2017 Nov 19 | Malibu Art Festival, cars and coffee

Ogii watching for kitties again.

They're playing in the plant.


Verizon is usually the most expensive but has the best coverage. This doesn't seem too bad, though. Our current contracts aren't up until March, however, so we'll see how things look then.

See side panel for complete instructions.

I'm pretty sure they could have fit "4-5 min" on the other side.

Uh oh, forgot Ogii was eating dinner with coworkers and didn't get anything to cook. Let's see what we have around the kitchen.


We had the Malibu Art Show this weekend. I had a bunch of pictures printed by ArtBeat Studios, which is out of Orange County. Normally they ship them via FedEx, but since I had ordered a larger number of them, they wanted to deliver them personally. So instead of having them drive all the way up to us and then us put them in the car and drive them back down a week later, we just had them meet us there the morning before the show, which saved them a lot of driving and us a lot of packing.

The canopies were higher than we are used to so we had to stand on chairs to reach the tops.

Pictures unloaded and walls up; now just have to hang the pictures.

I had a perfect plan for where we'd put which pictures. The only problem was I planned on 10'x10'x10' for each wall, and completely forgot the canopies aren't actually 10 feet high. Whoops.

Our booth all set up.

And the side. We put a few of the panoramas on the easels off to the side.

The pictures and walls of this other artist just fit in their van.

He upgraded to ProPanels, which he really likes. Even though they're heavier and take up more room, they look much more professional.

He's also doing more of the 3-piece prints; easier to transport.

The ProPanels definitely look nice. He has some great new shots, too, including some Joshua Tree and underwater whale ones.

Paintings and sculptures.


More artists.

Some local painters.

It's Malibu, so occasionally some really rich people walk by.

A live band.

Other vendors.

This guy had little lights for each of his paintings.

He just hooked them up to the little portable USB chargers. Good idea.

Eating dinner.

I have a very long tongue.

The art show was held at Cross Creek, a few blocks away from where it used to be. And right across the creek from this mansion.

A problem with moving it is not many people knew about it. They had put up these posters around town.

And had a few signs out by the major roads and people holdings signs, too.

A little cashmere store nearby.

I bought these chocolates at a little candy store. $35 for these two; I guess it is Malibu.

More live bands the next day.

Pretty sunset at the Malibu Pier.

This little car took up two spaces at the hotel.

Hard to see that sign in the weeds.

Huge house.

And another one.

And another one up on a hill above Ogii.

At the pier in the morning watching surfers.

Someone collected some shells.

I wonder if they actually camped there overnight; I'd assume that's not allowed.

A photographer taking pictures of birds.

Some ducks swimming around and another bird trying to eat a fish.

Most of the surfers were in wetsuits and still complained about how cold it was, but these two were just in bikinis.

Surfing as the sun rises.

Lots of sand in Ogii's shoes.

Dumping it out.

There's a cars and coffee meetup every other Sunday.

Smart cars with funny license plates.

This car is really cool.

Some classics.

There were a few rows of cars.

Old roadster.

And one with three wheels.

A Speed Racer car.


This McLaren could barely make it over the speed bumps.

Ready for a safari.

A cobra.

Which was used in the new Knight Rider TV show.

Back to the Future.

Rolls Royce.

It's for sale.

The paint job is gorgeous in the sun.

It's only $1 or 10% more for a full stack.

Ready to dig in.

Lots of good toppings.

Some of the artists weren't able to come for the last day of the show.

But some other vendors took their places.

Ogii doing a little work on her laptop.

The 40"x60" pictures barely fit in the back of the Prius, although we wouldn't be able to get more than 10.

We wrapped some of the smaller ones in a plastic cover and tied them on top.

A tight fit inside, but it worked.