2017 Oct 15 | Greenfield Harvest Festival

This bus and camper have been by the side of the road here for a couple of weeks. It says "free jewelry" and "we need diesel gas." Perhaps if they sold the jewelry instead of giving it away for free they would have money for gas?

Surise over the highway.

I like to eat seeds while driving long distances; it keeps my hands busy and stops me from chewing on my nails.

However, even the reduced sodium ones still have a ton of salt; 86% if you include the salt on the shell. I'm not sure how much of that you actually ingest if you suck on the seeds and then spit them out, but I'm sure it's a lot.

Ogii found these no-salt seeds at a local grocery store.

And they really don't have any salt. Although still a fair amount of fat.

10:10:10 on 10/10.

Pretty perfume cases.

Ogii said she likes Chanel Chance. Well, this is great; there are five of them.

Although when I texted her she said it was the parfum one, and thankfully there was only one of those.

Crock-pot chicken.

Getting ready for Halloween.

Ogii cooking chili for a work potluck.

Buying some craft beers for a poker game in San Jose. These seem fitting for Halloween.

Lots of liquor thieves.

A crazy hand. Flopped straight vs larger straight draw vs a set of sevens. And the set hit another seven to make quads.

We were planning on going to San Francisco or Berkeley for some events on Saturday, but many were cancelled due to air quality from the fires around Napa.

The Pier 39 birthday event still have some plans but not the fireworks.

Lots of fires up and down the state.

Although two main areas right now, Napa and Anaheim.

The Napa ones came up so fast many people even died in them.

So we went home instead and cleaned a bit. Ogii taking a much-deserved nap.

Sunday afternoon was the Greenfield Harvest Festival.

One stage.

Schedule and map.

We don't know enough people to need pots this big.


Another stage.

Mobile library.

More food.

A third stage.

Some classic cars.

Fireman equipment.

Animals for the petting zoo.

Some ponies.

Pretty much everyone there was Mexican except for a few of the organizers and this guy taking photographs.

The start of the parade.

The mayor.

A little girl not sure if she wants to go with him or not.

Traditional dncers.

High school dancers.

More dancers.

Girl scouts.

A woman who sings at parties.

Traditional dress.


School band.

School cheerleaders and football players.

Traditional costumes.

A lion dancer.

Ogii wondered if the guy in the rear gets a sore back from leaning over the whole time.



Along with a little cowgirl.

These people have the local farm where we get fruits and vegetables and such from on Sundays.

The petting zoo is open.

Lots of little animals.

The parade wasn't very long; just around a couple of blocks, then it came back.

So you could see everything twice if you walked a block over.

These traditional cutouts were nicely made.