2017 Nov 12 | fixing lawn mower, Mavik drone

The lawn mower wasn't starting. The spark plug looks fine.

The air filter is good. Guess that means I'm going to have to actually open the motor.

I prefer using the giant flexible plastic cutting board to the nice heavy wooden one.

My favorite That 70s Show episode: the garage sale, when the parents get high from special brownies.

The kittens learning how to climb.

Great Thursday night: poker on one TV, football on the other.

Antonio is all in but loses his $4,000.

No problem, just borrow a huge wad of $100s from Doug to rebuy.

These guys all are playing with around $100,000 each.

Just a $100,000 pot.

Fruitcake for Ogii.

Time to get serious with the lawn mower. First, pump out all the gas.

I have no idea how to fix a small engine, but YouTube has videos for everything. It even has someone taking apart this this exact model of lawn mower.

Need a few new tools.

Have to make sure all these springs and hoses back on the correct way.

Everything opened up.

The YouTube video said the carburetor is often the problem, so we'll try that first.

Just gonna clean it off and make sure the little nozzle is open.

The YouTube video didn't mention having to watch out for spiders.

And it works now, nice. To mow a few feet of grass.

Also trying to get the Mavic Pro drone working.

I read the user manual and quick start guide, but both failed to mention a number of steps you have to take to get it working, so I had to Google around to figure out what to do.

You're supposed to update the firmware, but it kept failing.

It finally worked.

But then you have to update the handset and even each of the batteries in addition to the drone.

Then you have to calibrate the camera.

Finally done.

Our toothbrushes are the same colors, so when we clean the bathroom we have to remember which way the toothbrush holder is turned or we'll end up using each other's toothbrush.

Don't need to watch Big in HD; save a dollar.

Finally got all the firmware updated, so we can actually try to fly now.

Ogii taking it up.

A pic of us from the drone.

All of Ogii's files on multiple thumb drives.

Uh oh, ants are coming in through this little hole. Gotta plug that up.

Poker on Sunday while watching football. This was a splash pot where the casino added $100 to the pot before anybody even got cards. The first guy to act shoved all in. I was second to act with K8 and decided to fold, figuring he had at least an ace and I didn't want to lose all my money. About five other people called and I would have made top pair and won everything.

I flopped a straight with a flush draw. We ended up getting all the money on the turn and the other guy had the ace-high heart flush draw. He hit his draw on the river, but I made a straight flush.

I bought in for three rows of chips. Now I'm up to 14 rows; not bad.

That's a good idea; break the art into three separate pieces to make it easier to transport.

Don't really like the song, but I love her necklace.

Ads for Teledoc are on YouTube all the time now; I wonder how much they paid for all of them.

One big annoyance on YouTube: when you search for "Walmart," it brings up all of the subdivisions, and I can't even find the main store, so I can't figure out what the hours are.

11:11:11 on 11/11/17.