2017 Jul 30 | California Extreme pinball, Ogii coworkers

This road tends to have more semis on it than another route. Usually it's not too bad but sometimes they pass each other quite slowly going up hills and I get stuck behind them.

Nice sun rays.

This rancher was out on his horse herding his cattle. He waved as I slowed down to get a picture.

Nice place right on a lake, but kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Got some new pictures in the mail.

The box is quite heavy and well put together.

They're as big as Ogii.

They're acrylics rather than just metal. They look a little more upscale but they're much heavier.

Ogii out giving some milk to the cats and this one on the left isn't as scared of her any more.

An older kitten.

Lots of cooking during the week.

Although we do occasionally feel tired and grab something fast. Although Little Caeasar's has not has a cheese pizza ready to go in the past few years; they only have pepperoni. I can't unstand it; wouldn't they realize they are always out of cheeses and make more of them?

Mowing the back yard, which has gotten quite high. I wanted to leave it because they cats seem to like sneaking through it, but Ogii said I had to mow because the parents are coming.

A big weed.

Not nearly as natural now.

More cooking.

Friday night movie: 48 Hours. Of the two cop series with Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop is much funnier.

A pretty bad accident on the highway. It looks like there's a body bad there. What a waste; trying to save 5 seconds on your drive and you end up killing someone.

There is almost no parking at the San Jose Hyatt Conference center.

We went there for the California Extreme Pinball event.

They had lots of other games, too; this room had console games.

Some really old ones.

And just slightly older ones, like the original Mario Kart.

There was a pinball tournament in this room.

Racing games.

Multiplayer sports game.

Old tabletop games.

You played this one with a keyboard.

Rows and rows of games.

A giant, two-player Space Invaders sequel.

Ice hockey.

This was cool; a third-person shooter called The Grid, which was Midways last arcade game. It was actually really fun.

Me playing. You can hook up to six cabinets together to play with others.

So many pinball machines.

Promoting a Stars Wars pinball game.

Ogii playing an older one.

80s arcade games.

Ah, Wacko. I had forgotten how to play but managed to figure it out after a few seconds. You have to shoot the same creature one right after the other.

This reminds me of the two-player mechanical pinball game we had as a kid; that was a lot of fun.

Lots of pinball boards.

And accessories.

And lights.

Really old pinball games.

The really old ones are really slow, though, and not much to hit in them.

My favorite pinball machine: Monster Bash.

An Golden Axe type game hooked up to a projector.

This was really fun; racing armadillos where you spin a big trackball to make the armadillo move.

A line of Donkey Kong games.

And a row of Street Fighter ones.

Ron and I had a ton of fun playing these as kids.

Some new 10-player indie game called Killer Queen.

And the original two-player game.

A very old shooting game.

The coin slot area could use a little work.

A two-player game with lots of mini games.

You can hit each other's joysticks.

Ogii pushing me way over to the edge.

I was behind, but I came back to tie.

Old Street Fighter posters. I still think the Street Fighter II Champion Edition one near the bottom-right is the neatest.


Four-player Pac-Man.

My thumb was sore after all of the gaming.

In the same building was a Scrapbook Expo. So a great day for couples; the guy can go play videogames and the gal can come here.

We then drove to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, but it was too busy. You had to park out here and then buses took you to the actual festival. No thanks; that's going to take way too long.

Why does the basket itself have an anti-theft device? Do people really steal the baskets?

A giant house on a hill near Gilroy.

A huge deck.

Wedding reception for one of Ogii's coworkers.

Cutting the cake.

Feeding each other.

Lots of great food.


Ogii chatting with her coworkers by the fire.

On Sunday tons of Mexicans come out to this park to play soccer.

It's on the way to our favorite little farm.

Checking out the goods.

Fresh eggs.

Still adding by hand.

Lots of flowers.

This is a scary road, although Ogii pointed out it's Avenue, not Street. I'm not sure if that matters to Freddy.

Ogii's boss had a housewarming party on Sunday in Pebble Beach.

A lot of new houses in the area have these wooden cabinets.

Good food.

Her coworkers.

Her boss has another house behind this one, and you can walk between them through this little forested area.

Gengar is one of the strongest attackers in Pokemon Go.

This one has the best moves and a really high attack rating. Even though they deal a lot of damage, they still die pretty quickly.

Tyranitar is another one of the best attackers, but Iron Tail isn't a very good attack.

So I changed it to Bite.

And I hit level 37. Only 3 more levels to go to level 40, the current maximum, but it takes an extremely long time to level up now, and I'm getting kind of bored with the game.

Some players grouped around at the park; I bet there's a legendary raid there.

Yep. But they're really not that useful in the game, so I don't feel like going after it.

Cool chip stack.

Almost the dead man's hand, except they're not all black.

I couldn't delete this file in Windows, but by going through the command prompt, I could. Gotta get sneaky sometimes.