2018 Feb 04 | Locke Hadden Park hike, bowling, Super Bowl

Lunar eclipse.

Coming out of it.

Pretty sunrise.

With the Statue of Liberty.

Flipping around the function keys in the BIOS of my laptop.

There are still JC Pennys around?

That's a tall burger on the right.

Another pretty sunrise.

I haven't eaten at an Applebees in years.

Aw, it costs $2 to play their games.

Sunrise again.

This one with an almost full moon.

Cool clouds.

The repair man fixed the ceiling, although it looks ugly because he didn't paint it.

We got the same credit cards linked to the same account so it's easier to track expenses.

Everything is blue on this side of my wallet.

Ogii makes better groundhog teeth than I do, although Bill Murray does it the best.

Cat climing the screen. He's getting bigger now.

Uh oh, they're thinking about coming in.

A gummy lifesavers tic-tac-toe game.

Walking around Locke Paddon Park.

Out on a little dock.

Although the water is pretty nasty.

I thought they didn't make Four Loko any more?

Me on a giant tree stump.

A little trail through the grass.

Ogii coming up.

Cool building.

On some train tracks.

Thankfully it looks like they're abandoned.

Walking along them.

Too many weeds for that now.


Duck crossing.

This looks like some homeless people live down here.

A few kids were out racing their RC cars.

Ogii on a bench.

High bacteria count; I guess we won't be swimming.

Some funky trees.

Me up in them.

These three are growing together.

Ogii inside.

They're planting a bunch of new trees.

It's going to take them a while to grow.

Me by a fallen old one.


An Asian market nearby.

Lots of Asian food.

And snacks.

Weird bananas.

Colorful dragon fruit.

Then time for Korean BBQ.

Followed by bowling in Salinas. But first, a few games. Everyone loves Skee-Ball.

As well as air hockey.

Onto bowling.

Ogii throwing.

Uh oh, they're better than us.

We almost broke 100.


We got a notice on our phones that the side garage door alarm went off. When we got home we saw a police car there, and sure enough, someone had kicked in the side door.

They had come in through this gate.

There wasn't much the police could do, but he did take a report.

Pieces of the door.

Thankfully he didn't get in to the main house; the alarm scared him away.

It'll take a few days for the repair man to fix the door, so I guess I'll hammer a few wedges in the frame in the meantime.

The thief also tried to get in through the back sliding door.

He had pried it outwards.

Cute little snail.

We went to Paso Robles to watch the Super Bowl, but a lot of the restaurants were closed.

That's nice for the workers.

This place will be open, but it's not open yet, so we'll wander around a little.

Cool sign.

Who would ever want to buy movie concessions without watching a movie?

An art studio with many artists.

We ended up going to Pappy McGregor's to watch the game.

It has this brick out front.

Watch the first step.

We could sit at this bar.

Or this second bar.

Or out back.

Or even farther out back. We chose the out back but not this far.

Lots of good food.

Two types of alcohol.


An appetizer platter.

Standing for the national anthem.

An amazing jumping catch.

The Vikings ad was fun.

Trying to jump over the defender, but it didn't work.

Messed up hold.

And the kick hits the uprights.

Trick play with a pass to Brady, but he missed it; hard catch, though, over his head.

Time for the main meal.

Tips the pass...

... and caught by a Patriot.

Breaking tackles...

... to score a touchdown.

Another kick is wide.

Monstrous stiff arm.

This time the Eagles go for the trick play, throwing to the quarterback.

Only Foles catches it. Although it was a much easier catch.

Touchdown Patriots; they're coming back.

Diving for the touchdown.

But when he lands...

... the ball bounces out.

He starts to roll...

... but he keeps his eye on the ball...

... and brings it back in. A bit of a debate of whether it was a touchdown, but it's ruled one.

The only turnover of the game for the Eagles, but it's huge: knocking the ball out of Brady's hand.

Brady has one more shot at the endzone.

And not quite. What an exciting game.

Time for dessert.