2017 Nov 28 | Thanksgiving in South Dakota

The bus at the San Jose airport picking us up from the parking lot. The driver said we were lucky we got a spot; she counted only five open ones before we got there.

A really short security line.

A robot at the airport.

Is the bathroom closed or is it just a limbo game?

They don't have a McDonalds or Burger King or anything like that, so we ate breakfast at this bagel place.

It was OK, but I still prefer McDonalds.

One problem with buying used books; sometimes the person who had it before you is a little nutty with their highlighting.

Neat mural.

Fun statue.

A statue of a guy with an umbrella above the store.

The Minneapolis football game was on TV at our gate.


Hmm... where is everyone? Wait, I bet they changed the gate.

Yep. There was another guy who was sleeping on the chairs next to us, so Ogii woke him up to let him know it changed.

They had the game on at the other gate, too.

It was a close game as it was coming to a close, but they were boarding. The TVs were about five minutes behind the actual game, though, so we could check our phones and see who won the game.

This looks pretty empty.

Not many people on the plane at all.

Mom had lots of snacks for our trip from the airport.

And lots of snacks at home.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, although it's hard to tell.

Ogii playing with the dog.

Enjoying some jerky.

That's a big piece of meat.

I don't think we want to leave it inside overnight, though.

Up early to go hunting.

Very pretty sunrise.

And even a rainbow.


A deer way out in a field.

And another one.

Everyone in the truck.

Lots of guns to choose from.

The dog doesn't want to be left behind.

Walking for pheasants.

Gotta go through the trees.

Uh oh, Ogii got a little piece of wood in her eye. Easy to get out, though.

By a giant tumbleweed.

Watching a deer.

We got one pheasant.

A bigger bird cooking at home.

Dad cutting it up.

Mom had been busy preparing everything.

Looks good.

Movie time on the bed.

Gotta love Uncle Buck.

Out looking for deer again the next morning.

The dog keeps an eye out, too.

Some pheasants out in a field.

Some deer running.

It was a little cooler today.

Ogii making pancakes.

With initials for everyone.

Walking again.

What are all these feathers?

Something got this duck.

Some wheat in the sun.

Taking a break.

Selby found a pheasant. Good thing we had her; the bird was running and hiding in the deep grass.

Then I just happened to come across a pheasant I had shot the day before that we didn't find.

What good luck.

Ogii walking with dad.

Two pheasants today.

Looking through some old clothes.

Raiders shirt signed by some players and cheerleaders from when I lived in Berkeley.

I used to love this game.

Ogii with her favorite desserts.

Another day, another bird.

More deer running.

And some more.

Running across the road in front of us.

Cows on the hill at sunset.

Ogii happy under her seven layers of blankets.

Deer running across the road the next morning.

Dog and cat looking at each other.

Walking for pheasants.

Covered in stickers.

The dog found another pheasant.

Walking with the dog.

Two birds today.

Deer had rubbed their antlers on this tree.

Resting after a long day of walking.

Christmas lights at home.

Dinner of deer sausage.

Watching a movie.

Time for some cards. We don't have any poker chips, but we do have lots of candy corn.

A good hand.

The parents drove us up to a hotel the night before our plane left, and Mom gave us lots of food and snacks for dinner.

Sunrise on the plane.

Frozen yogurt at the Minneapolis airport.

Lots of free channels and games on this tablet there.

I love the spot the difference game.

Except the pictures are separated vertically, so I can't do my favorite cross my eyes and look for fuzzy spots to find the differences.

And I'm not even remotely close to the high score.

I turned it sideways so I could cross my eyes, but the screen was a little too picky about where exactly you clicked, so I still didn't do that well.

Both of us working on our computers at the airport.

The tiles are like an optical illusion.

Even watching it at 8x speed, Transformers: The Last Knight is still terrible.

Ah, poker. And you can play with other people on the plane.

We had to use our hands to shield our cards from each other.

There were even a few other people on the plane we could invite to our game.

5A; that sounds like first class. We could win a lot of money off of him. It's just play money, but we could make an agreement to be for real. Although then he might win.

Also backgammon.

And chess.

Pretty sunset over the ocean off the coast of California.