2018 Apr 01 | West LA VB, Deadmau5 orchestra, Genghis Khan exhibit

Ready to make Jell-O shots.

We don't need this slowing down the alcohol pour rate.

Ogii putting tape on the bottom of all the plastic eggs. They all have holes in them, I guess so kids don't choke on them, but that means all the Jell-O will just run out, so we have to tape them all up.

I was spooning the Jell-O into the eggs. Ogii found a much more efficient method.

No space in the fridge for anything else.

And once the Jell-O is solid, adding a few jelly beans to each egg.

A full 360 sundog.

This motorcycle rider was standing up.

Fun license plate.

Welcome to Santa Monica.

Something in LA. DNL? Hmm, I don't know.

Although thanks to the heavy traffic in his lane, we're actually going faster than the Lamborghini.

A Ferrari, too.

They really need to put some lights or something in for the beach access from the northbound side; the line is rediculous.

They all jam up unable to cross the road because the southbound traffic is non-stop.

Really cool glass.

First stop: massages.

I love this magazine; lots of cool activities.

At the beach.

Lots of other food.

Jump hit.

The other team celebrating.

Michael jumping.


Michael diving.

The other Michael spiking.

Nancy smashing the ball.

And diving.

Cooking hot dogs.

Time for lunch.

Enjoying Easter egg Jell-O shots.

Serving Ogii.

Most of the teams are too good for us, but we played a little.

About to go up for a block.

This guy likes to kick the ball. I know that, and I also know the ball is between his foot and my face, which is why I'm making the face I am. Thankfully he didn't swing through.

It was fun, but we didn't win against teams that jump serve.

This guy was just standing here by his Ferrari. Maybe he was supposed to meet someone? He really liked this stance; he'd move over a few feet, get into the same position, wait a few minutes, move over a bit, and repeat.

Hungry after volleyball, so we headed to Koreatown for BBQ. This place always has a giant line.

But the place next door is almost empty.

I'm not sure if the other place is worth the wait, and I'm not going to find out.


That's a lot of meat.

Ready to dig in.

Ogii fooling around with her chopsticks.

Boba after dinner.

Cool building.

A few blocks away was Deadmau5 at the Wiltern. Especially nice because we were lucky enough to find free street parking near the restaurant and walked here so we didn't have to pay for parking.


Almost inside.

The downstairs bar.

The theater.

The program.

It was a pretty unique concert because Deadmau5, who creates electronic music, teamed up with an orchestra to play his songs, so the songs were a mix of electronic and real instruments.

Selling Jell-O shots. We had enough of those at volleyball.

The concert was a neat idea, especially with lights that followed the music, although overall it wasn't that great. I'd probably actually prefer a normal Deadmau5 concert where people are dancing. But a unique experience.

Monophobia was the coolest song because there was a single note repeated on its own throughout the song, and this single light on the left blinked with that single note.

A view from above.

Easter egg hunting the next morning.

Lots of prizes inside the eggs.

Their neighbors have one of the best license plates.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

Nice view.

Ogii and Sarnai on the bench.

Aw, this couple lived to 93 and died almost at the same time.

A statue of Reagan.

Lots of stuff to check out.s

The entrance.

We were there for the Genghis Khan exhibit.


A big map.

Bronze passports.

Another one.

He controlled a lot of territory at his peak.

How to spell his name.

A sword.

Spirit banners.

A movie.

Me next to a ger.

They had thick blankets covering them.


A view from above.

The Mongolian bow.

They could shoot it pretty far.


Ready for battle.

A saddle.

Multiple conquests.

A giant siege bow.


Religion was largely Buddhist.

Onto Kublai Khan.

A more Asian vibe.

Two typhoons saved Japan from Mongolian invasion.

A huge picture of them.

Another map.

Mongolia today.

Kits on the farm.

An eagle hunter.

Many items we use today were created by the Mongols.

Some of them.

Festival masks.

Some are pretty intricate.

This man would write your names on a banner.

They had a restaurant.

Pretty logo.

Neat lecture area.

A very nice outside dining area.

There are some huge houses around there.

The entrance to the Reagan library. We didn't have time to see it; maybe next time.