2017 Dec 26 | Christmas with parents in California

Well, the temperature is certainly getting Christmas-y.

Frost on car windshields.

Both neighbors across from us have a ton of Christmas lights.

Auntie Acid calendars ready to be sent to family.

This was one of my favorite toys as a kid.

Even the Advent Calendar knows we're close to Christmas.

Roast in the crock pot.

Wrapping up some books. All you really need to cover is the name.

Because even if you wrap it up completely it's still obvious its a book.

That's the biggest grocery bill we've ever had. Ogii bought lots of food for when the parents come.

Nice sunset.

Ogii called me and said there was something weird in the sky. I Googled around and there was a rocket launch, but everyone from San Francisco to Los Angeles was freaking out about it.

The tree with presents.

That's the opposite of what I'd want.

Nice pictures at the hotel we got for picking up the parents from the San Jose airport.

Presents and balloons for mom.

And some cakes.

We were at the baggage claim before the parents and we knew which luggage was theirs.

Mom blowing out candles.

Nice card.

Mom brought cookies for us, too.

Don't think I'd want to be in the Midwest right now.

I prefer the temperature around here.

Some of my photographs were going to be hung in the China Basin Building in San Francisco.

Bruce was the front desk person there. I hadn't seen him in over ten years; he used to work across the street when I worked in San Francisco. What a crazy coincidence.

Taking the pictures in.

Mine were going up at UCSF Radiology.

The entrance hall there.

It's right across from AT&T Park.

Lots of grand pianos sticking out of this building.

Cheap parking.

City Hall.

People serving the homeless at the central library.

A knit tree.

A Russian bells concert at the library.

With his daughter.

Onto lunch at Espetus, a Brazilian steakhouse.

Mom getting some meat.

And Dad.

And Ogii.

I've never seen cooked pineapple like this before.

That's a lot of meat.

Love the bread and bananas.

They have a funny bathroom sign.

Light cloud cover.

Next up: The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation.

For their Festival of Lessons and Carols.

They have really pretty stained glass. The man seated in front of us didn't know he was going to be reading, but he still did an amazing job.

Tom and Jerry's house.

Back home for a pretty sunrise.

Ogii cooking breakfast.

Making Christmas cookie ornaments.


Opening a few presents.

A neat old calendar.

Watching Home Alone.

Neat chocolates.

Ogii cooking dumplings.

Time to walk a bit in Sand City.

Lots of different colors.

Neat waves.

Walking back.

So bright.

At the Monterey Wharf.

They decorated it with some Christmas cutouts.

This corner building was turned into a candy store. That's too bad; there are plenty of those already. We should have rented it.

Ogii reaching for a quarter.

This house has some gigantic blowups.

Candy Cane Lane.


I'm not sure if Pokemon is Christmas.

Snow White and Three Kings.



Older toys.

Nice sunset over the ocean.

A lights display set to music.

People watched from cars and just stood around. It was 15-minutes long, a perfect length.

Ogii cooking again.

Dinner and a movie: The Ref.

Opening some more presents.

Ogii taking a well-deserved nap.

Dad hid some cookies around the house.

Ooh, they have a little present attached.

Mom helping Ogii with breakfast.

French Toast souffle.

Time to eat.

Ogii and Dad in an intense game of chess.

By the stockings.

More presents.

Another movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Ogii teaching the parents how to use the drone.

See? It's easy.

Mom giving it a shot.

Apple tasting.

I liked Granny Smith.

Ogii did not. The others were fairly close.

Chopping them up.

What should we do with them?

I guess giving them to the cats was not a good idea; they're not interested at all.

Playing rummy.

This could be really good or really bad.

Ogii slamming down her winning card.

She crushed us.

Those are neat lights; just a solid line along the outlines.

Ogii made roast duck.

And pancakes the next morning.

Mom tested my blood glucose. Not too bad.

Transporting palm trees.

We went to a spa in San Jose for massages, steam rooms, and saunas. I was a bit surprised when the masseuse straddled me in her short dress, though.

All comfy afterwards.

Downtown with a bunch of Christmas trees decorated by various groups.

Dracula tree wants blood.

Plates and cups.

Kissing under mistletoe.

Now time to watch Star Wars at the dome theater.

Although we were still a bit early, so we played rummy at Starbucks.

Dad's either going to double up or get hammered.

Continuing the game first in line at the theater.

Since it's a dome, you really want to be one of the first people in to get seats near the back center; otherwise you're going to be way too close.