2018 Mar 04 | history days at San Francisco Old Mint

Bought some cute marshmallow treats for Ogii. Even the clerk said they were really cute when I was buying them.

Sunrise peeking through beneath some clouds and above the ground.

Checking out things to do in San Francisco this weekend; this looks fun.

Except it's supposed to be raining then, so maybe not.

Starting to rain on our drive there.

Although there aren't any clouds above us, so where's it coming from?

An accident on the way.

Causing it to be really backed up in the other direction.

A Tesla charging area at the Gilroy Outlets. All of them have custom license plates: Gandhis, Elecblu, and Enogas.

Another accident. It's really not that wet, though, so I don't know how all these people are ending up in the ditch.

What in the world? Snow? It lasted for less than a mile, but that's crazy.

A cable car car.

A black Corvette driven by a black man with a license plate saying "black like me." That's great.

I don't think many people are walking on the highway.

Really pretty buildings; black with blue windows.

The new Salesforce Tower really stands up in the San Francisco skyline.

Cool building.

Yep, we're in San Francisco; Asian family and homeless person.

The San Francisco Old Mint was having history days.

They had barkers standing on the stairs inviting people in.

On the other side.

So many doors.

Exhibit on an old church.

Big machine.

With lots of pipes.

Old gambling games.

Ogii in front of a vault.

I think this is the inside of the lock on the door.

They were showing films inside.

It was full.

I don't think this hanging light switch is up to code.

Old rope and knots.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency photo archive.

Digging through the hills.

Many more rooms in the basement.

After the earthquake they put up a ton of these refugee shacks.

You could walk around inside the outline of one.

Native American items.

A room with authors selling books.

A huge room with exhibits of many different neighborhoods.

Cultural map.

More booths over here.

Including the fire department.

Building the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lots of people were dressed up in old times outfits.

Irish Hill; never heard of that.

Just a tiny piece remains.

That's a big book.

Silent film museum that still shows movies.

Another historical movie.

A vault.

Walking tours.

Buffalo soldiers.

A big room.

Cable car museum.

Wells Fargo.

Ogii finding out the bar of gold is quite heavy.

Railway fare collection machines.

Grabbing some lunch.

I'm not sure if these guys are checking on the homeless guy to see if he's OK or telling him to get out of there.

Buy bitcoin from this machine.

Lots of construction.

Nice apartments on this side.

A movie at the Metreon with huge recliners.

I don't remember there being a Bollywood radio station when I lived there.

Aw, Ogii is starting early with the birthday presents.

Lots of books on real estate.

Classified in the Monterey County Weekly.

Lots of Fictitious business name statements.

Ogii enjoying breakfast on Sunday morning.

At the local farm buying some fruits and vegetables.

Hmm, Ogii's clothes are all over the bed.

So I guess I'll just nap on the floor in the sun.

Randall Emmett is a film and television producer who has been playing on Live at the Bike recently. He's really fun.

Here Ashton, a really tight player, raised him preflop.

Randall tries to get some info out of him before calling.

Poor Ashton; he flops top set but is behind Randall's flopped flush.

They run it twice and Randall wins it all.

Randall runs over and tries to see his cards, but Ashton won't show him.

Tito Ortiz was also on and having fun while his tablemate drags a huge pot.

Trying to knock over his stacks.

Randall getting in on it.

Randall's assistant helping him organize his chips.

A crazy hand in another session: AA vs KK vs KK.

The craziest part was that Francisco with KK flopped a one-card flush draw on the first flop...

... and on the second flop! Although neither one got there and AA held up.

Another poker pro who was reviewing his previous games. 25 days worth of a full-time job and he made $150 per hour.

YouTube thumbnails are all people staring at the viewer with funny faces now.

Some very nice pictures.

Ski at dawn, surf at dusk in Los Angeles; done that.