2017 Jul 16 | South Dakota Missouri river with family

The bus from the SFO long-term parking to the terminals has a great hippie paint job.

It was packed, though. Seems really weird to me for a Thursday the week after a holiday weekend.

We only have a 45-minute layover and our plane is already delayed 20 minutes. This is going to be fun.

When I had tried to select seats online, all of the choices cost money; no seat selections were free. If you didn't select a seat, for a minumum of $12, it said they would select a seat for you. I thought maybe that would mean we would be split up, but we were still together.

Frontier also charges even for carry-ons. I just throw everything in a backpack, so it works as a free personal item, but Ogii had a larger bag, so we had to pay $40 for that.

However, that did get her into zone 1 to board first, whereas I was in zone 3 and boarded last. Welcome to capitalism.

I'm not sure if there's some correlation between flying a cheaper airline and dumber passengers, but multiple people were in the wrong seats. We had to wait until they had all been sorted into their correct seats to leave; not fun when you're already going to have to run to make your next flight.

Our reading material for the flight.

I almost finished my book on the flight.

That's about as far as Ogii got in hers; she chose to nap instead.

This guy looked a lot like Ron.

Fun wooden Dairy Queen tokens.

The skiis are waiting for us at the campsite.

Lots of food in the camper.

Mom's way-too-detailed to-do list.

Getting a picture of the sunset.

Dad and I out in the nice weather.

Family tree in pinecones.

Mom making French Toast.

Out on the boat.

Ready to fish.

Me waiting patiently.

I caught the first one.

Ogii reeling in the second.

Proud fisherwoman.

Two fish now.

Larry getting one.

Dad with the net.

My next catch was a stick.

Then Ogii got a northern.

He's pretty big.

This deer was drinking water from the edge of the river.

Larry with another one.

Ogii again, a bit smaller this time.

A pretty good haul.

The fish beside Ogii.

Making ice cream.

Mom giving everyone the ingredients.

Dad helping with the ice.

Doesn't look much like ice cream to me.

You have to shake it up.

That's closer.

Monica with some finished product.

Looking through old pictures of birthday parties pinatas, all home-made by mom. Five years old was an alligator.

Six years old was Optimus Prime.

Eight was a tyrannosaurus rex.

Newly moved.

Not pictures you'll see in most newspapers nowadays.

Us kids being forced to work in the horrible heat.

It's still hot out 20 years later.

So might as well head down to the river.

Skipping rocks.

Larry making burgers.

Looking good.

Ogii visiting with the dogs.

Dinner time.

Amazing burgers.

Everyone eating.

Some presents for the adults.

Ron and family arrive.

Nice evening.

Although a storm is coming.

Gotta get some pics.

You can see the rain coming down.

The next morning had the wonderful smell of bacon.

Mom cooking a lot.

Dad cooking more.

Pancakes too.

Dad making a huge pancake.

Preparing watermelon.

The kids eating.

Tiny chairs.

Ron eating, too.

The kids playing.

Monica playing.

Time for the aunts and uncles to blow up the floats.

The kids off to the river.

Headed in.

On the alligator.

A good way to stay cool.

Uh oh, the alligator is grounded.



The national guard was fixing the bridge from this dock, so we had to use the other one.

Ron and Monica on the double tube.

Hitting some waves.

Brendan keeping a lookout.

Ogii and me.

Sitting back.

Ron going a little faster.

Monica and Mick.

Monica about to go flying off.

Time for skiing.

Me off to the other side.

Coming towards the middle.

Mick's turn on the skis.

Everyone watching the skier.

A video of tubing and skiing.

Time for the kids to go out.

Everyone in their lifejackets.

Mom waving to the boaters.

Ogii taking a break.

Back to work.

Great dinner.

Hula time.

Everyone in grass skirts.

Don't forget to feed the kids.

Pinata time.

Well, kind of; they pull on strings.

That was the winner.

Candy grab.

Brendan and Monica.

Ogii and me.

Time for cake.

Everyone enjoying dessert.

Holly with a blowout noisemaker.

Time for S'mores.

Cooking the marshmallows.

Me enjoying one.

Handing them out to everyone else.

I see chocolate and marshmallow on lips.

Sometimes the best toy is a box.

Especially when it moves really fast.

I guess I make an OK couch.

Time for a picture in the boat.

Parents and kids.