2017 Oct 22 | Beer Fest at the Bike, Sarnai hair cutting

Always nice to come home to a fresh-cooked meal.

There was a nice sunset on Tuesday.

Very colorful the next night, too.

In my rush to watch Thursday Night Football, I didn't clean out all of the pockets of my white coat well enough before washing it, and I left a pen in there.

We Googled all the tips on getting pen out and tried a few of them, including hair spray and hand sanitizer.

Even after spraying and rubbing and washing multiple times, it still didn't come out.

I searched my Amazon history for "white coat" and couldn't find it, so I searched for the name, Barco. This one looks similar, and there at the top is Amazon telling me I bought it earlier in the year. They call it a lab coat, not a white coat.

On Saturday we drove to LA. That evening was Beer Fest at the Bike, with lots of vendors with beer tastings at the Bicycle Casino.


Beer vendors.


And giant games.

First up: Connect Four.

Then Jenga.

Gotta be careful.

Ogii is on her tippy toes.

And now its too high for even that.

So she has to throw them on top.

Punching one through.

And pulling it the rest of the way.

Now it's too high even for me to place them on top.

Uh oh, it's starting to tilt.

There it goes. Ogii wins.

Onto cornhole.


And then beer pong.

Kat and Kendra are here!

Grabbing some food.

Looks delicious.

Then onto drinks.

We tasted every station.

Each one had a few different drinks.

The hookah lounge.

Kat and Kendra were really good at cornhole.

So many through the hole.

Planning the next move on Connect Four.

Kat and Kendra win.

Two happy, one sad.

Ogii ready to grab the balls that bounce over in beer pong.

Jenga time.

Kat reaching.

Another option for when it gets too tall to place the pieces on top:

Lifting the person, too.

The games area.

They had live bands all night, too.

They had a few free blackjack plays. However, the dealer hit 20 both times and crushed us all.

Onto poker. Ogii looking scary.

The women are doing well.

Sunday morning was Sarnai's hair cutting ceremony.

Kids all playing together.


Lots of good food.

And desserts.

Time for some presents.

Uh oh, Sarnai is a little worried about what's happening.

But that's easily fixed by giving her some more presents to open. Ogii cut her hair first.

We also all drank some milk before cutting.

Grandma's turn.

Digging for more presents.


And Greg.

The group.

From the other side.

Playing with all the new presents.

The family.

We went to the Farmer's Market. Market Optometrix has moved and is the space is now a hair, makeup, and nail salon.

Eating at my favorite restaurant there, Pampas Grill.

Somebody ran into the gas pump at this station.

The Hollywood sign and a palm tree.

Ogii wanted to get some adult cereals instead of my children cereals. But looking at them, the nutrition is almost exactly the same. The adult ones have a few more vitamins, but they also have even more calories, fat, and sodium, while they're about equal on sugar.

Housing prices in San Francisco are still insane.

Huge wall pictures for your house for under $50.

They're multiple strips you have to put together, but if you do it right it looks pretty nice.