2018 Jan 14 | hiking wishing well, Paraiso Winery

Fog in the hills.

It's raining, so the cats will probably be cold. We took some of the boxes we had from big pictures and angled them against the house for cover. Then we put some food and blankets down underneath.

It's leaking a bit from the ceiling in our bedroom. Thankfully just a slow drip.

Lots of water in the back yard.

And even more along the side.

My new laptop is updating its firmware. I wonder if that's for the Spectre and Meltdown malware.

I love this little moving sand picture. Especially because a few of the grains glow in the dark.

Ugh, there's already mold on some of these strawberries in the supermarket.

More fog in the hills.

Ogii actually was able to pet a cat while feeding them this time.

Uh oh, too many cats and not enough bowls.

Getting some of mama's milk.

So cute looking in the window.

The guy was checking it out, too.

All of our tupperware containers are being used. No more cooking for a while.

Ooh, a meet and greet package with Steve Aoki.

A cake package, too. It even includes a jacket.

$500 is a bit much, though.

Somebody already bought them all, anyway.

$104 for two general admission tickets to the show in Los Angeles on Friday.

It's $13 more for the show in San Francisco on Saturday.

Very foggy now after the rains.

Hey, I don't get a $1 discount for the SD version?

Ogii getting every last cent out of the toothpaste.

Saturday morning we went hiking. To get to the west side of the Pinnacles, you go through Soledad; to get to the east side like last time, you go farther south.

Hey, the summer sausage is for during the hike, not the drive to the hike!

A vineyard up this road, too.

This side of the Pinnacles has a gate that opens at 7:30am and closes at 8:00pm. The other side is open 24 hours.

Not too long of a drive; about 30 minutes.

Some baby cows running.

One lane road ahead.

It's pretty skinny, but you could usually fit two cars.

Although it's a bit scary going around the corners.

We saw this sign along the way and decided to stop.

Just a random little parking area alongside the road.

Maybe the wishing well is along this path?

Ducking under a tree.

A rather deep crevice.

Can she make it up on her own?

I guess not.

More ducking.

A nice little tree grove.

You can see the pinnacles in the distance.

The path diverges here.

We took the route upwards.

And around.

And then back down. Maybe there's more trail that goes up more, but we couldn't really find anything definite.

I guess this is the end; we hit a fence.

I wonder what the sign said.

Some moss on this rock.

A hole with a plastic pipe leading into it.

Me up in a tree.

And Ogii under one.

Sticking her head up.

A big tree that fell down.

Some neat little plants.

Really fuzzy.

We took a slightly different way back and had to crawl under this tree.

A little path going up.

Through the weeds.

Up on top.

Aw, somebody left some garbage.

And some more.

We'll pick it up.

Dew on a spider web.

A makeshift bridge.

Well, we can't get lost now because we can see the road.

A lot more garbage. We'll have to come back to get this.

We didn't find the wishing well. Maybe it was one of the holes? Or maybe it's supposed to be this culvert area?

Well, we didn't even make it to the Pinnacles but we got our hike in. Now there's a problem: going back on the one-way road in the opposite of most traffic, as in the morning, most people are going to the Pinnacles, not coming from them.

Thankfully this pickup was in front of us for a bit, so we could use him as a blocker.

A coyote keeping an eye on us.

Back onto the two-lane road just in time as this car was coming.

This place was for rent. Although we're looking to buy, and it's a bit out of the way.

Now time to find a winery.

There are a lot around.

Mostly to the west.

Although they all open at 11am and it's not quite 10am, so we need to waste a bit of time.

Guess we'll check out the thrift store.

Cute little rabbit and own.

I loved this toy as a kid.

Cute octopus.

A lot of books in a series.

It's a little too light.

Different weeks and days have different sales.

No sales tax? I guess they're nonprofit.

Not sure how accurate these are, but that seems good.

Eating steak at the Windmill restaurant.

Which winery should we choose?

Let's go to this one up on the hill.


A nice series of wines.

Ogii trying one.

Clean little store area.

And a great view from their deck.

Gotta watch out for tractors on the road.

They put in a turn lane for the new Dollar General.

I've never had a Kinder Egg before.

Not quite like the original German ones that have the toy inside the chocolate; that's illegal in the US because US children are stupid and might swallow the toy. But still very tasty.

The toy is OK, I guess.

Taking down the Christmas lights.

Gotta get the lights from outside, too.

Sawing up the Christmas tree.

Making slightly more permanant shelters for the cats than just having the boards sitting against the wall.

One box on the bottom to stay above the wet ground and one on top for cover.

Hopefully the cats will like them.

A few different oranges from the local farm.

This used to be Cheezer's Pizza but now it's California Gourmet Pizza.

Ogii made a cute pig out of the chili and rice.

How are you supposed to park in that spot?

This is an ad for an app that tracks your business miles. I dunno; it's pretty easy to just keep a log in a text file on my phone. I'm not sure I'd trust the app, either.

Yoga time.

Lots of sheep, including some cute lambs.

It that supposed to be Roman Numerals? If so, I think it's 3155. What does that mean?

Gotta buy a lotto ticket when it's above $300 million. And both games are now.

Some flame coming out of this pipe.

A hawk up on some trees.

Some cool tie knots.

Holy cow does is the display on my new laptop huge. I remember when 1040 was big; this is over three times that size. It's actually too big because it makes my pictures too small when I try to edit them.

I want a little program to sit on my desktop so I can use it as a countdown timer. I'm not going to sign in for a countdown timer program, though; that's just dumb.

What do you mean another computer is using the printer? The only other computers connected to this printer are our phones, and they're sure not printing anything.

Wow, Sonic cable internet service in San Francisco gives 900 Mbps speeds; that's insane. However, it's not even available in all areas of San Francisco.