2017 Jul 09 | Paso Robles Lavendar Festival, stray cats

Appropriate license plate for a pink Mustang.

The sand picture looked like two bulls butting heads.

The problem with working for a national chain.

The benefits of working with a private store.

I took my shoeus in to be shined and the guy said I should replace the heels, too. They're pretty comfortable and I don't want to ruin a good thing, but I figured they needed it, so I said do it. Now the left one feels a bit higher than the right, but hopefully that will even out after I wear them a bit.

Kind of a fun shirt.

Funky pants.

A fireplace with color-changing rocks.

House with a little gate.

Great paint job on this classic car.

This should be on a Jeep, not a Cadillac.

So many cars in the other direction.

A guy riding a horse down the main road in Greenfield.

I was told this new building going up directly across the street from the police station is for marijuana. That should definitely reduce the chances of it getting robbed.

Ogii watching the cats out the bedroom window.

There's a couple of them.

Two kittens.

And now watching them from the kitchen.

Their numbers are growing.

It's going to be insanely hot at Paso Robles tomorrow.

So I bought lots of water to put in a dish for dogs that come by.

Is it really so hard to walk another 10 feet and put the cart where it should go?

It's a bit of a jerk move to put your yard sale sign up so it covers the sign of someone who actually paid to be there.

Great parking spot to unload for the Paso Robles Lavendar Festival; directly in front of our spot.

The vendor on one side of us never showed up and the one on the other side moved, so we had tons of space around us. Then we can put pictures up on the outside, too, giving us four walls to hang. It's especially nice because otherwise we have to use a back wall, and that blocks foot traffic and the breeze.

All set up.


Other outside.


And other inside.

Ogii's dress was lavender, too.

A few booths were selling actual lavendar items.

Another one.

Some food.

This was my favorite booth; the jewelry was gorgeous. I think there's some metal behind the colors so it really reflects brightly and with different shades.

Wooden toys.

Live music.

Plant decorations.

Bird houses.

A giant chair.

Drinks and ice cream.

Another lavendar stand right across from us.

Ogii with a lavendar head wreath.

The people near us were very prepared: chair, water, book, tobasco sauce.

Although it was so hot this guy took a nap in the shade.

Our business cards got warped from sitting out in the sun, too.

Ogii walked over to Pappy McGregor's Irish Pub and got some lunch; it was really good.

Although this onion ring looks like a deep-fat fried chameleon.

Neat nut.

There have been some big fires along the highways.

A lot of smoke that night while driving to LA.

Setting sun.

Rising moon.

This cloud looks like a rearing horse.

What in the world is this?

Especially because it's in an Arby's at a truck stop. I wonder if it really works.

Poker at Lance's birthday party.

Lots of food.

It's good to be rich.

Sun setting above palm trees.

This weed in our back yard has tons of little balls which each have tons of little stickers. This is the worst possible plant I've ever seen.

His king and queen are on the same diagonal, and my bishop can go onto that diagonal supported by my queen. I just need him to keep that position in some way.

He sacrified his bishop to open up my king, but I'm still OK.

Nice! He moved his queen vertically. If he would have moved it horizontally this trap wouldn't have worked.

Free queen.

I still remember the levels for the Marathon computer game I played back in high school. Crazy how your memory works.

I only need 1 more tiny Rattata to get this medal.

But then the next medal requires 300. Forget that.

I want to be very careful I don't accidentally click "overnight shipping" for $99,999.

How can you possibly review the book when you haven't read it?