2018 Jan 21 | Old World in Huntington Beach, Smorgasboard in LA

Tried turning on my old computer after a few weeks and it's starting up now, although the internal battery is totally dead. Maybe the internal battery was shorting it out when it had a bit of charge but now it'll work OK like a desktop.

The ceiling is still peeled a bit from the water coming through.

A few ceiling pieces fell on the floor, too.

It's really foggy driving along highway 46.

At least until you get across the hills around the junction with 41. Then it usually clears up.

Some cool lenticular clouds above other clouds.

And neat sun rays.

There's actually snow on highway 5 around the grapevine up in the mountains.

Thankfully the road wasn't closed.

I love New York style pizza.

That's a really cool shirt in Sak's Off Fifth, but it's like $100.

Some other cool ones by the same designer, Robert Graham.

I'm not sure who could fit into women's pants this tall. The waist is above my chest.

Shoes with eyes on them.

Shiny cat shoes.

These are kinda cool.

But not $500 cool.

We went to Marshall's after that and I saw the exact same shirt, only for much cheaper.

Marshall's sometimes has really nice wrapping paper.

A really long line. I stood in it while Ogii shopped some more.

Next stop was Old World in Huntington Beach.

Lots of meats.

They have lots of little stores that form a village.

This one has these cool rock lamps. I like the one with multiple rock pieces on the right.

A little bar.

Glass blowers working late at night.

A clock shop.

With some grandfather clocks.

Tons of steins.

Toy soldiers.

Homemade apple strudel.

Smells so good.

A little coffee shop.

A photography studio.

It looks like some people actually live here, too, above the shops.

The main restaurant.

Great food.

This donation box is full. Although I wonder how often they clean them out.

The blimp.

Replacing lane dividers on the highway.

The homeless have accumulated so much junk here it spills out onto the road from the sidewalk.

Smorgasboard, a collection of food stands in the eastern part of downtown.

Nice little sitting area.

It was packed, though.

All the food vendors were along the outside.

That looks good.

A beer garden at the end.

And more vendors up the other side. In the middle were various non-food vendors.

Some of the vendors had really long lines.

This one had a much shorter line and looked really good.

Spicing the meat.

Very tasty. They actually started running after food only a few people after us.

There are also lots of little shops in the area.

Down both sides.

A fair number of clothing stores.

Although they don't have too much clothing in them.

Some cool lamps and other home decorations.

Lots of emtpy ones, too.

The layout of the area.

It's kind of a self-enclosed system inside these buildings, with the parking and stores, although it doesn't really have restaurants. This area of downtown is pretty run down right now, too, but maybe if more stores move in it will attract more customers.

Tons of sheep.

Hauling them.

The junction at 5 and 46 has a lot of gas stations. Arco is the cheapest.

Then Love's...

... and Pilot are the next, about 20 cents per gallon more.

And then there are the others, around $1.00 per gallon more than Arco.

AirBnB has such crazy fees in cities. It says $150 but it ends up being $267. $150 is comparable to an OK hotel room, so I might take an AirBnB over that, but only if it's really cool. Otherwise the pain of trying to meet someone to get the key makes hotels so much more convenient. And it it ends up being $100 more, then it's really not worth it.

All the best restaurants have tiny portions.

I searched for Hotels.com and now the Dilbert website is completely infested with ads for it. There are three separate ads on the page right now.

A virtual meeting with the Monterey Bay Optometric Society via Google Hangouts.