2017 Dec 31 | NYE at home

Tried getting a new power cord for my laptop and that didn't work. I could try to get it repaired, but it's a few years old, really heavy to carry around, and the battery only lasts for a couple of hours when it's not plugged in, so I decided to get a new one instead. The Dell XPS 13 gets really good reviews, so I thought I'd buy one of those. It was even on sale. But between when I started looking at it and trying to buy it, it sold out.

So I guess I'll get the XPS 15 Touch instead. I don't usually use a touch screen, but it might come in useful in the future, and it still has a big discount. Although it's almost sold out as well, so I have to hurry.

Normally I wouldn't pay extra for faster shipping, but in this case, it's only 1.4% of the total cost, so not so bad.

And my credit card thought it might be a scam, so they declined it. Not what I need when they might be selling out right now. Thankfully it went through with PayPal.

Stores switched over to chip readers because if there's fraud, the store is responsible for it if the store doesn't have a card reader, whereas the credit card company is responsible if the store does have a chip reader. I guess the USPS isn't too worried.

This is a neat feature; it says "scam likely" for incoming calls if the number is in a database that has been reported to be a scam.

My new laptop. The delivery driver came by when I wasn't home and left a door sticker, but thankfully he came by again later that night when I was home.

The big thing it's missing is a number pad. Then again, when I'm at home, I plug it into a separate keyboard with one, so it's not that big of a deal.

It also has the fuction keys the opposite of what I'm used to. I use F2 to rename files a lot and very rarely lower the volume, so I don't like it this way. Thankfully you can switch it in the BIOS.

Well I don't like that. But so far that's only popped up once.

First step: download Firefox.

I wish I would have bought Bitcoin back in 2010. Buying $10 at $0.01 then would be 1000 Bitcoin and now worth over $10 million.

Property for sale. That first one is really cheap for a 4 bedroom; there has to be something wrong with it, but might be fun to check it out just in case. Missed on Bitcoin; maybe we could hit on this.

Doesn't look too bad.

Zillow estimates it worth double what its worth and will be worth five times as much in a year.

Except you have to tear it all down, there's no cell service, and it's on a small road that's no closer to work for either of us.

If we had $62 million sitting around we could buy this lot instead. Should have bought $60 in Bitcoin back in 2010.

Although that's a really big risk, hoping a new community pops up there.

This farm on the north side of down had a horse that we haven't seen for a few months. Now they tore down the house, too. I wonder if the people living there moved or died.

I think this new building north of the police station is a marijauna processing plant.

It's pretty big.

Dr. Rasheed is opening a new clinic, but the ad doesn't say what town it's in. That seems like a useful piece of info.

Colorful sunrise.

There are some new kittens, two gray and and black. The yellow teenager is checking them out.

I love this shirt, I just don't know when I'd ever wear it. I'd buy it if it were $10, but it's over $100.

There was a UFC fight Saturday night and the one announcer would not stop talking about underhooks the entire time.

Ogii learned how to play with the kittens with a stick from Dad.

Taking some Christmas lights down. Sorry, spider, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave your home.

Funny parking sign.

We thought about a few different New Year's Eve parties, including this one in San Francisco.

However, there's some quest to find a key; that sounds more like work than relaxing. Also, they don't allow personal cameras. That's a dealbreaker for me.

So we just stayed at home.

Home-made cake by Ogii.

Watching Four Rooms.

Countdown on CNN. The anchor was really enjoying her marijuana drink, and the station rushed back to the other anchors.

27 seconds.

Hurry, Ogii, hurry!

Happy new year!

The best part was the ball drop was in New York City, so we got to be at 9pm instead of midnight.