2017 Nov 05 | Halloween, UFC 217, Bakersfield poker and football

Lots of color for sunset.

I needed some new batteries for our pumpkin lights. However, none of these numbers matched the batteries we had.

Close, but not quite.

Here they are on a different rack.

I want some easy-to-spray weed killer, but all of the easy-to-spray stuff kills grass and weeds, not just weeds. The weed killer is in small bottles, not with the big sprayer arm on it.

I think the McDonalds sign having healthy stuff like apples and tomatoes on it is borderline false advertising.

So many leftovers all of our containers are in the fridge with food in them. Won't have to cook for a few days now.

Setting up for Halloween.

I like this little guy.

Trick or Treaters at the gas station.

Lots of candy ready for them.

Ogii took out all of the Kit Kats so she could eat them herself.

Giving out candy.

Ogii making chislic.

Watching Field of Dreams.

These cars are all literally touching. I wonder how anybody gets out.

Korean BBQ in San Jose.

They had pretty tables...

... and bathroom sinks.

Ogii cooking.

Looking good.

They had a Pokemon blackboard mural on this wall.

Then onto the M8trix Casino for some poker. Ogii took all of my chips and pretty much all of them from everyone else at the table as well.

Nice sunset.

The main reason we went to M8trix: to watch the UFC fight.

There is no cover charge, so I was worried it would get full really early, but even up to the start of the fights there were still a few tables open.

The main event: GSP is back after not fighting for four years.

And he's still got it.

That's a deep choke.

Making sure his opponent is OK afterwards.

He always looks horrible even when he wins.

Ogii watching the kittens.

They're so cute playing around.

Mama keeping an eye on us.

Lying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning and trying to compare our glasses prescriptions by seeing how close we can see each other clearly. I'm about a -3.00 in both and without glasses can see clearly a bit closer than Ogii, who is -1.50 in one eye (has to be a little farther than me) and 0 in the other (has to be even farther back for close clarity). Man, she's so lucky with her natural monivision; great distance vision and won't need reading glasses until she's way older than most people. I'm jealous.

I stopped to get gas here but it looks like there are cracks around the credit card reader. I decided to drive to the next station just in case someone put a card skimmer on this one.

A bunch of Tesla chargers on the road to Bakersfield from I-5.

Fruit sellers.

I went to the Golden West Casino in Bakersfield to watch football games.

Cheap lunch: burger, fries, and a beer for $10.

They have a $30 tournament, which seems about the cheapest way to sit around and watch football all day long. Any restaurant I'm going to have to keep buying food.

And they made it.

This was a beatiful diving catch by a Miami receiver.

I was doing pretty well midway through the tournament.

Somebody made a straight flush.

The I lost a big hand to someone who played 49 and hit two pair on a 49J flop when I had AJ. He played it because he's a 49ers fan. After that I only had a few big blinds and was waiting for two big cards to go all in. When I was the big blind I unfortunately had 23 offsuit and folded.Eeveryone was saying I should have called a raise because I was so short and it was so much money in the pot already, but if he happened to have an overpair, and he was a tight older guy, I wasn't getting nearly the odds to call. Even if he had two overcards I was still in bad shape. So I waited until I had a good hand, shoved with KQ and lost to the Q2 held by the bing blind when the river card was a 2.

Watching the Raiders game. They had a super-long field goal attempt right before halftime.

There were flowers outside the casino.

Wow; a security guard was shot there on Friday night by some guy he got into an argument with. Thankfully the caught the guy right away.

A cowboy statue out front.

Nice sunset.

This guy was buying cat food and kitty litter. He said some stray showed up and made itself his pet.

I'm not sure what these flowers are, but they've lasted for weeks, whereas most flowers only last for a few days. Definitely going to have to buy more of these.

The one thing I miss about bit cities is all of the fun, crazy events going on.

Some cool walking tours, but only during the week.