2017 Oct 08 | San Carlos Art and Wine Faire

Unloading for the San Carlos Art and Wine Faire.

It's 5am, which means we were up at 2:30am to leave at 3am for the 2-hour drive. No late Friday parties the night before.

This guy was smart; he actually had a headlamp.

Everyone else getting set up. We like to get there early, dump our stuff, and get the car out because otherwise your car often gets stuck there between other vendors' cars for a few hours.

One of the other vendors was these really cool tables. If we were rich we'd definitely get the one with a river of fire rocks in the middle for $10,000.

Time to nap in the car for a bit before the fair starts.

Lots of missed packages.

Ready to go.

People starting to come by.

Wooden creations.

Big photographs.

He did a lot of multi-panel prints on canvas.

Each one signed and numbered.

The naked ski jumper was my favorite.

Wood art.

Minimalist paintings.


Wire art.

Wooden furniture.

Acrylic art.

These metal cutouts were at a few previous shows as well. I really like the ones that light up in different colors.

This woman had some great animal shots. There was also an Australian photographer who had lots of animal shots as well.

I think these two are a couple; he does photography and she does paintings.

Very pretty animal paintings.

A car show.

An original Viper with the side pipes that burn people's legs when they get out.

Long and low.

Custom-printed umbrellas.


An optometry office had a tent next to a dental office.

These guys have such a pretty setup.

Cool mosaic mirrors.

Handcrafted camel leather; I wonder if Ogii could get something like this from Mongolia?

Food vendors.

Lots of sausages.

Ogii enjoying lunch.

Another stage.

A list of all the food and drink vendors.

Last show of the season, everything 50% off. We tried that, too, although we just took all the prices off and asked people to make an offer. Almost nobody did, though, so we still had to suggest a price.

We stayed at the Lia Hotel just a few blocks away.

Decent room.

They have breakfast.

But it's not the usual contintental one; it's a to-go box with fruit, yogurt, and donuts.

Day number two.

A ton of leaves were blown into everybody's tents over night. Thankfully they had some people coming around to sweep them up.

Random shoes on top of these newspaper boxes.

Pretty painting on the electrical box.

This guy prints photographs on slate; that's unique. He said it was pretty slow this year, but he owns a restaurant in Berkeley and is opening another one, so he should still be OK.

Really cool clocks.

I went to the bar and watched the Raiders game for a few hours while Ogii watched the booth. I sat next to the guy who won the car show yesterday.

Trying to buy The Force Awakens tickets right when they came on sale. Fandago had a line you had to wait in for 10 minutes.

And then when I finally got in, I couldn't pick seats. I guess their website was overloaded.

Same thing with AMC's website.

Finally got some through MovieTickets.com. Hopefully their server is correctly connected to the movie theater's database and it didn't just say I got the same seats as 100 other people.

Bought these shoes for $75 at Ross but they're size 8.0 and just a touch too small for me. Too bad because they're so cool looking.