2018 Mar 11 | Steve Aoki, Crystal Spa, African charity poker tournament

Poppies starting to bloom.

This is a cool plug; you can plug something else into the back of it.

Chocolates for Ogii.

Ogii baking cupcakes for National Women's Day. She and I both took some to work for our coworkers.

An early birthday present: yoga mats.

Another one.

Pretty rock salt light.

We were going to the Steve Aoki concert in Los Angeles on Friday night. However, on the drive there I read in the email that you need to print out the tickets rather than just having them on your phone.

So we stopped at a FedEx Kinkos on the way. Their computers were out of order for printing, though.

However, there are multiple ways to get your files directly onto their copiers.

Which is easiest?

I think Google Drive. I can download the files from my email to my phone and then upload them to Google Drive from there.

Nice that they make sure it's you.

There are the tickets.

And got them.

The Shrine Expo Hall near USC.

Lots of people.


I love the iridescent shirts, but apparently so did everyone else, because they only had extra large left.

VIP allowed you upstage.

Dancing with random concertgoes.

One of the other early singers.

Phones up.

The woman in front of us was in a wheelchair, so people were nice and didn't crowd in front of her.

Throwing water.

A woman up on the singer's shoulders.

And they liked to be close to the crowd.

Coming closer.

Right there.

Ogii holding him up.

Bodysurfing by me.

The real MVP of the concert: this guy handed out water between sets.

Steve Aoki.

It's crowded now.

Us sweaty from dancing.




Lots of guys spraying.

Pretty stage.

Jumping with the crowd.

He'd grab people's phones and take selfies with them.

On top of his stage.

These people came all the way from Kansas.

Lots of fans.

People up on stage.

THis guy has cool shoes.

About to throw cake.

Vin Diesel? I guess they're making an album together.

Vin about to cake Steve.

Got hit.


They look like they're having a good time.

From the back.

These women got caked.

Lots of hot dog vendors.

Even more.

It's so annoying how plugs are in the middle of beds in older hotel rooms.

Ogii Facebooking with one hand and watching TV with the other.

The people in this room went to the concert too. Which makes sense, because the hotel is only a half a block away from the venue.

A little breakfast.

It's rainy; a good for indoor stuff.

A new Buffalo Wild Wings in Koreatown. I would have eaten here a lot if this were here when we were.

Reserved parking for Crystal Spa customers. But do they check? It's a big mall.

The stairwells could use a cleaning.

I guess most people just use the elevators.

Ogii wanted to check out this store but it was blocked off by the cleaning crew. Maybe later.

Wedding dresses.

Pretty floorplan.

A karaoke place.

At Crystal Spa.

Inside the sauna. It's nice compared to some other Korean Spas because there's hardly anybody here, whereas the others ones are packed. I thought it'd be busier because it's raining outside but there were still only a few other people here.

The main coed room.

Ogii in one of the dry saunas.

Next up is the cold one.

Me in that.

Time for massages.

Lunch after massage. The food was amazingly good.

Although I'm not quite sure what to do with our legs at the low tables.

I guess curl them under ourselves like these Korean women.


Another sauna.

Us inside.

Cool ceiling.

A hair salon outside.

A food court. You could basically live inside this mall.

Ogii shopping.

A giant grocery store.

Heated toilet seats.

Crazy massage chairs.


There are some huge houses around Wilshire.

Mansions even.


And another.

Four years ago I was at a charity poker tournament with Jason Alexander.

And now we're at one with Annie Duke and Missi Pyle.

The organization is called We Are Limitless.

It's to provide education for orphans in Africa.

Pictures of the kids.

A music video one of the students made.

Food outside.


Cool milk jugs from Rwanda.



Open bar.

Annie Duke is at the table next to mine.

Ogii is at this table.

Kendra over in the corner.

Kat at the table next to me.

Charity poker tournaments are a fun mix of complete beginners and good players. The woman right beside the dealer had very little idea of how to play, so her husband beside her would look at her hand and tell her what to do. Completely against the rules in a real tournament, but fun here.

These two to my left were beginners as well. I took a lot of chips from the one in the black hat when she had KK and I had T4. She didn't raise preflop and the flop was TT6 and then she kept betting. I felt bad for her and didn't take all her chips, though.

This woman at the next table had the hand rankings on her phone so she could figure out what beat what.

The packed a lot of tables in here.

Us with Annie Duke during a break.

Squeezing a few more people into the picture.

Roulette for people who didn't want to play poker or who got knocked out of the tournament.

Everyone watching an exciting hand with a three way all in.

Ogii's bust-out hand. Everyone is getting pretty short now so it's pretty much shove or fold.

Down to two tables.

I thought the milk jugs were really cool, but I forgot about them as I played. But then I won one during the raffle, which was neat.

This woman got knocked out when her KK ran into AA.

I made it to the final table.

Linda had a massive stack after getting a few big hands, but everyone was so short stacked near the end that losing even a single pot was pretty devastating.

My last hand. I shoved A2, he called with QT and hit a Q.

He has a huge stack now, similar to Linda's.

Linda and he were all in when she had top pair and he hit trips.

This was a crazy hand; Linda shoved preflop with the best hand and the other two players had the nut and second-nut flush draw, which ended up hitting, so they both beat her and knocked her out.

It's down to two now.

And the normal player wins the tournament rather than one of the really good players; that's nice.

He won a 5-day trip for two to the luxury resort Los Altos de Eros in Costa Rica. What makes it especially nice is his girlfriend was one of the volunteers for the organization, so they get a very nice gift for helping others.

Daylight savings time. What a pain.

Birthday presents for Dagii and me.

Google Maps points out parking near where you're headed in Los Angeles.

At Jinky's Cafe in Santa Monica for breakfast.

Good stuff.

What kind of service can that tiny dog provide?

This guy has roll bars in his tiny car.

Homeless tents.

Filming trailers near downtown.


Free food for them.

The road closed off for filming.

Lots of trailers here, too.

Filming equipment.

Lots of extras waiting in these cars. They were here for a few hours, though; that's gotta be boring.

Spare California license plates and other small supplies.

Lots of power.

This woman had a shiny coat and matching backpack.

Constant construction in downtown.

This plant is blooming.

So much trash from the homeless on the southeast side of downtown.

Chevy's changed the look of their menu. Also, they now light the mixed grill on fire when they bring it to you.

Ogii napping on the drive home. She wrapped the milk jug in her scarf and stuffed it under the seatbelt so it wouldn't fall.

Fog in the hills.

Lots of rain coming up.