2017 Sep 10 | Mountain View Art and Wine Festival

Steak for dinner.

These wasps keep coming back. Just gotta keep spraying, I guess.

Trying to watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon, but somehow the NFL lawyers convinced everyone that a football game on Thursday night is actually a Sunday night football game.

A mechanical bull for only $70? That seems way too cheap.

Dental hygienist license plate.

Up early to drive to the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival. Check in was here.

There wasn't a lot of space; cars could barely fit through.

Not much room there, either. We decided to park in a nearby lot and carry everything instead.

Very tight fit, especially with that huge concrete flower pot.

A few cars got scratched on it, too.

Weird parking rules on the side streets. Apparently the city doesn't want people to park here for certain sporting events.

This guy had a bunch of cool pens.

Flowers in windows.

Classic San Francisco shots.

Hand-painted wine glasses.

Very simplistic landscapes.

Western America pictures with nice frames.

Pictures of the Bay Area and other locations.

Metal sculptures.

This guy had some neat shots.

There were tons of vendors; it went on for multiple blocks. Finally we got to the end and turned around.

Cool photobooth.

Gotta buy alcohol there.

Our booth. Not as upscale as lots of the other photographers; I especially like their black walls. But that's a lot more to carry to each show.

This guy has some really nice art of San Fransico.

He had a mailing list for online sales.

His prices were pretty high; over double ours. Also, it looks like he mostly ships art to people rather than having them buy at the show. Every one of his is limited edition and signed, too, although its a limit of 200-400.

His website listed the art shows he goes to.

He also prints three-piece sectionals.

Some shots were layered collages, too; very neat.

Huge dog.

Live music.

Cool drinks.

This guy had some really nice music.

I really wanted some ice cream, but this place, with all the great reviews, was closed.

A woman bought our big acrylic picture of the poppies. Have to move some others around so there's not a giant hole back there.

Costco now prints on aluminum and they're really cheap, over half of the printers we use, but they only go up to 24"x36;" still big, but not huge.

Closed up for the night.

I wanted some of these spotlights at Walmart, especially because they were only $1, but they were closing soon and nobody was around to open the case for me. I don't know why they have to lock up $1 items.

Our motel was right next to the art show.

Neat mirror.

The next morning we ran to Target to print pictures of prints we had sold at this and previous art shows.

The printer was jammed, though.

And it was actually the other printer.

Ogii helping her with the ribbon.

The first few came out smudged but they were good after that.

Although it was a waste of $50; nobody looked at them.

Our tent was right next to this cafe; I wonder if we could keep going back for the bottomless mimosas all day?

Ready for Sunday.

This restaurant was showing a football game.

I could just make it out from our tent.

Our neighbor on one side with some really nice paintings.

Another photographer who mainly prints on huge canvas.

Some of his prints are actually on burlap; that's cool.

This guy has very colorful shots of cities.

We see him at lots of shows, too.

Children's books.

About a mouse.

Each story has some morals.

They're written by a woman and illustrated by her husband; that's neat.

They have a lot of them.

A purple PT Cruiser.

The reddit website on my phone always bothers me to use the reddit app because it has infinite scrolling and autoplay GIFs. Well, I hate both of those things, so that's not much of an incentive.

Getting a package of more prints via FedEx, but I'm only home on certain days. However, they require a signature yet don't allow me to schedule the delivery for a different day. I even called them and they wouldn't do it. I guess I'll just hope a Post-It note on the door telling the delivery guy what day I'm home will work.

The clouds created shadows of the sunbeams.