

And Ogii.

Break time.

We brought some bread from Boudin's in San Francisco and I made chicken wings.

Although I missed this spot on my shoulder when putting on sunscreen.

This small herd of deer is always in the same spot along this road. Nearby is a herd of cattle, and while I usually don't see them intermingling, this cow decided to wander over.

Bad accident.

An event in Pokemon Go where there are more fire and ice Pokemon.

They were all over, including where you normally wouldn't see them.

A whole bunch of Sneasels.

Tons of Magicarp, although this is normal along the San Francisco wharf.

The event also had 3 times bonus XP for catching Pokemon and 5 times XP for hatching eggs, so walking around the San Francisco wharf, where there are simply a ton of Pokemon, got me all the way from level 35 to level 36 in just a single day. The San Francisco wharf is like a cheat code for this game.

Amazon is changing their storage plans.

Looks like I'm going to have to pay a bit more, although it's still fairly cheap.

You could play a browswer game of Cricket by clicking on Google's logo.

How can my name be invalid?