2018 Feb 18 | ScotsFest at Queen Mary

Pretty sunset.

They said the password was a lowercase "J," not uppercase. Sure looks uppercase to me. I guess that circle is supposed to be a dot to indicate it's lowercase?

Lots of railroad ties by the railroad.

Hmm, I wonder where I put the hangers when I buy shirts at the self-service checkout. Ah, a little garbage bin to put them in.

Except people have thrown lots of garbage in there.

That seems like a pretty good deal.

You can get newer phones, too.

One problem with staying in cheaper hotels: a much greater risk of bedbugs.

Thankfully it's not a big deal and the welts just go away after a week, but they're still itchy for a while.

Pretty picture of Yosemite.

They put little stickers on the sliding doors so people don't walk through them.

It's pretty cold; there's frost on the windshield.

Not fun driving fun into the sun.

Ogii's flowers and card for Valentine's Day.

Ogii left me a heart of kisses.

My walkman is kind of dying. It says the batteries are low but the strips on the batteries say they're fine.

Ogii made dumplings for Mongolian New Year. I found one of the coins in mine.

And another one. Lots of good luck.

Sun shining through the clouds.

Watch for deer.

There was actually a small herd of them here.

Neat rock formation.

Have to go out in the morning of Mongolian New Year's and do this.

Ogii gets to light her stick on fire.

Then throw some milk.

You can see the sun come up on the hills.

Almost there.

Foto fro.

Cows up on the hill.

More cows by the sign for Tejon Ranch.

Down in LA for the weekends. It looks like they've made a new house for the blimp.

I guess these are some sort of camera, although I'm not sure exactly what for.

We went to the Queen Mary for ScotsFest on Saturday.

However, the parking lot was full. So we had to go park at the Pike instead.

Interesting mix of people on the shuttle bus back to the Queen Mary; woman all dressed up nicely and dude with his shirt open.

A band practicing out front.

Some tents set up with people dressed like the old days.

Ogii by some horses.

Dogs herding sheep.

Dagii and Sarnai enjoying it.

Some music.

A field with athletic events going on.

Women performing the hammer throw.

Winding up.

There it goes.

It's weird they release it backwards over their heads.

Throwing a weight backwards over a bar.

Tossing the caber.

They had whiskey tastings, although they were sold out.

Looks fun.

Lots of food.

Let's get something here.

Haggis and bridie.

The kid's zone.

Shooting a bear with an arrow.

Teaching the kids the caber toss.

A jump house.

Why come all the way out to get a drink when you can just stick your head through the side.

A vendor section.

Old guns.


A directory.

More games.

The women's turn for the caber toss.


It's spinning.

It's going to make it.

Most of the people didn't even get it end over end, but if you do, you're also judged on how straight it lands.

A guy on stilts with a tip jar on his cane.

More bands.

And another one.

This guy was really dressed up.

There were also some things inside the Queen Mary itself.

Including musicians.

And a darts tournament.

It's interesting seeing the very old alongside the very new.

Ogii by a woman dressed as Scottish Lucy.

Bird master. He works at Medieval Times as well.

Flying low.

The hawk catching the treat.

Ogii petting an owl.

Pretty necklaces.

Throwing a bale over a bar, like into a barn.

It didn't quite make it. The last guy almost made the world record.

Some nice seating areas by the games.

Back past the tents.

Women at this one.

Someone was selling hot dogs by the bus stop.

Back at the Pike. This area used to have hundreds of people playing Pokemon Go; now there are only a few.

A view of downtown LA from the bridge in Long Beach.

Pretty colors.

We had dinner at the Depot.

Very nice inside.

Great foods and tons of it.

The menus appear to be hand written.

This dinner they're putting on sounds amazing. They also have cooking classes...

... and lots of other events. Really cool.

Then off to the Moose Lodge in Torrance for some poker. No swearing.

How did Ogii get all of those chips?


A huge pot.

And Lance makes his straight.

Dagii made some amazing pancakes the next morning.

I miss seeing the blimp in DTLA.