2018 Jan 28 | Arroyo Seco River hike, Scheid Vineyards

Great dinner by Ogii.

Aw, I've only had these jeans a few months and they're already fraying on the bottom because they're too long and they drag on the ground.

A train with lots of military vehicles.

Accident on the side of the highway.

That doesn't look good.

Ice on the windshield in the morning.

A big raincloud.

Raining over here.

Clear skies over here.

A double rainbow.

The raincloud with the rainbow.

Aw, a fox got hit on the highway.

Llamas and sheep.

Cool shirt.

Chicken and cooked pineapple.

And $2 sangria.

I spent a few hours looking at different credit cards to use for gas and groceries, but in the end, you only save a few hundred dollars difference between them. So it cost me more in time researching them than I'll save.

Cats watching bugs by the back light.

Peeking in the window.

I can touch my nose with my tongue; Ogii can't.

Ogii made a crepe for breakfast.

The one-lane bridge west of town.

Hope nobody comes.

There's a few paths you can take from the top...

... to get down by the Arroyo Seco river. It's very clear water.

Watch out for cockleburrs.

To the east.

With the bridge behind.

Headed back up.

I don't think we can make it up there.

And that way is pretty narrow.

This way looks good.

This is the other side. I wonder if you can go down this way, too.

Not a chance; it's straight down.

Aw, their old sign fell down.

Which winery should we go to?

Let's head to the south.

You can't miss this one with it's giant wind turbine.

Sheid Vineyards.

Nice deck.

A little seating area out back.

looking back the other way.

The tasting room.

Very clean inside.

They actually have multiple vineyards.

Cool lights from a local artist; I think this guy is in Paso Robles because we've seen a gallery with metal sculptures there.

Some more.

Lots of options.

Ogii sniffing.

I really liked the crackers.

Nice, they're from Nob Hill.

Two wines.

Cooking steak.

With grapes.

Ogii made mashed potatoes.

Well this is annoying. There are some random iTunes charges on my credit card.

But I don't have any purchases under my iTunes account.

I called iTunes support and they used my credit card on multiple accounts. Guess I'll have to cancel that card and get a new one.

I installed iTunes just to make sure it wasn't going through my account.

But it installs all this other crap, too.

The nurses at the prisons can make nearly $200,000 with overtime and benefits. That's amazing.