2017 Sep 24 | La Mesa volleyball, Monterey Oktoberfest, Pacific Coast Fog Fest (2 weeks)

The clouds create shadows from the sun.

All of his books are almost exactly the same as his movies. Then I read that most of his books were actually wrote as screenplays before being books; that makes sense.

I bought this at the store, then Ogii went to the same store and bought the exact same thing.

We bought new bowls for the cats so they don't have to fight over them.

A classmates office; very nice looking.

Big hands at Live at the Bike.

Garret is an interesting player. In the week before this he overbet on the river as a bluff, and now this week he overbet for value.

And got a call. And won $60,000 in a single hand; that's crazy.

Great move in chess; I either checkmate him or win his queen for free.

He saw the queen but not the mate.

Accident on the highway.

Somebody knocked this stop sign down.

La Mesa volleyball in Monterey. Gorgeous view.

Ogii bumping.

After that we went to Oktoberfest.

A few food trucks.

Lots of tables.

A band.

I like their hats.

Time for beer.

And food.

This family all dressed up, but I especially liked the girl's earmuffs for the music.

The mayor of Carmel opening a keg.

the event is sponsored by Lugano Swiss Bistro. The owner, Andre, recently died, so everyone toasted him.

Ogii loves the chicken dance.

Ziga Zaga! Oi Oi Oi!

Miss Oktoberfest contestants.

The sun coming up.

A bit more.

And it's up.

Huge cutouts in front of this store.

Even rich people with Maseratis have sick kids and need to go to the pharmacy early on a Sunday morning.

This two things should not have to be bought together. But I thought I heard a mouse in our attack and the cats we feed never come in the house, so I guess I have to buy them both.

Lots of circular numbers and letters in this license plate.

Sunrise with a sliver moon.

Pretty sunset from our house.

A big box of new pictures.

We printed some 60"x20" ones.

Ogii feeding the cats.

Up very early to drive to Pacifica to set up for the Pacific Coast Fog Fest.

A group of people moving a canopy.

They had a parade at the start of the festival.

A fun float.

Another one.

That's a big kid carrier on that guy's back.

A band.

She's dressed as a mermaid.

Old car.

Cat car.


These guys were handing out "No on C" pamphlets.

With candy.

The "Yes on C" people didn't have candy. Well, I know which way I'm voting now.

More mermaids.

Young cheerleaders.

Young football players.

A band.



A whale float.

Another band.

Our booth.

Lots of food.

Turkey legs.

One of the many stages with music.

Another one.

A petting zoo.

So many cute animals.

This woman had some great photos of San Francisco.

As did this one.

Patriotic paintings.

Custom murals.

Lots of jewelry.


This was one of my favorite booths; wood inlay pictures.


I'm not sure if it's legal to sell some of these; aren't they copyrighted?

A big stage at the southern end of the festival.

Cute buildings.

A few guys in dinosaur costumes.

Getting their picture taken at the photo booth.

This guy came around cleaning up the confetti from the parade. Aw; Ogii liked it.

A flash mob dance.

And a flash mob band.

Making a sand sculpture.

More musicians.

There line for the kettle corn and bubble tea was constant the entire day. I wanted some but I didn't want it enough to wait in line.

A pheasant-feather hat in an antique store.

They put windows and flowers in the chimney of this house.

A very old house with paint flaking off. But it's an amazing location, right on the beach.

A more modern house.

I'd like to live on Beach Blvd.

Lots of stone landscaping.

Very simple.

The guys in the house on the right had some giant speakers and were playing music to a crowd of people dancing on the sidewalk.

The pier looks like the wood is rotting away but there's still concrete underneath.

Dinner with close football and baseball games.

The breakfast area of the restaurant was kind of neat and open, but they were out of almost everything.

The sand sculpture is done.

Set up for day two.

I love how the bench they sit on fits into the theme of their booth, very natural.

A run was ending nearby.

Who needs to buy expensive specialized weights when you can fill some containers with water or sand.

I love these pop-up cards.

It looks like his family puts them together by hand.

The organizers of the festival were great; they came around with orange juice in the morning and said if you needed a break, they would have someone sit in your booth and watch it for a few minutes.

The big stage got really crowded with attendees.

Sunset picture at the pier after the show.

Sunset selfie.