2018 Jan 07 | hiking at Pinnacles

Aunty Acid wants to exercise for New Year, so I guess we will, too.

There's no official sign to mark the turn for King City, but there is this hand-painted one.

This little girl is out walking with her dog and goats and sheep. That's a nice life.

We went to the east side of the Pinnacles, which is about an hour drive.

Park entrance.

You need to buy a pass first.

Might as well get an annual one.

A squirrel.

We got there around 1pm, so the higher parking lots were all full. You could take a shuttle up to them, though, and start your hikes from there. We decided to just hike from this parking lot up to the higher one.

Lots of fuzz from the plants.

Ogii under a big tree.

And inside of one.

Looking at the pinnacles.

I wonder why they put these criss cross patterns on the bottom of trees they cut down. Maybe to indicate they're purposely cut and didn't just fall?

The walking trail runs next to a dry creek bed.

Across a bridge.

Ogii on top of a big tree.

From below.

At the side.

A long ways down to the water below.

Across another bridge.

Climbing across some rocks off the trail.

Snack break.

Some people practicing rock climbing.

That'd be a nice play to work.

We hiked from the bottom-right corner where the lower parking lot is and are halfway to the Y in the middle, which is the upper parking lot.

And we're there.

At the Bear Gulch parking lot.

It's 3:30; glad we made it before the shuttle stopped.

We'll have to check these caves out in the future and see if there are any bats.

A long line for the shuttle. It's about a 20-minute round trip and there were three shuttles worth of people in line, so about an hour wait. You could actually hike down in about that time, but we just took that same route up, so we decided to wait for the shuttle.

We picked up some trash on the hike.

Neat clouds.

Shuttle ride down.

This little road was closed from what looks like a rock slide. But it's only a few hundred feet more to go around, so not a big deal.

Aw, V's Diner, the first place we ate when we moved here is now closed.

Kinda scary that Google remembers the last time we ate there.

Neat clouds.

There's something fishy going on there. Most 1TB external hard drives are around $100 and I don't think they even make 30TB ones.

A ton of rain and the roof is leaking a bit here.

We put down a bowl and called the property management company. Thankfully it's not too bad.

Fog in the hills after the rain.

Big cloud.

Bright sunrise.

After living in LA, it's fun seeing places you recognize in movies and music videos. This is just north of the Santa Monica pier.

Eating at a Russian restaurant in LA.

Good food.

Neat photographs on the walls.

Not cheap, though.

Ogii watching cartoons in bed on her phone.

The escalator was closed. Some guy was looking at his phone and walked all the way up, only to see it was blocked off, so he walked all the way back down and then back up on the stairs.