2018 Mar 18 | St Patricks Day in Monterey and Carmel

Aw, Ogii put up lots of balloons for my birthday.

Blowing out candles on the cake.

Ogii got me one present per day from the beginning of March.

Mom and Dad got me lots of things, too.

A game from Dagii and Greg.

We leave little presents on each others' pillows at times. This time we ended up getting each other the exact thing: a Kinder egg.

Yoga in the morning.

It was raining a lot recently so we couldn't mow. It was supposed to rain the next day but we got home late, so I guess we'll mow in the dark.

Ogii picking up the dead flowers.

Ogii working on a puzzle on Facebook.

You have to be careful; there are lots of little sneaky hidden parts.

Listening to Celtic music on the drive to Monterey for St. Patrick's Day.

We were planning on going to Molly's Revenge at St Mary's By the Sea Episcopal Church, but it was sold out.

There are a bunch of bars all around the Old Monterey Marketplace that we can walk to.

So we'll just go Irish bar hopping on our own for St. Patrick's Day. First stop: Crown & Anchor.

Both of us with the cutout in front.

Ogii with the first drink of the day.

We had a mix of half Guinness, half Harp.

The bar and restaurant had many really neat old artifacts.

Cool Titanic ticket.

They really decorated for the day. I think this place had some of the best food, too.

No leaving with alcohol.

No marijuana, either.

Second stop: Britannia Arms.

Not nearly as authentic and dark and pubby, but still nice.

Many specials.

Soccer on the big screen.

Signed soccer jerseys.

Drink number two being poured.

Ogii ready to down it.

Time for a little break from drinking.

By getting some massages.

Tip suggestions.

Pub number three: Bull and Bear Whiskey Bar.

What's this?

The sign says live music but it's been covered up by Shamrocks.

The apartments next to them have complained about the music, so they can't have it any more. That's dumb; the bar was here before the apartments. If you don't want loud music, don't move in next to a bar with live music.

A nice back patio.

Really cool fireplace inside, too.

Dart boards.

Tons of scotch.

Time for an Irish Car Bomb.

Dropping it in.

Drinking it down.

Lunch at the fireplace.

A view from the back. I guess the complaining apartment is to the right.

Next we drove to Carmel. We stopped by to look at this little plot of land that might be for sale.

It's in a nice area, but it's a little small to put anything there.

Neat old building.

Then we headed to downtown Carmel to hit some more pubs.

Brophy's Tavern.

Lots of beer cans as the wall.

The first place we got green beer at. The people next to us didn't know about St. Patrick's day and were confused about why everyone was in green.

Onto Mulligan Public House.

They said they show UFC fights but they didn't have the one tonight. Maybe that's beacause it's not one of the major ones? It was pretty packed inside anyway.

So we headed out to the patio.

Neat menu cover.

A couple dressed up at the table next to us.

Beer and bacon tasting flight.

Ogii was not a fan of this one.

There was an open house so we decided to stop by.

Nice living room.


Upper bedroom with a little nook.

Nice bathroom.

Double walk-in closets.

A neat door with a little double-doored peephole.


Second bathroom.


Huge garage for Carmel.

The front yard.

Our neighbors had a birthday party for their one-year-old son, but someone parked their pickup in our driveway; that's not very nice.

Moon and palm tree.

Nice sunrise.

And sunset.

Another one.

Some rain on the windshield with a rainbow in the distance.

Snow on the hill tops.

Hmm, the manual says use 89. I don't know how much of a problem using 87 would be, but I'll be on the safe side and go elsewhere.

It's nearly impossible to find Barq's root beer in any stores. The only place I've seen it in the past few years was in a small private car repair garage in Los Angeles in a small fridge in the back covered in dust.

Nice, I got to 1600 in chess.

Live at the Bike recently hired someone new to edit their highlight hands, and they're using all of the annoying YouTube tricks for their thumbnails, including dumb faces of people looking at the camera and a sexy woman, even though this hand isn't even in the video. Not to mention they pad the runtime with other hands not even related to the main one to get over ten minutes so they get longer ads.

This guy is an ophthalmologist and thinks optometrists don't know what a PVD is; that's just sad.

I've recently gotten a ton of spam addressed to Pam. I wonder where all of this came from? Oh well, at least Google is great at throwing it all into the spam folder.