2017 Sep 03 | Lancaster, Los Angeles Beach Volleyball

Filling in at Lancaster for a bit. Their downtown is interesting; there is parking in the middle of the road, but every other spot has a tree and lamp instead of parking.

That's a great sign for an optometry office.

The sign says the hours are 6-7 most weekdays; that seems like either a really long or a really short day.

Rain coming.

Robin Cook wrote a lot of books.

I went in to this shoe repair store in downtown to shine my shoes. While I was waiting a woman came in with her daughter to pick up the daughter's backpack for school which had been repaired. The owner, a nice old man, said it would be $15. The woman said she only had $10, and they both stood there and looked at each other. Rather than wait for them to argue about it, I just offered to pay the $5 difference. The woman was very thankful and the owner gave me $2 off my shoe shine, so it was only $10 instead of $12.

After that I went to the Museum of Art and History. However, no good deed goes unpunished. They had a recommended donation of a few dollars. I had used my last $5 and $10 bills at the shoe store, though, so all I had left were $20s. I would feel a bit bad asking them for change, so I just gave them a $20. So, donating the $5 to the woman at the shoe store ended up costing me $20 ($12 shoe shine + $3 museum donation vs $5 woman donation + $10 shoe shine + $20 museum donation).

Artwork from staples.

Pretty interesting.

A knife with the blade as a hologram.

Although the explanation is a little long-winded. How about "this seemed like a cool idea."

A paintbrush with figures on top.

Close up.

A big open colorful area with a car.

Rope people.

From below.


Projections of 3D art.

Although again, I didn't pull all of this out of them.

Something a bit more classical.

A children's room.

Art from locals.

Nice scene of the desert.

Lots of poppies.

Sunset over the hill.

I ate at a Brazilian steakhouse in downtown. They didn't have the cheesebread out in the buffet, so I asked for some. The waitress brought a plate of six of them and asked how many I wanted. Um, I want all of them, including whatever else you have back in the kitchen; I love those things. But I just took a few then and let the other diners have the rest. Thankfully she came back with more later.

This Walmart has a nice painting on it.

Joshua Tree.

Why can't you buy baby formula at self checkout?

Fun shirt of the different things to do in San Francisco.

The sunset lit up these clouds.

Driving staples: seeds and notes from podcasts.

There was a little snake in front of our door when I got home.

Not very scary.

I've been trying to find screws with longer snap-off ends for the spring hinges on glasses frames for a while and can't find them anywhere. I know I've had them in optometry offices before, though. The only ones I could find were these on Amazon.

But it only comes with a few screws and then a ton of other bonus crap, like a cleaning cloth and screwdrivers and a magnifier and a glasses cord. I'd rather a set of 100 screws and no extra stuff.

Will Kassouf was on Live at the Bike and was playing almost every hand.

In addition to raising a ton.

He also bought shots for the table; fun guy.

Artbeat Studios is having a 30% off sale; time to buy some more prints.

Loves curves.

Sunset on the drive to LA.

This poor guy is trying to order something without meat in a place that is advertising a milkshake with bacon in it. If you're a vegetarian, perhaps Arby's is not the place for you.

Then he wandered over to the gas station next door and didn't fare much better.

We saw the La Tuna fire as we got closer to LA.

It looked pretty big.

Breakfast at McDonalds in Huntington Beach: groups of older Korean women and men on the right, homeless people sleeping on the left.

Great day for the beach.

We showed up for Los Angeles Beach Volleyball but almost nobody was there yet. It was a shorter day as most of the organizers were out of town, so we thought people would show up early; I guess not.

After a few hours enough showed up to start playing 4s.






Me hitting.


Jumping hit.


And one of me.


Me running for the ball.

Me blocking.

Jump hit.

While playing, I wore sunglasses with a camera in them and got some first-person video.

I had some older sunglasses with a camera but the battery died, so I bought a newer model. However, the newer model (on the left) feels much cheaper, doesn't fit as well, and I prefer the darker, shinier finish of the old ones.

Lunch at Yard House after massages.

Fun evening of lying around watching Friends.

You can see the smoke from the La Tuna fire as you come north on the highway.

Pretty big.

Coming into downtown from the west; the homeless have expanded a lot along this road.

It was really hot this weekend, and these people gave this homeless woman some water; that's nice.

The Ralph's in DTLA has these pictures of the area up on the walls.

Cool sink with a multi-colored glittery shelf.

Poker on Sunday evening.

A crazy hand: AA vs QQ, all-in preflop. Three diamonds by the turn and AA had one diamond, so now even the Q of diamonds would lose for QQ because AA would make a flush; QQ could only hit a single card on the river to win, the Q of clubs. And it came.

Breakfast in an Asian bakery on Monday morning.

Very cool cake.

I have free tickets to Edwards Regal theaters, but there are none between LA and San Francisco unless you go way west by Fresno. Maybe later.

A small wildfire on the drive back home.

Thankfully firetrucks were there to stop it.

Not sure what happened here, but cars were stopped. Some cars didn't notice in time and drove into the meridian to avoid an accident.

A power pole falling over.

The train. In theory this would be a great way to get to LA and back, but in reality the timing never works.

Me: "Do you want to do anything today?" Ogii: "No, just go home." Me: "Do you want to go shopping? I think there are Labor Day sales." Ogii: "No, I'm tired. But maybe we could stop at Nordstrom Rack and look for a shirt for you." I'm still not sure how that results in me ending up surrounded by women's shoes.

I'm sick of these ads for online doctors. It seems like a lot of this would be rather risky; some stuff might be easy to diagnose without actually examining the patient, but I'd still be scared of missing something.

The official app for the US Open surprisingly has a great mobile layout of the brackets. Usually the official site is horrible and you have to find some third-party site for a good overview.