2017 Jul 03 | Las Vegas, Rammstein, Cirque Mystere

At San Francisco airport for the flight to Las Vegas. The terminal was lit up red, white, and blue.

Thankfully a very short security line.

You need an ID in addition to a driver's license in those states? That's crazy. Don't move to any states starting with an "M."

Giant bug sculptures.

And we're in Vegas!

Breakfast first.

Out front of our hotel.

From a farther angle.

These women were carrying giant unicorn pool floats; that's so fun.

Gorgeous open area.

With nice steps.

Whirlwind water colors.

A lot of red, white, and blue.

Cool metallic playing card decorations at Aria.

But the wait list was too long there, so we went to Planet Hollywood instead.

Cool lights.

A hotdog eating contest on TV.

It's insanely hot.

Grabbing some lunch. I feel sorry for the workers who have to be outside in this heat, but at least they have some shade.

We can see the pool from our room in New York New York.

The roller coaster, too.

Huge line for Rammstein.

You can't bring drinks in.

We have pretty good seats.

Dressed up a little funky.

All the photographers down in the pit.

The first band, Sour Stone.

Lots of guitars.

Next up: Korn, with Jonathan Davis' cool custom mic stand from H.R. Giger.

Everyone flipping everyone off during "Y'all want a single."


The band rocking out.


A little mosh pit with some big guys.

This woman's hat had a light-up wire around the edge.

Bit of the band, bit of the crowd.

While setting up for Rammstein, they put a curtain across the front. However, because we were on the side, we could see what was going on.

It's packed now.

Rammstein's turn.

The band in the back.

Singing to us.


This was my favorite part of the show: the lead singer was lifted up on this giant piece of metal and poured "liquid metal" into a minecart below with the keyboard player inside.

I see a guitar with a flamethrower waiting in the wings.

The back band again.


The crowd having fun.


More fire.

Now time for the flamethrower guitars.

Good to have plenty of those scattered around.


Red, white, and blue confetti.

The show must be over; they can't do any more fire with all of that paper floating in the air.

Well, I was wrong. I wonder if they had someone time how long it would take all of the confetti to fall down so they didn't light the entire sky on fire?

The band at the end.

They were very thankful for the fans and the other bands.

A video I got of most of the pyrotechnic bits.

This giant sculpture is in Treasure Island by San Francisco, too.

At Coyote Ugly after the concert.

Dancers on the counters.

Too bad this place isn't open; we're hungry.

Gotta grab some late-night pizza instead. It looks like everyone else thought the same, but the line moves quickly.

Pizza and pasta in bed.

Have to go to at least one buffet.

Chinese food.

Fourth of July pancakes.

Lots and lots of meat.


Ogii with her plates.

So much variety.

Even more.

Cute dessert.

Monitors on the walls had food trivia.

This group had mini light-up red drinking cup sashes.

Time for the pool.

Ogii found a comfortable chair in a few inches of water.

The roller coaster was above the pool.

A hula hoop contest. The women did it with no effort and could go forever; the guys, not so much.

Volleyball in the pool.

A donut cake.

Taking the monorail.

Chocolate shop.

Giant chocolate fountain.

It's in Guinness.

Awesome chocolate flower.

So many flowers.

Ogii with some giant balls of flowers.

A nice scene.

US flag from flowers.

Dunk tank outside.

Aquarium inside; the rays were fun to watch.

A shark.

Why are there hands sticking out of the eyes?

Ogii's having fun.

Balancing yoga.

Really neat outfit.

Nice ceiling.

Some guy picking pennies out of the fountain. It's going to take quite a lot of them to make any money at all, and I don't see any quarters, nickels, or dimes.

Sculpture of a gambling couple.

I love these machines that break down bills for you; I needs lots of $1 bills for tips and I only have $20s.

A snail race on TV. That's rather boring.

Everyone says the Rio Daily Deepstack poker tournament on Sunday is a good deal, and it is, if you win.

But only if you're in the top few spots. After that you play from 2pm to 4am and barely make your entry fee back.

So we looked for other games on the Bravo Poker app. 1-1 PLO would be fun; let's see if they get that going.

No PLO, but we did play Texas Hold'em.

We looked at the offerings at Tix4Tonight, where they have discounted tickets, but they didn't have anything we wanted. We did find some really amazing seats for Mystere for not too much money online, though.

At the front.

The stage.

This guy acted like he was helping these women find their seats but he was actually just making them walk all over.

Three popcorn buckets on his head.

A flying drummer.

A couple about to fly.


The strength guys are always amazing.



Some giant snail thing at the finale.

Sirens of Treasure Island.

Too bad they don't have the show outside any more.

The Mirage still has the volcano, though.

It was insanely crowded walking on the sidewalks.

Just a sea of people on both sides of the street.

All these people are waiting around like something is about to happen.

Ah, it's for fireworks. We had lucky timing and got right in front of them when they started.

They were at Caesar's Palace.

It's still really hot, but this place has lots of misters. I wonder how much water that uses up.

Late night dinner of wings while watching soccer.

I can't believe a single company owns all of these hotels; that's like almost all of them on the strip.

We get a buy-one, get-one free discount for the roller coaster because we're staying at New York New York. Thankfully there was no line at all and we got to sit in the very front seat.

Excited to ride.

In the first car.

I said we should keep our hands up the entire ride. Ogii claims she did but I don't think holding on to the shoulder strap counts.

Margarita time.

I think you need to stop drinking when you start dipping the chips into the drink instead of the dip.

Ogii under a shoe.

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to swim in the Bellagio fountains pool.

Good thing he could pull himself out.

One more quick poker tournament.

Gotta wear the hat while playing.