2017 Oct 29 | carving pumpkins, Zac Brown Band, eye exams

Pumpkin carving time.

First gotta get all the guts out.

And bake the seeds.

Onto the carving.

Our finished jack-o'-lanterns.

In the dark.

Friday night we went to the Zac Brown Band concert. There were a fair number of party buses going there as well.

The road was pretty busy; these walkers were probably moving faster than we were.

Looks like a country music concert.

At Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Lots of food vendors.


We had lawn tickets.

Just find a spot and sit down.

It was pretty big.

Zac Brown Band playing.

They had a fair number of other musicians play with them as well.


There is going to be a concert for the fires in the bay area, but the only band I'd like is Metallica, and if I'm going to see them, I rather it be only them, not with a bunch of other bands.

A bunch of bikes. Google is nearby, so I wonder if these are from there.

There were a couple of hotels with two miles of the theater, which we could have walked from, but we decided to stay at Aloft instead. That meant we had to drive, but the traffic wasn't too horrible, especially because we left early to avoid it.

Expensive candy.

Game room.


Very bright pillows.

And light screens.

The windows shades are electronic, although we were in a handicapped room, so I don't know if they all are.

Not too much of a view, though.

Their decorate pillows make good swords, though.

The down to Santa Cruz for our eye exams at North Coast Vision with Dr. Brett Fredericks.

A nice waiting area.

A good selection of frames.

Old-school ones; neat.

Ogii during her eye exam.

Checking her eye health.

I was dilated, so I wore the sunglasses for the next few hours.

Lunch at Cole's BBQ down the street a bit.

Looks good.

Ogii destroyed the ribs.

A bit farther east is a nice area with double-decker restaurants right on the water.


This is a rather dangerous intersection south of Salinas because cars merge from the left instead of the right.

This car got smashed up and spun around.

I hope the driver was OK.

Our old Roku had a speaker so you could say the movie name; the new one doesn't, so you have to type it out letter by letter using the arrow keys on an onscreen keyboard. That seems like a wonderful feature to eliminate.

I love this JustWatch website; it lists all of the new Amazon and Netflix movies by date.

Apparently doing this with your fingers is a thing.