2008 Mar 16 | parents here, NOSA Easter Eggs

Mom and Dad came down down for the first weekend of spring break. We went to the park by Wal-Mart to feed the ducks, geese, and muscovies.

There were guys waiting for work in the parking lot of Fiesta when we went to get an estimate on the truck damage.

That afternoon we went to the rodeo, which has Martina McBride singing.

We went to Galveston on Sunday. It was a little too cold to sit on the beach, so we drove around and looked at places, including the Bishop's Palace.

Then we drove up to the Kemah boardwalk.

Dad and I rode the rollercoaster.

You can get a really nice view of everything from the top.

On the way back we drove by NASA.

And we also went by the gigantic buildup of cars trying to get to the rodeo. Here they're backed up all the way onto 610.

I had to go to the post office to renew my passport, and instead of having the nice bright yellow lines most parking lots have, it only had these slightly-darker bricks spaced apart, which made it really hard to see where you could park.

They were also apparently short of letters and numbers for their sign. It's amazing that they can't find a couple of bucks out of the trillion-dollar budget the US government has.

One of our classmates who lives in Kingwood (on the northeast part of Houston) invited us up for a BBQ. If I left around 5pm, though, I'd get stuck in traffic headed out of town after work, so I left a few hours earlier and studied at Deer Ridge Park.

I hadn't seen turtles in years. You couldn't get very close without them diving into the water, but the babies were a little less wary.

I've always hated parks that don't let anybody who wants to play on the fields. I can see if you want to have certain times blocked off for league practice or games, but to not let anybody on it at all when nobody else is using it is just a waste. And if you're worried about the field quality, a sign saying "please don't tear the field up by playing in the pouring rain" or something would work fine.

Apart from eating a ton of food, we also played Wii. Their oldest son destroyed all of us.

It drives me nuts when there is a long line at the bank and some of the employees (I'm guessing supervisors) just sit there and don't really do anything. They should at least act like they're busy with something.

Friday night some of us went to the Spaghetti Warehouse for Fernanda's birthday. The food and the server were really good, but it was extremely slow. We were there for nearly two-and-a-half hours.

Afterwards we went to club Venue. There was a lot of space but there were chairs and couches taking up all of the room, so there wasn't a lot of room to dance. I couldn't stay long, though, because I had to get up early for the...

...Easter egg hunt. There were a bunch of people from different groups helping out in addition to the NOSA group from UHCO (a few sororities, Target, the Lions club, etc). We put normal Easter eggs in this part of the park. Someone who lived next door had chickens and ducks that came to see what was going on.

In this part of the park we put beeping Easter eggs for kids with really poor vision. We didn't have a lot of beepers, though, so we had the kids bring the eggs to one of the Easter bunnies, trade it for candy, and then we would rehide the egg. Well, we didn't really "hide" any of the eggs, beeping or non, because there wasn't really anything to hide them under.

My memory might be bad, but I remember getting about 5 or so eggs at Easter egg hunts. These kids grabbed tons. This little boy filled up his basket, so An used her shirt as a basket to help him get more. There weren't that many kids this year, though, so everybody had this many.

There was a DJ playing music, and this girl and boy danced to almost all of the songs. I was surprised that kids that young knew all of the "correct" moves to the hip hop songs.

Then the volunteers joined in for the bunny hop...

...and the Cupid Shuffle.

There's construction on Kirby, so I tend to avoid it if it's busy. I'm surprised that giant concrete thing doesn't tip over when the semi goes around corners. I'd stay away from him on the highways just in case.