2017 Jun 25 | Liquid Run, Sanctuary at Soledad Goats, PokemonGo raids

Ogii ready to water our tree out front.

Doing the same a few days later.

Large areas black after a fire on the hills.

That's a rather useless sign considering we're already in the middle of the backed-up traffic.

Backed up all the way up the hill.

The new Wilshire Grand in downtown LA.

Was going to grab breakfast at the Original Pantry but as always, the line was huge.

So I just went to Dennys instead. Their computer was restarting so she took my order by hand. Then at the end she forgot I hadn't already paid, so I could have just left with free food, but I reminded her I hadn't paid yet.

Nice car.

On Saturday we went to the Liquid Run in Newport Beach, which is a giant floating obstacle course.


Various vendors.


You got wristband for which time you got to go.

They were out of VIP wristbands, so they just wrote "VIP" on the drinking bands.

Ogii the mermaid.

The start of the run.

The middle and end.

They had lots of other random floats over to the side.

About to being with a giant duck behind us.

A video I took of us doing the run. It was really crowded so we had to sit around and wait a lot, but it was still really fun.

Afterwards we went and babysat Sarnai for the evening.

Michael Jackson star in Hollywood.

It's amazing there enough people getting snacks in the parking garage that this snack counter stays around.

This homeless woman has set up camp outside 20/20.

This Mexican restaurant used to be basically a tent; they've really upgraded.

Sunday afternoon Boaz invited us to Sanctuary at Soledad Goats.

We're ready to go in.

So many animals.

Huge turkey.

Lots of different animals.

Cute goats.

A baby.

Another one.

Ogii petting a cow.

Hiding under the truck.

Ogii chasing some goats.

Petting a happy pig.

This goat was enjoying his snack of rope.

Potbelly pig.

Ogii petting a baby goat.

Lunch time.

There were a lot of animals in this covered area.


Smiling for the camera.

Petting while scratching.

It was hot out, but this pig knew how to handle that.

Goat selfie.

He's hungry.

Petting a horse.

This one had a bad foot but still managed to get around fine.

Incoming pig.

This guy was throwing mud around to dig himself a hole.

A sheep.

Me in the covered area.

Petting two goats at once.

Uh oh, they're fighting.

Ogii didn't notice this goat was trying to eat her shirt.

This baby goat was smaller than the chicken.

So many animals. It was really fun.

A little shop.

Stuffed animals.

Bees in this gas station garbage can.

Edible crickets; no thanks.

A new screen for Pokemon Go.

A new play mechanic: raids. First you get a pass.

Then you find raids.

Waiting for it to start.

One really nice thing about raids is it gets people to play in groups, especially for the stronger bosses.

Only two of us for this one, but it's a weak boss.


We beat it.

Then you get special balls to try to kill it.

You can get new items from raids as well, like TMs that let you change a Pokemon attack and rare candy that you can use to level up any Pokemon.

One big problem with raids is it's very hard to find them as they only show up when you're within a few blocks. Thankfully there are some websites that let you find ones farther away.