2017 Oct 01 | LABV, Okularfest

Ogii got the new Roku going.

Unfortunately it seems to have a problem with most new shows as they're in high definition, and the TV and cables don't have the built-in protection to prevent copying that. You're supposed to be able to decrease the quality, but that didn't work.

Let's see if we can get Thursday Night Football through Amazon Prime.

It says live content isn't supported on this device. What?

Ah, just had to log into Amazon. That would have been a much more useful notification.

But still got this dumb error. Played around with unplugging re-plugging in cables and eventually tricked the system into working.

I can't chew up this huge piece of chocolate in my ice cream; it's too rubbery.

Ah, that's because it's the rubber cover of the ice cream scoop.

We take the trash out and clean the garbage cans, then let them sit and dry. In the meantime we look quite trashy throwing the garbage on the floor.

Ogii's car hit 222,222 miles.


My car is getting closer.

Down to LA. First stop: massages.

The "G" stands for "garage" but every time I think it means "ground" and sit and stare at the buttons all confused for a few seconds.

Off to the beach for a gorgeous day of volleyball.

First game with was a bunch of guys who were friends with each other. They were having a good time and fun to play with.

Digging it out of the net.

Big jump.

If you can't dig it, kick it.

A little better form.

Jumping to block.

Long reach.

Me hitting.

Then off to babysit Sarnai, who made this house with Ogii.

Sunday morning we got an extra order of pancakes at McDonalds, so we split it up and gave it to the three homeless people sitting there.

A Countach; haven't seen one of those in a long time.

Jewliet; that's funny.

Sunday was Okularfest, an Oktoberfest-themed CE meeting.

Lots of attendees.

The ceiling is neat.

These progressive prism glasses, which help reduce strain when reading and on the computer, were designed by an optometrist in South Dakota and made at a plant in Mitchell.

Lots of vendors.

Cookies and pretzels.

A live band.

Plenty of beer.

A couple different types.

German lunch.

It was held at Caltech; this was a lab room there by the bathrooms.

Best way to get students to attend something is offer free pizza.

The Ikea in Burbank moved, and the old building is empty, but it got turned into a Halloween City, at least temporarily.

Why would you ever wear this?

Whew; lucky mate with time almost expired.

I have a Yahoo email account that I use to sign up for random stuff I don't plan on using again. I guess I haven't cleaned it out in a while.

The official ticket vendor is $50 per ticket.

Stubhub has them for only $38. However, they then add fees, so it ends up being the same price. So annoying.