2008 Mar 23 | apartment, crawfish boil

I guess I forgot to put up pictures of my apartment, so here are some. This is my bedroom, which has a black and white theme.

The alarm clock has some gray on it, but I figured I could let that slide.

The mirrors idea came from the movie The Fountain. When he's back in 16th Century Spain, a hallway in the castle has mirrored walls with hanging candles that reflect back and forth forever, which I thought was really neat. However, I didn't hang candles from the ceiling because it's rented, so I can't go around drilling holes, and the floor is carpet, which poses somewhat of a fire hazard. Also, the mirrors are curved a bit, as you can tell, so the image hits the edge of the mirror before infinity.

The bathroom is tropical.

And the living room is bamboo. Monica actually sewed new covers on the chairs and couch for me to make them match the theme.

I got a note that a package for me was at the post office, so I went there. They usually have a person who just handles package pickups so you can grab them and get out of there in 2 minutes, but nobody was doing that this day. So I had to stand in line. A long line, for about 30 minutes, with no air conditioning, when it was around 90 degrees outside. When I finally got to an attendant and handed him the notice, he went and looked in the back for about 5 minutes, only to come back and say the woman who goes out with the truck must still have it.

So I went to the apartment mail room and asked the post woman if she had the package. She said it was at the post office. I told her they said she must have brought it with her, and she said she specifically remembered leaving it there earlier that morning, but I could go to the post office and pick it up. It was 4:55pm and the post office closes at 5:00pm, though, so I just waited until the next day.

New York Pizzeria is a nearby pizza place with good food and huge slices, so I usually take half of it home and get two meals out of it.

Ron and Melissa sent me this fun but evil birthday/Easter present. There were eggs with goodies in them hidden in the newspaper and fake grass, so I went through everything about five times just to make sure I didn't miss an egg with thousands of dollars in it.

For some reason the right two lanes on the road I usually take home are backed up for miles right here.

The left lane is still fairly fast, although it gets jammed up at this corner, too. They have cops directing traffic, so something big must be going on.

For our neighborhood BBQ we had a crawfish boil, which I'd never had before but apparently is fairly common down here. There are potatoes and corn on the cob in there, too.

My phone won't stop thinking there is a voice mail for me, so the little red letter light stay on, which is driving me nuts.