2017 Dec 12 | computer died, Christmas lights up

Weird Christmas sweaters at Walmart.

Trying out the new Mario game.

There was a penalty that resulted in them losing half the distance to the goal. But they were already within less than half a yard of the endzone, so the refs just moved the ball back a few inches.

Ogii putting her wrap-on sunglasses from the eye exam to good use to sleep in on the weekend.

Really sleep in; lunch in bed.

All strawberry and cherry dots out of this mini package; that's a jackpot.

If you buy multiple tubes of wrapping paper, you have to sword fight with them.

This guy bought a bunch of water.

Cheap alcohol.

Trying to figure out why my computer power supply isn't working.

Well, there's definitely a ton of dust in the fans.

I don't think that's causing the problem, but cleaning them out surely won't hurt.

I'll try to plug the power adapter in...

... but as soon as it gets halfway in, the power goes out. I'm not sure if its the adapter or something internal.

Watering Ogii's plant.

Which is way up on top of the cupboards.

Ogii making dinner.

Setting up some Christmas lights.

We decided to mostly just focus on this tree.

While one of our neighbors goes completely all out.

I'm trying to use a netbook instead of my laptop but this malware keeps popping up. I've tried everything to get rid of it and it's still there.

When I took my laptop in to a local computer repair shop it worked fine. But then I tried it again and it didn't, so I left it with them. They said it was the adapter, not the computer.

Kitten looking in the window.

Climbing the screen.

Wax lips.


Our Christmas lights went out and the outlets they were plugged into stopped working. We decided to check the security cameras and it seems one of the sprinklers somehow turned itself on and fried the outlets.

There the lights go. Unfortunately, I couldn't just reset the GFCI outlets, so they'll have to be replaced.

CrackerJack doesn't have the temporary tattoos any more?

Looks like it's some sort of sticker for a game on your phone.

Ogii feeding cats.

They were picking up the garbage right as I was about to leave for work. Good timing.

Pretty sunset.

Some sort of Christmas parade at the local school.

Ogii doesn't want to get out of bed.

We can coax her with some chocolate from an Advent Calendar, though.

The Roomba doing its thing.

It looks like it's trying to hide.

Construction on the bridge.

Eating at a Thai restaurant in Salinas.

Only a few Christmas trees left at Walmart.

Same price, but the Douglas fir is bigger. Plus I prefer its needles.

The line for Ross is all the way to the back of the store. I don't need anything that badly.

Stuffed deer at the sporting goods store.

If we just leave the tree like that, It'll be a lot easier to clean up.

But Ogii wanted decorations on it.

Pretty sunset.


This is what our Saturday nights have turned into: watching kittens in the back yard.

Ogii cooking again; yum.