2017 Dec 19 | Last Jedi movie at CityWalk, Kendra birthday karaoke

Foggy sunrise.

A ton of birds in this field.

Holiday party at Ogii's boss' house.

Nice desserts.

The women of the company.

Bright sunset.

An electrician came out to check on the broken outlets.

Down in LA and eating at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk.

Lots of movie memorabilia.

The Last Jedi in 3D IMAX.

Fun poster.

Some guys dressed up for the movie.

In front of the Christmas tree with Santa.

Big candies.

Guys running through the fountain jets.

I don't know about that outfit.

Beer pong dice takes all of the fun out of beer pong.

Google Maps now lists parking garages and lots.

An art gallery in downtown LA.

It goes back quite a ways.

Petri dish art.

I like the bees hanging from the ceiling.

Way in the back.

This particle trap made by Ogii's coworker was there.

Dinner for Kendra's birthday at Beer Belly.

Captain Crunch French toast with marshmallows for dessert.

Along with Deep fried pop tarts and oreos.

Then onto karaoke.

There are a hundred buttons on this thing but we only used a few.

The group.


Singing hard.

Kendra serenading us.

Us four.

Shots all around.

The tambourine added some nice accompaniment.

Kendra and Kat.

End of the night.

One of the things I miss the most about living in LA: the blimp.

Ogii had lunch with one of her old coworkers, so I went to this little Mexican place by the Westside Pavilion. There were only a few people there but they had football on, so I and another guy talked about that for a few hours.

I'm sure they have some program that automatically sets movie times. They need to stagger when they get out so the cleaning crews have time between shows.

Picking up the football games on the drive home. 570am is an LA station, and once we get over the mountains, we can't reach it any more, but then we switch to 940am in Fresno.