2017 Aug 27 | household stuff, West End Celebration (2 weeks)

Ants running around in the bathroom.

They're coming in through this hole in the shower.

Nothing a little caulk can't fix.

I normally don't want to kill spiders because they eat other bugs, but this appears to be a black widow; that's one I don't want around.

There are also some wasp nests up under the roof. This one is way up high, so I actually have to climb up on a ladder to shoot them, even with the 27-foot spray wasp killer.

After they're dead, I knocked down the nests with this extension pole.

Even with that and a ladder I couldn't reach the one under the very highest part of the roof, so I went up on top of the roof with a grill spatula and scraped the nest off with that. I couldn't see what I was scraping, though, so Ogii directed me.

There were still a few wasps that flew onto the nests after they fell on the ground.

So we sprayed those again.

Some fairly large nests.

Pretty sunrise.

I got these $1 coins as change from a gas station. What am I supposed to do with these?

A cat and a kitten waiting for food.

I got matching blisters on my thumbs from the lawn mower.

This little lizard was inside our house and not moving very much.

So we put him outside with a little water in a spoon nearby.

I love this giant house on a hill near Gilroy.

Jerky the parents left; so good.

Sunrise over some oil derricks.

A weird looking building.

The motel had complentary dinner. But it was pretty weird; some lettuce in a Ziploc, some packets of butter, some random rolls, and an opened bottle of wine we could pour for ourselves. Maybe it's to make up for construction or something?

Ogii had hit a rock with the right side of the Prius a while ago, which knocked this flap in front of the front right tire loose. I pushed it back in place, but it came loose again and was rubbing on the tire.

So instead of risk it starting a fire and burning up the car, I just cut the entire section off. It doesn't seem to be that important.

Although I got my shirt fairly dirty. Thankfully this was after work, not before.

This huge house out in the middle of nowhere has a helicopter in the front yard. But it doesn't look like a passenger helicopter; it looks like a military one.

Fog in the hills.

Lenticular clouds above some hills.

They look like pancakes.

I hope they're repairing the fan blades on this turbine instead of breaking off and falling down.

All of the walls in this Mexican restaurant are covered by murals.

It's getting close to the Monterey Car Week & Concours d'Elegance, so you see a few exotic cars on the roads. Here's a McLaren passing me.

And a Lamborghini.

Most of the shows are free, but the one on Sunday at Pebble Beach is $375.

Ogii watching the cats eat.

Air Disaster is a great book; well-written and very informative.

Everyone makes fun of the safety announcements on how to operate the seatbelt, but this woman panicked and couldn't figure it out. Then again, the safety announcement was still pointless because it didn't get into her head.

Why are there two circles in 3F, one fatality and one unhurt? Uh oh, I think I know.

Yep, a mother died protecting her infant.

After this accident, they repeated it in flight simulators and foundthe pilot had only 4-6 seconds to correct the error; after that the plane was completely unrecoverable. Considering no pilots were trained for a type of accident like this, that's basically impossible for the first time it happens, and even if afterwards pilots are trained for it, that's still almost no time. The one thing I did get out of the book was to know where the emergency exits in front and behind of you are; there were a fair number of accidents where people survived the crash but then died of smoke inhalation after they couldn't find the emergency exits, in some cases because the smoke was so thick they couldn't see at all, even when they were in the isle with the exits. But the passengers who survived had counted out how many rows away the exits were and were able to crawl to them. Also, sometimes the exits wouldn't open due to damage during the crash, so good to know all of the exits, not just the closest ones.

Sun rays.

Some brightly painted cow cutouts on the side of the road.

And a lot of brown ones looking at us.

Ready for the eclipse.

I don't have my phone on during the day, so sometimes I turn it on and am greeted by way too many unread messages.

School started again; I have to remember not to leave a bit before 8am or I get stuck in the pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

On the drive to Monterey, traffic is often backed up here. Google Navigation suggests taking the side road to avoid most of it.

Apparently the locals don't like that and have even put up a sign against it.

These circular metal prints at a local doctors office are really neat.

This is a great book. You could tell the authors had a lot of fun writing it.

I always pick 13 for the final number, but I randomly pick only numbers over 30 for the others. Since people often pick birthdays, it's a strategy to increase your odds of not having to share the prize if you win. So I know I hit at least the Powerball number, but almost certainly not the first two.

And neither of the other three, either.

I like their lunch hours.

I tried some targeted Facebook advertising for the art show: I only wanted the ads to show up for people with higher incomes.

Setting up for the West End Festival in Sand City.

We tried putting the long, smaller prints on a table.

Mini easels to hold them up.

Other vendors getting ready.

The festival is in an area with lots of local art businesses, too.

Some more on the other side.

I love these barrel wine holders and grills. If I were rich, I'd buy some.

More vendors.


Some more food vendors.

There weren't many other photographers. This guy had large landscapes on canvas.

Mostly from Big Sur.

These were our neighbors. They were originally from France and were very nice. I really like some of his art; it was photography that looked like paintings.

A bunch of random stuff.

Neat plates.

This booth setup was very upscale and pretty.

Our booth set up.

We put out a dish of water for dogs.

This band was right behind our booth so we had free music all day.

The main stage.

A couple on stilts.

The mixed martial arts subreddit went green and had Conor's spinning head for the Mayweather-McGregor fight.

The main website for finding bars that show fights didn't have any around us, although the Monterey subreddit mentioned a few that might be showing it.

I'm sure not paying $99 for it, though.

It was on a ton of different Twitch channels, though. Some got taken down quickly but others stayed up a bit.

Our booth the second day. We decided to not have the table or front easels this time as we sold a few last time and could fit almost all of them just on the walls.

Another full lineup of bands.

There were a few other areas set up for music, too.

A juggler.

We should have done this instead of the pictures. The hand-rolled cones with a scoop of ice cream sell for $5, and there was a non-stop line. If they serve one person a minute, that's $300 per hour, and over 8 hours, that's $2,400 for the day.

This was a nearby art studio.

I really liked this painting.

This tree is barely hanging on to the side of the hill.

I'm filling in back at Lancaster for a few days to get them caught up. On Monday nights they have food trucks there.

The Grilled Cheese Truck, my favorite.

Upscale cupcakes.

Some cool designs.

Completely opposite views of the same movie on reddit.

Too bad the service I had was 125k and not 120k.

One of the poker vloggers. He played a lot of the World Series of Poker tournaments, spent $25,000 on entries, and cashed for $23,000. -$2,000 is not the best income for a few weeks.

Twitter has so much spam of celebrity crap I don't want, and I can't figure out how to stop it.

Not playing Pokemon Go any more, and this guy nailed the reason. It used to be about walking around and finding Pokemon, and now it's more driving to boss raids and sitting there.

This might be the best name badge I've ever seen. I'll have to remember this.

One of my classmates is doing extremely well at his practice. He has seven employees...

... and is booked nearly two months out. He even hired a practice consultant that we had talked to us in optometry school to work on some issues.

That's a fun shot.

Some great shots by this photographer.

Frontier Arlines has some amazing sales, but they never go where we want to go and you have to fly on week days.

I know there are screws for spring hinges out there; I've used them in practices I worked at before. But I absolutely can't find them anywhere. The only ones I can find are these sold on Amazon, and those are only a few at a time; I want like 100 of them, not six.